Toms Tips About Avoiding the Blues

By Tom Neale, 3/15/2011

1. The single most important thing I’ve done to avoid bad surprises when I get hauled was learn to dive and buy good equipment for it.

2. Even though I usually get hauled every 3 years, I dive my bottom regularly and it’s saved me fortunes and disasters.

3. Sometimes free diving (mask, snorkel, flippers and appropriate wet suit but no external air supply) will do the trick. Sometimes a breathing assist is necessary. I use a Brownie’s Third Lung hookah when free diving isn’t appropriate.

4. But you must be in shape, know how to swim well, know how to dive well (you don’t just “do it,” you need to be taught), know your parameters and know how to handle yourself underwater. You also must have a partner.

5. For many, diving is not an option for safety and other reasons. Don’t take chances. If this is an issue, the alternative is to have your boat hauled regularly and have it proactively inspected by a qualified yard and you. If there is issue as to whether you have a particular problem it may be a helpful to hire a qualified surveyor to check it out.

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