Fishing Tactics

Learn the best fishing tactics from pro anglers and fishing guides.

Thumbnail photo of a smallmouth bass catchTeaching An Old Bass A New Trick

Among the many differences between fly-fishing and conventional methods are speed and quiet.


Thumbnail photo of a Kurt Dove fishing videoAlternative Learning

The internet is no doubt the best way to stay above the curve in learning new fishing techniques and in refining old ones.


Thumbnail photo of Eric Olsen with a walleye catchCross Current Tactics To Catch Huge Walleye

Some of the best river rats are adding a new wrinkle to their presentation that is putting a lot more walleye in the boat.


Thumbnail photo of Kurt Dove fishingFishing For The Right Ramps

After you launch your fishing boat try fishing around the ramp before you motor out onto the water.


Thumbnail photo of Ken Cook with a bass catchFishing Unfamiliar Water

A few tried-and-true tricks that can make your first trip to an unfamiliar lake more successful and efficient.


Thumbnail photo of a walleyeFishing Walleyes

The walleye, once only a Northwoods delicacy, is now abundant in many of the reservoirs of our southern and western states.


Thumbnail photo of Mark Hicks with a bass catchFluorescent Line Applications

Just when fishermen were settling into a comfort zone with their monofilament and super line choices, along came fluorocarbon.


Thumbnail photo Bass Elite Pro Kurt DoveLearning When Things Aren't Working

Making adjustments to your standard fishing tactics when things aren't working can improve your fishing success.


northern-pike-in-smallmouth-lakes-02Thumb.jpgNorthern Pike In Smallmouth Lakes

Pro angler Jeff Kriet can't resist playing with northern pike when he's on their turf up north.


Thumbnail photo ofpPro angler Greg Vinson holding a redfishRedfish Offer Heavy Action

For any fisherman, just getting hooked to a fish that fights as hard as redfish do is a huge confidence builder, as well as being a lot of fun.


Thumbnail photo of Kurt Dove with a bass catchScout Structure And Migration Routes

Before you venture out on your next fishing trip, study your maps for structure that indicate good migration routes.


Photo of Oregon fishing guide Gary LewisSmallmouth Bass Fishing: A Feisty Bite

Fishing for smallmouth bass on the Umpqua River in Oregon requires a basic understanding of how to set the hook and crank a reel.


Thumbnail photo of Kyle Miller holding his catch, a greater amberjackTaking Amberjacks To A Whole New Level

Fishing for amberjacks is exciting especially if you try using topwater plugs.


Thumbnail photo of a Rebel Pop-R lureTweaking A Pop-R

When the water has warmed and the area bass are in a spawn/post spawn pattern, a topwater bait is a sound choice for lure selection.