Toms Tips on Making Boating Bucks Count

By Tom Neale, 12/11/2008

  1. Always remember, life isn’t fun unless it’s fun. This means that it’s OK, within reason and with careful prioritization, to spend on what’s really important to your good state of mind.

  2. If you can’t afford to do what you want—like buy a new boat, keep on the water by doing other things, like fixing up your old one or buying a used one. Prices on the latter are very good now.

  3. If you’re out of a job and have a lot of spare time, spend some of that time fixing up your boat. There are things you can do even without spending money. Think of the boat is an investment. Your sweat equity may pay off well some day.

  4. You’d be absolutely amazed at what slowing down and keeping your bottom clean can do for your fuel bill.

  5. Don’t save money by discontinuing your boat insurance because your boat is on the hard. It can be damaged or it can possibly cause damage to other property and people. If you don’t think your insurance company is giving you a fair premium while the boat is on the hard, try to negotiate with them.

  6. It may be that you’ll have to decide between pleasurable pursuits. For example, if you’re used to taking a ski vacation or chartering a boat in the Caribbean, consider that these are soon over and gone, while money spent on your boat can be a lasting investment in good and bad times