36. On High Fuel Prices

By Tom Neale, 9/8/2005


1. Never trust a fuel gauge in a boat.

2. If you run out of fuel and you want to lie about it to keep from feeling stupid, “my fuel gauge was wrong” is the thing most everybody will believe without question.

3. Don’t ask me how I know these things.

4. Fuel Free things you can do on the water follow.

5. Kayak. They’re cheap, they’re good exercise, and you can store them on your larger boat and when fuel prices come down you can take them along on your trips and still use them.

6. Umbrellas in the Sunshine. If you’re not into the exercise thing, take an umbrella along on your kayak. Put it up. It makes a great little sail, down wind. If you don’t want to paddle back, consider the fuel gauge excuse when you hail a friend for a tow.

7. Go Fly a Kite. From a Dinghy. Years ago our daughters wanted to fly a kite down on a beach in the Exumas. The kite kept getting caught in the coconut palms. To avoid that, they tried it out in the harbor in the dinghy. Not only did the kite stay out of the coconut palms, it pulled the dinghy along, as they steered with the kite and an oar. Fun and Cheap.

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