Toms Tips About Emergencies in Paradise

By Tom Neale, 1/21/2010

1. If you plan to travel to remote areas, you can buy insurance to cover emergency medical evacuations. Google “Medevac insurance” and similar terms to start checking out what’s there. But read the provisions very carefully. Be sure you understand what you’re getting and what you’re not getting. Also call and speak to a live person to further evaluate the service.

2. Your regular health care insurance may not give you the same coverage if you must be treated in another country. Ask before you go.

3. Never travel beyond your means of easy communications. For instance, if you only have a VHF radio, you may find yourself out of reach of help if you have an emergency in some places on the Great Bahamas Banks (unless you can find another boat to relay). Ham radios, SSB and sat phones can be life savers at far distances.

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