Toms Tips About Sharks

By Tom Neale, 9/15/2011

1. We avoid going in the water in early morning or at dusk. There seem to be more shark sightings and bitings then.

2. The theory is that at early morning they’re more likely to want to feed and/or that in low light they’re less able to see.

3. I don’t know whether either of these theories is right but we don’t take chances.

4. If we ever see a shark, or anything that looks like one, we get out.

5. When diving (we free dive) we turn in circles as we ascend, scanning the underwater out around us, checking for sharks.

6. Shallow water isn’t necessarily a protection. We’ve seen Hammerheads foraging in water only a couple of feet deep (too shallow to cover the shark) and other shark forage in the surf.

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