Toms Tips About Spills

By Tom Neale, 8/14/2008

1. Joking aside, it’s very easy these days to keep your bilge free of oil and other unwanted stuff. I use oil absorbent pads by StarBrite, others are made by other companies. They come in various shapes and are easy to keep in place under the engine and in storage for those “extra” slips. Keep plenty around in strategic places. Replace pads in bilges regularly and after any spill

2. It’s also important to use absorbent pads and/or abundant paper towels when you’re fueling. I stuff my scuppers with them, as well as put them around the nozzle (not so tightly as to stop the flow of air past the nozzle) to prevent back splashes from “hiccupping.” I also stuff them under the fuel vent, when possible. You can buy devices to catch fuel coming from the event. If you do, learn how to use them.

3. I keep paper towels on hand as well as absorbent pads because I’ve found that they seem to soak up little amounts faster, although they can’t handle large amounts as well.

4. Have the paper towels and absorbent pads torn to the shape you’ll need for spills that may occur—before they occur. For example, an intact roll of paper towels may not be what you need. You may need torn sections

5.Always try to listen and pay attention as you fill your tank. Don’t put your head too close or take any risks, and remember that fuel on your skin and in your eyes etc. can be very injurious. But if you pay attention to the gurgling sound of the fuel going in you may be able to tell as the level reaches the top.

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