Fishing Basics

Whether you're new to fishing, or an old pro, these tips and techniques will keep you on top of your game and make each fishing trip a a success.

Thumbnail photo of people organizing their fishing equipmentTips For Storing Your Fishing Equipment

If you live in a cold weather area, it may be time to start thinking about storing your equipment and boat for the season.


Thumbnail photo of Roger Lee Brown, 'The Bass Coach'Boat Positioning

Understanding boat positioning helps increase angling skills, confidence, and the ability to become a better angler.


Thumbnail drawing of a fishing lureCare And Repair Of Fishing Lures

Tips on caring for and repairing your own fishing lures.


Thumbnail photo of fizzing a fishCare For Your Catch

Use these simple steps to help keep the fish you catch alive during your summer tournaments.


Thumbnail photo of fishing rod guidesCare Of Rod Guides And Fishing Line

Taking care of and protecting your fishing rods guides and fishing line ensures you're ready for your next trip.


Thumbnail photo of Kurt Dove FishingChoosing The Right Fishing Rod

Bassmater Elite Pro Kurt Dove discusses choosing the right fishing rod.


Thumbnail photo of a spark plugCombating Murphy

Having essential equipment spares on your fishing boat can be the difference between a disastrous trip and a great day on the water.


Thumbnail photo of a wacky rig fishing lureFishing Rig Terminology

Outdoor writer and avid fisherman Lee McClellan helps make some of today's fishing terminology easier to understand.


Thumbnail photo of a young angler with his catchFishing Tips For Kids

Summer is the perfect time to grab a rod, a reel and some bait and toss a fishing line into the water.


Thumbnail photo of Lee McClellanFreshwater Fishing Rods

Before deciding which rod is best, anglers should know the power and action of a rod.


Thumbnail photo of Kurt Dove in his boatGetting Ready To Go Fishing

Follow these basic tips from Bass Elite Pro Kurt Dove before you hit the water to ensure a great day of fishing.


Thumbnail photo of filleting a striperHow To Fillet A Striper

There are many different ways to fillet a Striper. We feel this method yields the best tasting meat.


Thumbnail schematic of how to measure a fishHow To Measure A Fish

Instructions on how to properly measure your catch.


Thumbnail photo of essential fishing and boating toolsWhat's In Your Box?

Capt. Steve Chaconas talks about the 'must have' stuff that should be in every angler's toolbox.


Thumbnail photo of Roger Lee Brown, 'The Bass Coach'When To Set The Hook

Roger Lee Brown, "The Bass Coach", gives tips on when to set the hook for better fishing success.