Fishing DIY

Do-it-yourself tips and techniques to save you money and improve your fishing experience

Thumbnail photo of a livewellKeeping Fish Alive Using Livewells

Livewells with aeration systems and recirculation pumps have improved fish survival.


Thumbnail photo of a boat on a trailerCheckpoints For Your Truck, Trailer and Boat

Safety and maintenance checkpoints to use to ensure a great outing every time.


Thumbnail photo of lure repair suppliesBring Old Lures Back To Life

Is your tackle box a tangled mess? Follow these simple steps to bring them back to life.


Thumbnail photo of Zonker stripsBugs Bunny Meets Kermit The Frog

Learn how to add rabbit fur to enhance your favorite frog bait.


Thumbnail photo of parts to make a livewellBuilding A Livewell

Rob Brewer shows you how to build your own portable livewell for tournament fishing


Thumbnail image of a tackleboxBuilding The Perfect Tacklebox

As an angler, no matter what the skill level, you need to simply ask yourself, 'What do I need to catch the fish I'm going after?'


Thumbnail photo of BULLSHOTBullet Bouncing

The Biffle Head jig is unique as it is designed for bouncing off cover.


Thumbnail photo of buzzbaitBuzzbaits DIY

It looks crazy and a bit ridiculous, but one of the most effective bass lures from prespawn into fall is the buzzbait!


Thumbnail photo of a Chatter Wacky lureChatter Wacky

Create a heavier chatterbait that can run deeper and contact grass and other deep cover.


Thumbnail photo of supplies for making soft plastic luresCreate Your Own Soft Plastics

In recent years hand poured plastic baits have seen a revival. Now you can make your own right at home.


Thumbnail photo of a Power Pole ON/OFF switchCutting Power To Power Poles

If you accidentally trigger your remote, your Power Poles could activate while traveling down the highway.


Thumbnail photo of Bob Jensen with a crappie catchGetting Ready For Open Water Fishing

Bob Jensen of Fishing The Midwest TV gives you some tips for getting your fishing gear and boat ready for fishing season.


Photo of Dave Lefebre showing two Arashi batsGoing Straight: Never Tune Again!

Crankbaits run left or right when they need to run straight down the middle. When they don't run true, they need tuning.


Thumbnail photo of a Silver Buddy lureHooking Up An Old Silver Buddy

One thing for sure, when finally getting back on the water, fish will be biting and one of the best cold water lures is the Silver Buddy.


Thumbnail photo of installed Power PolesInstall Your Own Power Poles

One of the most popular options on bass boats is the power anchor, Power Pole.


Thumbnail image of a two types of jigsJig Magic

While there are flashier, more appealing lures to fisherman, few, if any lures have greater appeal to big bass than the venerable jig.


Thumbnail photo of a repaired crank baitLip Service

Crankbait lips are fairly durable, but will break when hitting solid objects. Now you can repair your crankbait lips at home.


Thumbnail photo of DIY soft plastic baitsMake Your Own Soft Plastic Baits

Make your own rounded soft plastic baits that look like factory lures right at home.


Thumbnail image of a freshwater lureMake Your Own Freshwater Lures

The angler who wants to make his own freshwater fishing plugs can duplicate many of the more popular models.


Thumbnail photo of a finished DIY plug knockerMake Your Own Plug Knockers

Most conventional plug knockers just aren't heavy enough to really jar trapped lures free.


Thumbnail photo of Charlie Campbell holding a classic wakerMaking a Classic Waker

Get out your crankbaits and rearrange the rattles and ballast for baits that will go from fine to fantastic.


Thumbnail photo of a suspending lureMaking Suspending Lures

Rob Brewer shows you simple, foolproof ways to modify factory made suspending lures.


Thumbnail photo of a modified red hookModifying Red Hooks

Fishing pro Dave Lefebre says modifying the color on red hooks are a "game changer" and will guarantee a bite.


Thumbnail photo of inserting a nail weight into a soft plastic lureNailing Soft Plastics

By inserting a nail and cutting it to the right amount of weight, anglers can customize and modify their soft plastic baits.


Thumbnail photo of the kit for knotless leader assemblyNot Tying: Knotless Leader Assembly

Hollow braided spectra line can be threaded with other types of line materials, allowing  a wide variety of line configurations.


Thumbnail photo of finished powder painted luresPainting With Powder

Painting can be messy, and requires an airbrush or small brushes to coat the lead, then a coating to protect the paint from chipping.


Thumbnail photo of finished spinnerbaitPutting On Your Own Spin

Building a spinnerbait is as simple as assembly or can be as detailed through air brushed paint jobs.


Thumbnail photo of a crankbait with rattles addedRaise Your Crankbait Volume

Many crankbaits contain rattles. A few do not. In either case, adding more rattles will accomplish two things: more sound and weight.


Thumbnail photo of a used fishing reelReel Deals

Buying a used car can be a harrowing experience, but buying a used bait casting fishing reel doesn't have to be.


Thumbnail photo of removing excess glue on replacement rod tipReplacing Your Rod Tips

One of the simplest do-it-yourself repairs is replacing the tip on a rod.


Thumbnail photo of supplies for making rod sleevesRoll Your Own Rod Sleeves

If you have more than one rod then you have experienced the damage that occurs when the line on rods snags other rods.


Thumbnail of finished shotgun knockersShotgun Snags

Lure hung up? Now you can make your own knockers to free snagged lures using expired shotgun shells and lead tire weights.


Thumbnail photo of finished fishing lure skirtSkirting Lures

Making your own skirts saves money, but also allows you to construct skirts for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jigs.


Thumbnail photo of a lure with a tube skirtSkirting Tubes

Using tubes to enhance skirted baits makes sense to get the identical colors used for standard Texas rigs.


Thumbnail photo of pulling a reel bearing out with tweezersSpeed Spooling

Fishing reels are really good these days and you can still have a well performing reel with a little maintenance and repair.


Thumbnail photo of fishing luresSpring Cleaning

Cleaning and repair tips for getting your fishing gear ready for the spring fishing season.


Thumbnail photo of William R. GongawareThe Backyard Approach To Tongue Weight

Engineering Technology professor William R. Gongaware talks about determining your boat trailer's tongue weight.


Thumbnail photo of UV worm lures under blacklightTo UV Or Not To UV

Sounds, shape and scent might help fish locate baits, but UV enables fish to see them!


Thumbnail photo of a finished Shawacky RigWeighting A Wacky

Capt. Steve Chaconas shows you how to create your own 'Shawacky Rig' with soft plastic fishing lures.


Thumbnail photo of a soft plastic stick wormsHeavyweight Stickworms

Capt. Steve Chaconas shows you how to make your own weighted soft plastic stick worm.