Toms Tips About Cold Water

By Tom Neale, 6/11/2009

Tom’s Tips About Cold Water

  1. Remember that your children aren’t going to be sensitive to the killer called hypothermia and that you may need to order them out of the water and warm them up much earlier than they want.
  2. If I want to stick a body part into the water to try to get an idea about how cold it is, I, if I can safely do so, stick an arm in, at least to a depth half way to the elbow, or preferably to the elbow. Obviously I have to be careful to not fall over doing this, even though then I’d really know. This gives me a little better feel for what it’ll feel like to the rest of my body.
  3. Usually weather reports will give local water temperatures.
  4. A nearby boat decked out for fishing may have a temperature sensor and the skipper will probably be glad to tell you what it’s reading.
  5. Consider bringing a swimming pool thermometer and submerging this to find out how cold it is down there.
  6. Sudden immersion in cold water can have a much more serious effect on people with certain health problems, as for example, problems regarding the heart

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