Tom’s Tips About Using the Winter for More Fun Boating

By Tom Neale, 1/24/2008

1. If you’re stuck in the cold, plan to take some projects back to your house during the winter, so that you can work on them where it’s warm.

2. Take projects that are easy to remove from boat to house and that will involve clean work unless you have a garage or shop.

3. Fresh water pumps (the ones that pump potable water from your tanks to your sink and shower) may be in need of rebuilding. You can usually buy kits and the work is relatively clean and easy.

4. The raw water pump on your engine (the one that pumps sea water through your heat exchanger) may be due for a rebuild. This should normally be done every few years. The impellor should be replaced at least every year. Removing it from the engine should be relatively easy if you have access, and changing seals and wear plates and impeller and other parts may be easy at home. Check first to be sure you can handle the shaft seal.

5. If your starter has been hanging up, replacing its solenoid is usually “doable” at home, and something that may be needed anyway. While the starter is off the engine check it out, clean it up.

6. Building shelves or cabinets or holders that you can fit to your boat in the spring can be a good winter project. Key is to take very careful measurements before you wrap up the boat.

7. That problem head?? They’re usually easy to rebuild while off the boat. But that’s a tough decision. And it probably won’t be even close to “clean work.”

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