Toms Tips About Getting on a Plane

By Tom Neale, 4/28/2011

1. Some boats temporarily become less stable as they’re getting up on a plane. This can be dangerous and even make steering a bit unpredictable. Know your boat’s characteristics and how to deal with them.

2. Being on a plane doesn’t mean having your bow high up and running at a steep angle. If you’re doing this, something is probably wrong. Typically, many boats, even on a plane, should not be too far from parallel with the water.

3. In some bad wave conditions, it helps to run the boat with the bow partly elevated but not yet on the plane. This can help some boats handle the seas coming from ahead and astern. This varies with boats and conditions, but if it’s applicable to your boat and situation, running like this can be a very helpful skill to master.

4. Often if you’re running as above, you’ll have to vary your throttle to keep the boat in the best position and keep your boat under full control as the waves pass. This is a seamanship skill that requires experience to learn.

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