Toms Tips on Neat Stuff

By Tom Neale, 12/1/2008

  1. There’s a lot of “neat stuff” out there that can really be helpful, but there’s a lot that looks neat but is basically junk.

  2. Don’t let the packaging fool you. Sometimes I think the packages are more valuable than what’s in them. Read specifications and look on line for comparable products and their specifications.

  3. If it’s a product that you’re not familiar with, insist on removing it from the package and looking at it closely for quality.  Often “looks cheap” is cheap.

  4. Multi Tools and flashlights are two types of products that can be exceptionally helpful or exceptional duds. Open up a multi tool before you buy. Does it hurt your hand? Are the tools going to bend on their shafts? Does it have what you want?

  5. If it’s a light, don’t get fooled by claims of “millions of candle power.” That can be used very loosely. Reputable companies have much more realistic ways of comparing lights.

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