Toms Tips on Survey Boats

By Tom Neale, 4/16/2009

1. When you sea a USACE survey boat, be sure to slow down, give it a wide berth and don’t give it a wake. If they are surveying, this makes their job more difficult.

2. If you hear a report of shoaling from another boater that has been funneled through the various reporting funnels, keep in mind that this may be because the boater thought he knew where he was in the channel, but actually didn’t. It happens to us all. And remember that most reports of shoaling say “I was right in the middle of the channel,” which, we have found, was seldom the case. Therefore, while being grateful to the reporter, it’s also important to see what information the USACE has on the subject. You can get this from sources such as US Coast Guard Local Notices to Mariners, the USACE sites, and summaries from East Coast Alerts.

3. Remember that even a USACE survey or summary thereof may quickly become outdated by such things as the passage of a storm, the slight change of an eddy, the grounding of a barge or deadhead, or many other things. NEVER take anything for granted on the water. ALWAYS exercise prudent seamanship and skills of navigation.

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