Tom’s Tips About Staying Turned On

By Tom Neale, 4/2/2013

1. Don't get into the frame of mind that you've got to have a big boat to be happy.

2. If you like your rowboat, be proud of it. Rowboats are great. I've had a bunch of them.

3. If you like your boat, whatever it is, fix it up with things that make it better. It's fun to do, it gives you fun and it adds value to your boat.

4. For example, on that rowboat you can add drink holders just aft or forward of the oarlocks out of way of your sweep.

5. Or you can add a "front view mirror" to the transom so you can see where you're going.

6. Or, if you really want to "dude it up" and be the envy of other rowboat owners, you can retrofit a rowing seat similar to those in the competitive racing shells.

7. Add a boarding ladder that you hang over the side so that you can take a swim when it gets too hot to row (and have a line to tie yourself to the boat if needed).

8. No boat is too simple to fix up some more or to have more fun in.

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