Toms Tips About Fishing on a Boat at the Dock

By Tom Neale, 7/13/2006

1. The greatest casualty I see from people fishing on the dock, on boats at the dock, or from boats drifting by is catching the hooks in the dock lines as they cast. I don’t know what the attraction is, but dock lines seem to get hooks quicker than pilings, bottom junk, or anything else.

2. The second greatest casualty I see is lines hooking boats as people cast.

3. When you hook a boat and someone is aboard, they’re usually happy to give you the hook back but not particularly happy to be bothered, especially if you do it again.

4. If no one is aboard it’s not a good idea—it could even be considered to be illegal—to go aboard uninvited to retrieve your gear. Be prepared to cut your fishing line and make better casts.

5. Right now we’re at a dock in our cruising boat and we have a total of 6 hooks stuck into various dock lines. Always be observant of this when you handle your dock lines during fishing season. Especially at night. Even if it’s a hassle, (pulling in the line, retying it) it’s a good idea to get hooks off when you see them.

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