Cruising Roots

By Tom Neale, 2/9/2006

Cruising Roots

1. Just because you take off cruising doesn’t mean you must do without the special occasions that have been important in your life.

2. Especially when cruising to other countries or regions, it’s important to the psyche to continue the observations that help define your heritage.

3. We’ve always had a live Christmas tree on board for Christmas. We’ve had Easter egg hunts on deserted islands in the Bahamas. We’ve had pumpkins and Christmas lights in wilderness anchorages. And, yes, we’ve observed Super Bowl Sunday in marinas and crowded anchorages.

4. Plan ahead; you probably won’t be able to “run down to the mall” to get the trappings for your observation.

5. If you haven’t planned ahead, look for ways to improvise. For example, we’ve seen cruisers in the Bahamas use Casuarina trees for Christmas trees in lieu of more traditional types of pines and cedars. We’ve used sand dollars and sea urchins to decorate our trees after our stored lights broke in storage from bashing about in heavy seas.

6. Many cruisers keep aboard a string of generic lights like palm trees or pink flamingos. They add a festive touch to any occasion and can be run from an inverter.

7. Always take extra care to avoid dangers such as fire from lights or candles. Many of the mall bought trappings weren’t intended for use on a boat. Buy what’s approved for your type of use.

8. Share the experience with other cruisers. They may not have planned ahead and will probably be very appreciative.

9. But when cruising in other countries, try to also join in or at least be appreciative of the special events that they celebrate, and their method of doing so. This adds another great dimension to cruising.

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