Having Fun and Doing Good

By Tom Neale, 10/6/2005

Having Fun and Doing Good

1. There are many opportunities to organize boating events that benefit others.

2. There is a National Hospice Regatta Alliance. You can get information about this and other regattas benefiting this cause at http://www.hospiceregattas.org

3. You can check out the Turkey Shoot Hospice Regatta

4. There are also many other good causes that we can benefit while having a good time, such as auctioning used boating “stuff” and even old boats, with proceeds going to charity. This was done in the Northern Neck of Virginia at the Yankee Point Marina. People bought them, loved them, fixed them up, and are now having fun with them, while the proceeds help others.

5. Many of the general public seem to think of those of us who love boating as “rich people who love to throw away money on themselves.” You and I know how incorrect this is. This attitude results in misunderstandings, some unfair laws and other discrimination against some aspects of boating. This is yet another reason to use our love of being on the water to help out others. Boating is about life. It is about good things.

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