Tom’s Tips for Snorkeling

By Tom Neale, 1/4/2013

1. Don't do it unless you're a good swimmer and comfortable in the water as well as with using a snorkel. Some people find it very difficult to adjust. Practice wearing a mask and breathing through a snorkel in shallow water before you go into deep water.

2. A wet suit, while not adequate as a PFD, provides a great measure of buoyancy and safety when you snorkel.

3. If you are working on your bottom wear a wet suit with long sleeves. These will help protect you from potentially dangerous cuts from barnacles and other growth.

4. Also wear gloves if appropriate to protect your hands.

5. A diver's head hood not only keeps you warmer, but it allows your head to touch the bottom of your boat with less risk of getting cut by barnacles.

6. A partner in the water is important, as is a partner above watching.

7. If snorkeling from a boat be careful of the current and don't go over unless you have an easy way of getting back up. Without a good latter this may be more difficult than you think.



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