Tomís Tips About Special Destinations

1. Donít always just pass through. Many marinas and anchorages are in areas where you should stay a few days and enjoy.

2. Read current guide books that include good information about whatís ashore, as well as good navigational information, before you arrive. These will help you plan how long to stay and maximize your enjoyment of the area.

3. While many say they donít like advertisements, these can be very helpful. The marina or establishment that puts its best foot forward in an ad to attract your business and to give you helpful information may indeed be a great place to stop

4. Donít rely unrealistically on online chat room type comments about places, particularly if they are unduly negative. Remember thatís itís very easy for anybody to say whatever he wants in open online chat rooms, irrespective of accuracy

5. Look for marinas within walking distance of where you want to go, but remember that sometimes this isnít going to be practical. In such cases, call the marina to find out about transportation. Some offer loaner cars. Some charge only a very small fee for a car..

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