Tom’s Tips About Head Hoses (As if you really want to know)

By Tom Neale, 9/17/2009

  1. Use only hoses that are designed for marine sanitation use.
  2.  Many older boats have black radiator type hoses.  These really cause problems.  For example, their interior walls allow the build up quickly, and they permeate odor much more than marine sanitation hoses. Also, if there is wire insert, this is likely to rust and poke a hole through the hose.
  3. The white marine sanitation hoses can be very stiff when you’re trying to get them onto a hose barb or whatever.  But if you carefully and evenly heat them, just a very little, they’ll become more pliable until they get cold again.  However, if you heat them too much, they’ll become somewhat brittle and be likely to fail. Only heat the end that  you’re working with. Some people stick the end in a pot of hot water. Beware the dangers of electricity.
  4. The more bends and angles in your hose that you have, the greater the resistance to the flow and thus the more pressure it’s going to take to pump and the faster you’ll get build up. 

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