Tom’s Tips About Cruising With History

By Tom Neale, 6/29/2006

1. Some guide books emphasize navigation, others history, some try to cover both. Often we’ve found it helpful and worthwhile to buy two guide books, each emphasizing one or the other aspect, just so we’ll get the maximum experience.

2. It doesn’t make sense to spend all that money on a boat and the fuel and then miss out on much of the experience because you don’t spend the bucks on good guide books so that you can get the whole picture.

3. Researching a destination river or seaport or region on the internet is free and informative.

4. Contacting chambers of commerce or museums or tourism offices in the areas you plan to visit will usually get you some good free information. Many agencies will mail you a package if you contact them early enough.

5. Ask the locals about historical festivals before you go. These are fun, can be informative, and usually a good excuse to party!

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