Toms Tips About Racing

By Tom Neale, 1/7/2011

1. I’ve done very little racing for sport, but a lot of racing to escape storms, time an inlet right, pass through a reef while the light is still good and for a lot of other reasons. I’ve seen too many boats and people come to premature ends because they lost that sort of race.

2. I admire those who can tweak everything there is about their boat to make it go as fast as it can on the wind. It’s a skill and an art that transcends the years.

3. But when I’m at sea and I’ve got to make a certain point by a certain time, I forget the purism of sailing unless it’s the fastest way to move. If that hunk of metal in the bilge will move me faster and more reliably, I use it. Save the joy of pure sailing for the times when your time of arrival isn’t an issue of safety.

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