Fishing Gear

Tips and techniques on bait, tackle and fishing gear from the pro's.

Thumbnail photo of fishing lureA Topwater Tutorial

Kurt Dove gives a breakdown of types of topwaters and where they can be used for fishing success.


Thumbnail photo of antique fishing reel and luresAntiques With Allure

Doc Gamble collects, restores, appraises, buys, sells and swaps the tools of the angler's trade.


Thumbnail photo of deep water crankbaitsAre You Asking The Right Questions?

Pro angler Dave Lefebre has come to rely on something old and something new that will run deeper than any crankbait.


Thumbnail drawing of a bass jigBass Jigs

Types and uses of bass jigs for smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing.


Thumbnail photo of crankbaitsCrankbaits Makeover

See how the pro's modify their crankbaits for more productive presentations.


Thumbnail photo lures with dyes addedDyeing To Fish

The next time you see a soft plastic, a spinnerbait or other lure that isn't getting much use, try modifying it with dyes.


Thumbnail photo of spinning rods and reelsSpooling Line On A Spinning Reel

Spooling fishing line on your spinning reel properly beforehand will save you from headaches on the water later.


Thumbnail photo of Bass Elite Pro Kurt DoveGetting Your Baits Ready

Spending a little time caring for your lures before your fishing trip will help you have a great day on the water.


Thumbnail photo of a fishfinder screenshotFishfinders

You can wait patiently and hope the fish find your bait, or take the initiative and go find the fish with a fishfinder.


Thumbnail photo of Kurt Dove fishingGear Ratio

Select your fishing reel gear ratio by your specific type of fishing.


Thumbnail photo of a downriggerHow To Use A Downrigger

Better trolling through technology, in just a few steps.


Thumbnail photo of fishing reel partsMaintaining Your Tackle

Repairing and maintaining you own tackle can be fun and give you a great sense of accomplishment, as well as save you money.


Thumbnail photo of stored fishing safety gearOrganized Storage

Being organized will save time when reloading, and provide a logical procedure for sorting through what stays, goes or gets fixed.


Thumbnail photo of a Frabill ice fishing shelterSelecting An Ice Fishing Shelter

Your choice of an ice fishing shelter is often determined by the kind of angler you are.


Thumbnail photo of pro angler Scott SuggsSpooling A Spinning Reel

Spooling a spinning reel correctly will ensure that the line behaves better on the reel and casts more easily.


Thumbnail photo of Capt. Lou BorelliSpring Browns: Stickbaits Or Spoons?

When fishing for spring brown trout, there's a debate over which bait is better.


Thumbnail photo of Texas rigsThree Bass Rigs You Really Ought To Know

Most Bass tournaments have paid out more money fishing these rigs than any other type of artificial baits ever used.


Thumbnail drawing of a spinning reelTypes Of Rods And Reels

There are many choices when selecting a rod and reel; here are four basic types to help you decide which one is right for you.


Thumbnail photo of stripers caught on an umbrella rigUmbrella Rigs

A few tips on how to use an umbrella rig to catch more fish.


Thumbnail photo of saltwater hooksWhat's In A Hook?

Need to know is what hooks are useful for fishing in the Florida Keys? Let's look at the basics and unravel the mystery.