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Toms Tips on Keeping Up With Navigation Info

By Tom Neale, 10/16/2008

1. Check our East Coast Alerts on this section of This gives very valuable updates about east coast information. It doesn’t include everything there is to know and shouldn’t be relied upon as your exclusive reporting, but it can be very helpful. Importantly, and it doesn’t include unverified hysterical reports.

2. Buy updates offered by chart plotters cartographers and keep paper charts with updates penciled in. An out dated chart may be worse than none at all.

3. Do listen to the reports of others. For example, a boat going through a shallow area ahead may be able to keep you out of trouble. Many have done this for us. But always use your own best judgment and up to date info to make the ultimate decision. This is especially true if you don’t really know that other boater. He may have the best intentions and maybe even the biggest boat, but that doesn’t mean he knows what he’s doing.



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