Toms Tips About Dealing With Trouble

By Tom Neale, 10/19/2006

  1. Always be in tune to things different. If there’s a different sound, smell or feel, there’s probably a reason.
  2. Ask those aboard if they notice anything different. If they do, without describing it to them, ask them if they can describe it to you. If they’re noticing the same thing, it’s less likely to be your imagination.
  3. Try to locate the source or at least the area of the source.
  4. Go through a quick checklist in your mind of things that could be causing it.
  5. Don’t put off trying to find the cause and, if needed, dealing with it. It seldom gets better if anything is amiss.
  6. Isolating the cause may involve shutting down the engine, idling it, going below to listen in different areas, trying to duplicate whatever was going on when you noticed the anomaly and various other tactics depending on the circumstances.
  7. If the difference that you notice is a different feel to your boat when you’re anchored at night, you may be experiencing a wind/current shift—or you may be dragging.
  8. If you notice a different feel to your boat when running, consider that you may be taking on water and take immediate action. A difference in rolling or movement at anchor could also be an indicator of this.

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