26. Dropping a Hint

By Tom Neale, 4/7/2005

Dropping a Hint
By Tom Neale

1. The small cockroach generally leaves droppings that look like coffee grounds. Usually they are black. (Unless it really is coffee grounds that you forgot to clean up after breakfast and you drink that funky foo foo designer coffee.)

2. The large cockroach usually leaves droppings that look like cylinders. They can be up to 1/16 inch in diameter and about that long. They are black or dark brown.

3. The mouse droppings look a bit like grains of rice but are dark brown. They may be up to 3/8 inch long and will probably be pointy at the ends. (Trust me. Look very very closely and you’ll see.)

4. Rat droppings look like mouse droppings but—you guessed it—they’re bigger. They may be lighter in color too, and are usually a bit more rounded at the end than the mouse droppings. They can be up to around a half inch long.

5. You’ll notice I used the word “usually” a lot. That’s because this science still isn’t completely developed and also because all sorts of things can happen when you’re on a boat. Like when you’ve been at anchor for a month and find droppings on your boat but you know darn well that there hasn’t been any German shepherd aboard.

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