Toms Tips About Dropping Things

By Tom Neale, 11/11/2010

1. Never drop over your outboard while it’s running. Shut it down first.

2. Whenever you pick up a wrench to work in the engine room or near the water, first look at it to see what size it is so that you can go buy another one when you drop that one.

3. If you drop a screw driver overboard, don’t entertain much hope of retrieving it with a magnet. Usually they straighten out during descent and go down pointed end first, so that the metal shaft goes straight into the mud, leaving only the plastic handle protruding from the mud. The magnet probably won’t be attracted to that.

4. Some things, when dropped into the water, don’t go straight down. They swim back and forth and may end up far from where you expect them to be. I once dove for a pair of eyeglasses which had fallen off my wife’s head. They went in with the sides open. They had found the bottom some distance from where they hit the surface, they were neatly folded, and were sitting on one end, propped up against a piling.

5. Keep a very strong magnet handy, but it’s useless unless you replace its rope regularly, especially if it goes into areas like the bilge.

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