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Toms Tips About Fathoming the Wind

By Tom Neale, 10/15/2010

1. Figuring out what the wind is going to do in large areas is often easier than figuring it out in local areas.  Learning basic weather principals about phenomena such as highs, lows, heating and cooling helps with this.

2. Localized wind often depends on local factors. For example, difference in temperature between land surface and the air and air over water, and the air over land, can cause a localized breeze for a while. It may not last long, but it can be very helpful or the reverse. This heat/cool effect can occur easily on a clear day.

3. On cloudy days, a cloud bank moving across the land or sea can cause associated local winds, sometimes gentle, sometimes very strong.

4. One of many good sources to help you understand the weather is “Coastal and Offshore Weather, the Essential Hand Book” by Chris Parker.

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