Tom’s Tips About Chartering

By Tom Neale, 4/19/2005

1. The charter boat isn’t the only thing to check out. Also check out the agent and, if it’s a separate entity, as it often is, the company that manages the boat.

2. If you have friends who have chartered, ask them about their experiences.

3. Many charter companies or agents will have references they can give you.

4. Prices of charters vary greatly. Size of boat, age of boat, its location, its toys, whether it’s crewed, provisioning, price of fuel and many other factors come into play. Research the options and choose based upon what you want. But remember, it isn’t inexpensive to operate a charter boat or fleet.

5. If you have a crewed charter, you should be able to trust your captain with advice as to whether to go. It’s his job to look after your safety as well as to help you have a good time. Safety, of course, comes first. Don’t push him if he’s saying “We shouldn’t leave now.”

6. It’s very frustrating to plan a charter, pay the money and then have weather so bad it’s dangerous or very uncomfortable to go. But there are usually plenty of ways to have fun in the area the boat is located.

7. Ask about charter insurance.

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