Tom’s Tips About Spring

By Tom Neale, 4/19/2007

1. So it’s spring and every magazine in the world is coming out with articles about getting your boat ready. Do you have time to read them all and also get your boat ready?

2. Sure, read some of them, some contain great advice.

3. But first spend a long time with your significant other—the boat.

4. Check her out. See what seems to need work. See what seems to be a problem.

5. Try to remember your concerns last year when you put her to bed. You should have made a list. If you didn’t, make one this fall.

6. Tackle the projects that seem important to you and your boat—not some one else. Use their advice when it’s relevant, but remember that your boat may have its own unique issues.

7. Always put safety first when you choose projects.

8. Plan the first trip afloat like it’s a sea trial in an unfamiliar boat. Don’t go far. Don’t push it. Run your engine at the dock awhile (or close in to shore) to be reasonably sure it’s not going to stop on you. Be sure the weather is good. A lot can deteriorate over the winter.

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