13. Toms Bird Drop Tips

By Tom Neale, 11/18/2004

Tom's Bird Drop Tips
By Tom Neale

When a marine surveyor has to cut the grass on your decks before he can check them for delamination, you’ve got a problem. For this and other reasons, its best to wage an aggressive campaign against our flying feathered fecal factory friends.

Here are some of our observations, PLEASE send me any ideas you have.

Bird droppings are more than inconvenient. They can be damaging.

If you allow them to remain for more than a few hours on Lexan and other hard plastic windows, the heat generated by the effect of the sun on the dark spots can cause crazing in the plastic underneath the spots.

Never use an abrasive cleaner on vinyl or soft transparent “window” material in cockpit enclosures. You may clean the dropping but leave a scratched area.

While materials such as Sunbrella and other awning/ Bimini/sail cover materials withstand bird droppings fairly well, the thread used to sew sections of these materials together can rot far more rapidly than normal if remnants of bird droppings are left in the seams.

Some think that wax on the deck and hull is a protection. We’ve found that the ammonia in droppings can dissolve waxes.

Droppings produced from berries may leave a blue stain on your deck even after you clean off the dropping. However, we’ve found that normally the sun will bleach out the blue stain in just a few days, avoiding the necessity of applying bleach or other strong chemicals.

Pressurized nozzles made for attachment to hoses to wash cars make deck cleaning easier.

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