24. Finding Goods and Services in Ft. ...

By Tom Neale, 3/10/2005

Finding Goods and Services in Ft. Lauderdale
By Tom Neale

Here are a very few representative examples of the huge number of boating services and goods that you can find in Ft. Lauderdale. These aren’t recommendations. They are just to give you a general idea of the types of goods and services you can find here. You should check around and investigate. You can also call the Marine Industries Association of South Florida (800 BOAT 001) for its directory of marine businesses.

1. New equipment: Raritan, Simrad, Fortress, Spurs (line and wire cutters for your prop), ACR Electronics and Sen-Dure (heat exchangers and related equipment)

2. Stores: Boat Owners’ Warehouse (888 262 8799) which is wired into the local maritime supply and service community; the huge West Marine flag ship store (954 523 7993); BOW World Wide Yacht Supply (954 463 8077) supplies large yachts around the world. Sailorman (954 522 6716) sells and buys used and new items.

3. Books and charts, electronic and paper and related material: Bluewater Books and Charts (one of the major establishments of its kind in the world-800 942 2583)

4. Service outfits which will come to your boat to repair, install, or sell: Lee’s Marine AC and Refrigeration (954 649 0003), Sea-R.O., Inc. Watermakers (954-527-5282), Marine Lift Technology, (fabricators) Inc., (954 527 0180) or Beaver Brand Canvas (954 763 7423), “Martin’s Service” (754 423 9727) for diving and hull work, and Gunn Marine (fuel polishing 954 522 6346).

5. Specialty shops such as: DeAngelo Marine Exhaust (954 763 3005) Seafarer Marine of Fort Lauderdale (wood and related products [954 763 4263]), Complete Yacht Service (diesel parts and repairs [954 462 6977]), Fort Lauderdale Speedometer (service, sales, testing gauges, meters, compasses, etc. [954 951 5123]). Don Hillman Generators (Onan and Kohler sales and service [954 467 6755]).

6. There are hundreds of brokers for all kinds and sizes of boats. Florida, unlike most other states, requires brokers to be licensed and bonded.

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