Tom’s Tips About Using Air

By Tom Neale, 9/30/2010

1. Even air can cause injury. Obviously don’t squirt it in your eye etc. Also be on guard for dust or small particles of debris becoming airborne.

2. Quick connect devices make it much easier and quicker to change tools. These are readily available and not too expensive. Be sure you get the right size for the fittings and your tools.

3. If you’re using a quick connect fitting be careful to turn off the tank valve and empty the hose before you pull the collar back on the fitting. If you don’t, the air pressure in the hose can blow off the connected tool, possibly causing damage and injury.

4. The little 12 volt compressors for topping up car tires are seldom if ever adequate for the type of jobs contemplated here. These compressors aren’t strong enough or fast enough.

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