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Toms Tips on Looking for Things You Just Lost on a Boat

By Tom Neale, 12/24/2008

Tom’s Tips on Looking for Things You Just Lost on a Boat

  1. Consider whether anything has moved since you dropped or lost the piece.  Usually it has. You probably moved when you dropped it. Odds are your foot or rear end may have moved it or something else that may be covering it.

  2. Immediately search the area where you think it went.

  3. Next, imagine the possibilities and systematically search in the areas covered by each possibility.

  4. Use a good flashlight unless you already have very bright light.

  5. Ask someone else to look, explaining the circumstances. Other eyes can often see what you haven’t seen, if for no other reason, because they’re looking from a fresh perspective.

  6. If you haven’t found it soon, go on with the job as well as you can and start looking again later, unless the “crime scene” is likely to change. Often, with a fresh look, you’ll see what you didn’t see before.