Toms Tips About Parking Afloat

By Tom Neale, 7/9/2012

1. If someone comes into harbor and anchors too close, try to discuss it with him by a dinghy visit so that you don’t have to yell across the water. Yelling, no matter how intended, is often interpreted as hostility or anger and you’re less likely to get good results.

2. If you come into a harbor that’s already too crowded, and you can’t move on because of weather or nightfall, try talking with the skippers of the other boats near which you need to anchor. Explain your situation and ask them for help in positioning your boat so that everybody will be reasonably comfortable. Usually you’ll find that they’ll appreciate your dilemma and be very glad to help.

3. If someone anchors too close to you and won’t listen to reason, no matter how friendlily phrased, you might want to consider placing your bag of garbage on his deck as he swings in when the wind changes during the night (probably not a good idea!).



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