On Weather

By Tom Neale, 5/4/2006

On Weather

1. The weather features on the my.BoatUS.com website can be very helpful because you can see large scale weather maps showing systems.

2. We’ve found that the Local on the Eights feature on the Weather Channel is helpful if you get the national picture. Even if you’re signed up for only the local weather map, it’s often better than what you’d normally see on regular programming.

3. Learn to read weather symbols. It’s easy and gives you a good feel for what’s going to be happening.

4. If your local VHF weather is patterned after the “pretty people” weather forecasters on the evening news, complain to them and try to find better sources. VHF weather should describe systems to be affecting your weather, not just predicted wind speeds and whether it’ll be sunny or cloudy.

5. There are various weather sites that are helpful.

6. Various weather services such as those offered by Ocens (
www.ocens.com) and Chris Parker (www.MWxC.com) can be helpful.

7. Chris Parker’s book Coastal and Offshore Weather, the Essential Handbook (order at
www.MWxC.com or Bluewater Books and Charts, www.bluewaterweb.com) helps you to gain both basic and in depth insight into weather.

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