East Coast Alerts

By Mel Neale

Attention Florida Voters and Boaters:

Press Contact: D. Scott Croft, 703-461-2864, SCroft@BoatUS.com
March 25, 2015 / Updated March 25 2:00PM EDT

MEDIA ALERT UPDATE: BoatUS: Anchoring Restrictions Under Review by Florida Legislature;
FL House Committee Bill HWSS 15-06 Has New Number: HB 7123

UPDATE: March 25, 2:00PM EDT: Earlier this morning BoatUS sent the following media alert that includes a discussion of Florida House Committee Bill HWSS 15-06. This bill has been updated by the House and is now named House Derelict Vessel Bill and known as HB 7123. For your reference, this change has been annotated in the copy below and BoatUS continues to urge recreational boaters have their voice heard on this important issue.


The 2015 Florida legislative session is underway, and the regulation of boat anchoring and how to take care of derelict boats remain hot topics in both the Florida Senate and House. Each are taking very different approaches that could affect how Florida boat owners as well as visiting cruisers use their boats in state waters:

FL Senate Bill 1548, introduced by Senator Charles Dean (District 5), would impose a substantial statewide restriction on overnight anchoring within 200 feet of the high water mark of residential property. Additionally, it would prohibit statewide anchoring or mooring a vessel that is incapable of moving under its own power, or exhibits other specific characteristics like being partially sunken, demonstrating it is at-risk of becoming derelict.

Over the last decade, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has understood that derelict boats in Florida have muddied the waters with regard to rational conversations about anchoring. As a result, BoatUS wholeheartedly supports any effort to reduce the state's derelict vessel population. However, BoatUS is very concerned over the chilling effect that a significant, statewide anchoring restriction could have.

In the Florida House, Derelict Vessel Bill HB 7123 introduced by Representative Holly Raschein (District 120) deals with derelict vessels without changing current anchoring law. The bill creates an "at risk" category of boats and gives local governments new tools to take care of these boats. Because local governments have sought anchoring restrictions to address problems with derelicts, BoatUS believes that Derelict Vessel Bill HB 7123 is a common sense step in providing new tools to deter vessels from becoming derelict in the first place.


1. Because of its onerous 200 foot statewide anchoring restriction, BoatUS urges boaters to request that their Florida State Senator reject SB 1548 by emailing them at: http://goo.gl/TUscmr.

Read Senate Bill 1548 at: http://goo.gl/lBnzeP .

2. Because of its common sense approach to derelict vessel issue, BoatUS urges boaters to voice their support of Derelict Vessel Bill HB 7123 by emailing their FL Representative at: http://goo.gl/wDZKUO.

Read Committee Bill HWSS 15-06 at: http://goo.gl/XYp6Ip .

WHO: Boat Owners Association of The United States remains actively engaged with state lawmakers to ensure that active, responsible boaters will continue to enjoy the Sunshine State. BoatUS is the nation's leading advocate for recreational boaters providing its over half million members with government representation, fighting against unfair federal taxes, fees and regulations that single out boat owners, and keeps boaters safe. BoatUS is also non-partisan. Additional information on Florida anchoring is at: BoatUS.com/gov/floridaanchoring.asp.

Attention Snowbirds:

Changes in Okeechobee Waterway Lock Schedule, April 1, 2015:
       a. 33 CFR Navigation and Navigable Waters
1. Notice to Navigation Notice is given that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District will change hours of operation at all five Locks along the Okeechobee Waterway beginning 1 April 2015. Changes will affect operations at the St Lucie, Port Mayaca, Moore Haven, Ortona and W.P. Franklin Locks. Hours of operation will be 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily with lockages at St Lucie and WP Franklin based on Lake Okeechobee's water level as outlined below.
       Lake Okeechobee Level:
1) Above 12.5' Lock operations on demand 07:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily.
2) Below 12.5' Lock operations every 2 hours (07:00 AM, 09:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM, 4:30 PM)
3) Below 12.0' Lock operations 4 per-day (07:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:30 PM)
4) Below 11.5' Lock operations 3 per-day (07:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 4:30 PM)
5) Below 11.0' Lock operations 2 per-day (07:00 AM, 4:30 PM)
       Lake Okeechobee water level can be viewed on the Corps of Engineers web site at http://w3.saj.usace.army.mil/h2o/currentLL.shtml
       Canaveral Lock near Canaveral Harbor will continue to operate from 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily. (from NOTICE TO NAVIGATION INTERESTS Date: 03/19/2015 NOTICE NUMBER: 003 US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS LOCAL NUMBER: 20150319 JACKSONVILLE DISTRICT)*

*Italicized text above and below indicates our comment or paraphrase. Plain text is copied from the Notices to Mariners or other sources given.

Lady's Island Bridge (Woods Memorial Bridge) Possible New Restrictions:
       According to an article in the Beaufort Gazette, the local Beaufort/Hilton Head SC newspaper (and picked up by Soundings "Trade Only" and other sites), local leaders have asked the Coast Guard for further restrictions on opening the Woods Memorial Bridge (32.427443° -80.669185°) which connects Beaufort with Lady's Island. This is a 56 year old bridge (30 foot vertical clearance) that opens very slowly and has been closed frequently for breakdowns in the past.  Currently the schedule is M-F Closed 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m., with openings for recreational vessels on the hour and half hour from 9-4, except federal holidays; on demand the remainder of the time. It opens on demand for commercial vessels. We have read a comment from a bridge tender that they are asking for only one opening per hour between 9 and 4 rather than two. Our query to the Coast Guard Charleston (referred by the 7th District Bridge Branch in Miami) has gone unanswered.

Midtown Tunnel Construction Project Updates: Elizabeth River, Norfolk, Va. (36.859771°-76.311423°)
       As a reminder no persons or vessels are permitted to enter the safety zone without the permission of the Captain of the Port or his designated Representative.
       The remaining 48 hour channel closures are scheduled for April 20, April 23, April 27, April 30, and May 11, 2015. All channel closures will begin at the stroke of midnight of the first day of the ... aforesaid periods and continue for 48 consecutive hours.

USCG Seventh District
Coastal Waters from Little River, South Carolina to Panama City, Florida

Cumberland Sound Hazard:
       Cumberland Sound Range B Range Rear Light (LLNR 6785/37820) is destroyed. The remains of the structure is marked with (1) TRLB, FL Q W, 4NM and (7) TRUB's marking the wreckage. Particular attention and extreme caution is advised. (7th District LNM Week 12/2015)

Southeast Coast Hazard:
       The following areas will contain exercises hazardous to surface vessels in the Jax/Chasnoa during 23 - 29 MARCH, 2015. Mariners are advised to avoid these areas.
DATE: 23-29 MAR TIME: 0000-2359 (LCL)
30-45N2 80-56W9 GUNEX AREA
30-45N2 80-30W1 W-137L
30-34N0 80-30W1
30-34N0 80-57W0
30-36N2 80-57W0
30-45N2 80-30W0 W-138L
30-45N2 79-38W7
30-34N0 79-41W1
30-34N0 80-30W1
DATE: 23 - 29 MAR TIME: 0000-2359 (LCL)
29-20N3 79-50W1 31J
29-20N3 79-40W0
29-10N2 79-40W0
29-10N2 79-50W1
DATE: 23 - 29 MAR TIME: 0000-2359 (LCL)
30-00N3 80-50W3
0-00N3 81-00W9 27C
29-50N6 80-50W3
29-50N6 81-00W9 (7th District LNM Week 12/2015)

St Johns River New Buoys:
       The following change has been approved to the Aids to Navigation system in the St Johns River by adding three yellow special purpose buoys along the 32ft curve at the junction of the Long Branch and Terminal Channels to assist with the maneuvering of large vessels into the Talleyrand Marine Terminal. (7th District LNM Week 11/2015)

St Johns River Electrical Lines to be Replaced:
       FPL will be replacing some overhead electrical transmission line structures within the St. John's River, in Putnam County, south of Palatka. Barges will arrive the week of 23 March 23 and work will take place until approximately 20 May, 2015. The structures are along the east and west bank and will not be in the central portion of the river. Coordinates for the two poles that are being replaced are: 29-37-21.49N/81-35-42.60W and 29-37-18.40N/81-35-58.55W in the vicinity of Rivercrest Light 11 (LLNR 8250). The vessel operators will be monitoring VHF-FM Channel 16. The point of contact is Mr. Mark Denman of FPL (561) 722-0889. (7th District LNM Week 12/2015)

Rocket Blast Danger Area:
FALCON-9 (THALES) Blast Danger area within the following coordinates:
28 34.37N 80 34.25W
28 34.37N 80 33.80W
28 33.24N 80 33.80W
28 33.24N 80 34.00W
       The blast danger area is activated in conjunction with rocket motor testing and is a hazard within the listed coordinates. (7th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Update: Fort Pierce Inlet--Sunken Barge, Salvage Ops:
       On February 24, 2015, a barge (100 ft by 40 feet) being towed into the Fort Pierce Inlet in Florida sank in the inlet, inside the jetties, and is reported to have broken into two sections.
       The U.S. Coast Guard has established a safety zone around a sunken barge at the entrance of Fort Pierce Inlet in position 27-28'20"N 080-17'13"W. The Coast Guard has limited vessel traffic to vessels with less than a 16 foot draft. During salvage operations all mariners are requested to contact an on scene representative to request clearance. For questions contact the Captain of the Port Miami at (305) 535-4472, or a designated representative via VHF channel 16. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 09/2015)
       The latest Notice to Navigation interests from the USACE Jacksonville is dated March 18 and reports that diving operations have been extended to 24 hours a day rather than just during daylight and that the operations would likely continue for another week. However, reports in TCPalm.com from March 19 and 20 indicate that the barge must be dismantled and that it's "back to the drawing board" in the salvage efforts.

Ft. Pierce Offshore Dredging for Beach Renourishment:
       **OPERATIONS SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE** (7th District LNM Week 09/2015)

Okeechobee Waterway Update:
       On March 25, 2015 at 2400 hours the lake level was reported at 14.18 feet and the navigational depths were reported at 8.12 feet for Route 1 (26°58'32.23"N, 80°38'22.92"W) and 6.32 feet for Route 2 (Rim Route) (26°47'0.61"N, 26°47'0.61"N)
       You can usually check the daily lake level and navigational depths at http://w3.saj.usace.army.mil/h2o/reports/r-oke.html.

Miami Dredging Update (03-22-15):
       The following aids have been temporarily repositioned to facilitate dredge operations until further notice:
Miami Main Channel LB 1 (LLNR 10470) temporarily relocated to 25-45-48.107N/080-05-19.908W
Miami Main Channel LB 2 (LLNR 10475) temporarily relocated to 25-45-46.865N/080-05-46.823W
Miami Main Channel LB 3 (LLNR 10480) temporarily relocated to 25-45-41.370N/080-05-43.728W
Miami Main Channel LB 4 (LLNR 10485) temporarily relocated to 25-45-32.731N/080-06-28.583W
Miami Main Channel LB 11 (LLNR 10530) temporarily relocated to 25-45-34.248N080-07-31.548W
Miami Main Channel LB 12 (LLNR 10535) temporarily relocated to 25-45-41.058N/080-07-29.068W
Miami Main Channel (TRLB) 15 (LLNR 10550) temporarily relocated to 25-45-51.501N/080-08-13.012W
       The following aids have been temporarily disestablished and replaced with a TRLB until further notice:
Miami Main Channel LB 14 (LLNR 10545) to TRLB, Fl R 2.5s
Miami Main Channel LB 16 (LLNR 10555) to TRLB, Fl R 4s
Miami Main Channel LB 18 (LLNR 10575) to TRLB, Fl R 4s back on AP (Update: 3/22/2015) Ref: LNM 51/14, 12/15
For Coast Guard related issues, please contact Sector Miami Waterways Management Division at: (305) 535-8724 or 8720. (7th
       In preparation for the dredging of Government Cut, Fishermans Channel, and the Lummus Island Turning Basin:
Temporarily disestablished and replaced with temporary lighted buoys until further notice:
Miami Main Channel Light 15 (LLNR 10550) to TRLB, Fl G 2.5s
Miami Main Channel Light 19 (LLNR 10740) to TRLB, Fl G 4s
Fishermans Channel Light 5 (LLNR 10655) to TRLB, FL G 6s
Fishermans Channel Light 7 (LLNR 10660) to TRLB, Fl G 4s back on AP (Ref: LNM 12/15, 08/15, 11/15)
Fishermans Channel Light 9 (LLNR 10665) to TRLB, Fl G 6s
Lummus Island Turning Basin Light E (LLNR 10680.7) to TRLB 9E, Fl G 4s
Fishermans Channel Light 11 (LLNR 10685) to TRLB, Fl Q G
Temporarily relocated until further notice. UPDATE: 3/22/2015
Fishermans Channel TRLB 5 (LLNR 10655) temporarily relocated to 25-45-52.417N/080-09-00.451W
The following TRLB's have been re-established on AP. UPDATE: 3/22/2015 (Ref: LNM 12/15, 01/15)
Lummus Island Turning Basin Light A (LLNR 10675) to TRLB 9A, Fl G 2.5s
Lummus Island Turning Basin Light B (LLNR 10680) to TRLB 9B, Fl G 4s
For Coast Guard related issues, please contact Sector Miami Waterways Management Division at: (305) 535-8724 or 8720. (7th District LNM Week 12/2015)

Longboat Pass shoaling Update (03-23-15):
Due to Shoaling - Temporarily Disestablished Daybeacons:
-Longboat Pass DBN 1 (LLNR 21757)
-Longboat Pass DBN 3 (LLNR 21760)
Temporarily Established:
-Longboat Pass TEMP Buoy 1 - UPDATE: 3/23/2015 Due to Shoaling, Temp relocate to position 27-25-59.094N/082-41-46.936W (Ref: LNM 38/14, 12/15)
-Longboat Pass TEMP Buoy 2 in position 27-26-00.321N/082-41-43.924W
-Longboat Pass TEMP Buoy 2A in position 27-26-22.076N/082-41-39.324W
-Longboat Pass TEMP Buoy 3 in position 27-26-10.131N/082-41-46.746W
-Longboat Pass TEMP Buoy 3A in position 27-26-20.809N/082-41-43.716W
Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. Local knowledge recommended as the channel is constantly changing. (7th District LNM Week 12/2015)

Concrete Groin Construction, Bradenton Beach:
       CAYO, LLC will begin construction on the concrete groins at Bradenton Beach. Tug EMMA D and barge GRANITE II will arrive approximately 30 March. The work will include removal and reconstruction of the concrete structures. Hours of operations will be conducted Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm daily. Approximate completion 2015 December. The work area will be located between 27.4514 N, 82.6948 W and 27.4455 N, 82.6926 W. Both vessels will monitor VHF FM Channel 16 while in the area. There will also be a temporary anchor buoy approximately 1/4 mile off shore of the work area. The buoy will be painted high visibility yellow and will be equipped with a solar powered light mounted on top. Mariners are advised to use caution when transiting the area. Contact Jeff Boyd, Project Manager at 903-360-5176, or Captain David Wiseman, Marine Superintendent at 386-566-2823 with any questions or concerns. (7th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Florida Hazards to Navigation:
       Indian River (North Section) Daybeacon 40 (LLNR 41395) reported destroyed and poses a hazard to navigation. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 11/2015)
       Jupiter Sound Daybeacon 52 (LLNR 46195) is destroyed and the remains pose a hazard to navigation. Mariners are advised to transit the area with extreme caution. (7th District LNM Week 11/2015)
       Lake Worth Creek Daybeacon 21 (LLNR 46420) reported destroyed and poses a hazard to navigation. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 11/2015)
       The coast Guard received a report of Private aid Marinatown Daybeacon 2 (LLNR 52670) is destroyed. The remains of the pile are sitting just above the waterline and pose a hazard to navigation. Mariners are advised to transit the area with caution. (7th District LNM Week 11/2015)
       Private aid Hurricane Bay Marina West Channel Daybeacon 11 (LLNR 18180) reported destroyed and poses a hazard to navigation. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 11/2015)
       The Coast Guard received a report of South Estero Bay Daybeacon 92 (LLNR 19745) is destroyed. A fallen tree has wrapped around the piling and poses a hazard to navigation. Mariners are advised to transit the area with caution. (7th District LNM Week 11/2015)
       One of the Manatee Zone markers in Lemon Bay is destroyed and poses a hazard to navigation. The marker is near Lemon Bay Daybeacon 38 (LLNR 57615) the hazard is barely sticking out of the water in position 26° 59.5826' N 082° 23.8157' W. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 12/2015)

Florida Bridge Update: From the USCG 7th District LNM Week 12/2015:
       NOTE: Information new with this alert is in bold. There are many on-going projects lasting sometimes for years. You can "Search" a bridge name for previous East Coast Alerts that may contain information that is still current. Bridges that have vertical height reduced (or other severe restriction) will remain on this list until the restriction is removed.
       Sisters Creek Bridge (AICW Mil3 739.2): Archer Western Contractors, LLC has advised the Coast Guard that they are working on constructing the new High-Level Fixed Sisters Creek Bridge (30.393797° -81.460001°) across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, mile 739.2, Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. This plan includes two temporary trestles placed outside the navigable channel. There will be various floating equipment outside the main channel during most of this construction. The bridge waterway construction will start in February. The main girder span construction and fender system is currently planned for Fall 2015; which will result in waterway closures/restrictions. The exact dates will be published in future Local Notice to Mariners. This project is anticipated to be completed by November/December 2015. The demolition of existing bridge is planned for January 2016 through July 2016. (7th District LNM Week 05/2015)
       Atlantic Boulevard Bridge (AICW Mile 744.7): Genesis CEI Services, LLC has advised the Coast Guard that due to painting operations on the Atlantic Boulevard (SR 10) (30.323251°-81.438770°) Bridge across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (San Pablo Creek) mile 744.7, Duval County, Florida. The vertical clearance of the 65 foot high bridge will be reduced by four feet slightly more than one-half the channel from April 10, 2014 through April 10, 2015. The contractor will maintain 65 ft of vertical clearance within a 45 ft horizontal clearance at all times on one side of the channel. Mariners are requested to proceed through the east side of the channel through this area.
       Main Street Bridge: The Coast Guard has approved a temporary change to the operating schedule of the Main Street Bridge (30.322626° -81.658613°) across the St Johns River, Jacksonville, Florida, due to bridge repairs. From January 24 through April 30, 2015, the Main Street Bridge will open with a two hour advance notice between the 6:00 a.m. and 6:59 p.m. to the bridge tender either via VHF-FM channel 9 or by calling 904-891-2191. Between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 5:59 a.m. a four hour advance notice to the bridge tender will be required to receive an opening. The project completion date is April 30, 2015.
       During the painting operation the contractor will be placing scaffolding under the bridge which will reduce the vertical clearance of the bridge up to 10 feet. Superior Construction Company has advised the Coast Guard that they will be using a snooper truck as part of this operation which will reduce the vertical clearance to 22 feet at different locations. The snooper truck can be removed if 30 minutes advance notice is provided.
       Additionally, to support mariners with the latest information we have provided a cell phone to the bridge tenders at the Main Street Bridge who can be contacted at any time, 904-891-2191.
       Jupiter Federal Bridge (AICW Mile 1004.8): The Jupiter Federal Bridge (26.943694°-80.085456°) across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway mile 1004.8, Jupiter, Florida will be on single-leaf operations from 10:00 p.m. on March 26, 2015 through 6:00 a.m on March 27, 2015 for repairs.
       Flagler Memorial Bridge Update: The Florida Department of Transportation has requested that the Flagler Memorial Bridge (26.718200°-80.044761°) be placed on a restricted opening schedule until the new Flagler Memorial Bridge construction can be completed. Mariners are reminded that the horizontal clearance at the Flagler Memorial Bridge is currently set at 70 feet and will remain until the new bridge is built and this bridge is removed.
       Starting Friday, January 9, 2105, the Flagler Memorial Bridge opening schedule will be changed to once an hour on the quarter-hour, with no openings at 8:15 a.m. or 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday, except Federal holiday to allow for rush hour traffic. Per 33 CFR §117.31 Drawbridge operations for emergency vehicles and emergency vessels.
(a) Upon receiving notification that an emergency vehicle is responding to an emergency situation, a drawtender must make all reasonable efforts to have the drawspan closed at the time the emergency vehicle arrives.
(b) When a drawtender receives notice, or a proper signal as provided in §117.15 of this part, the drawtender shall take all reasonable measures to have the draw opened, regardless of the operating schedule of the draw, for passage of the following, provided this opening does not conflict with local emergency management procedures which have been approved by the cognizant Coast Guard Captain of the Port:
(1) Federal, State, and local government vessels used for public safety;
(2) Vessels in distress where a delay would endanger life or property;
(3) Commercial vessels engaged in rescue or emergency salvage operations; and
(4) Vessels seeking shelter from severe weather.
       While the new Flagler Memorial Bridge is under construction, the following emergency plan will remain in effect with no exceptions except for emergencies:
       If an emergency occurs and the Flagler Memorial Bridge is left in the open to navigation position, all vehicle traffic will be detoured to the bridges to the south. For this reason, the Royal Park Bridge will be on an hourly schedule at the quarter-hour, except that from 8:16 a.m. to 10:14 a.m. and from 4:16 p.m. to 6:14 p.m. this bridge will be allowed to remain closed to navigation. The Southern Boulevard Bridge will remain on the twice an hour schedule (top of the hour and bottom of the hour), except that from 8:31 a.m. to 9:59 a.m. and from 4:31 p.m. to 5:59 p.m. this bridge will be allowed to remain closed to navigation.
Special Boat Show Schedule:
       The Flagler Memorial Bridge will be allowed to remain on the once an hour schedule at the quarter-hour and will be open to navigation for periods of up to 15 minutes from 7:15 p.m. through 6:30 a.m. and at 10:15 a.m., 11:15 a.m. and at 2:15 p.m. As the school buses will be crossing this bridge starting at 2:30 p.m., the 3:15 opening will be limited to 10 minutes only. The bridge will be allowed to not open at 8:15 a.m. and at 4:15 p.m. to allow for rush hour traffic. At all other times this bridge will open for no longer that 10 minutes at the quarter-hour.
       These temporary restrictions will remain in place until 7:00 p.m. on March 31, 2015 at which time the bridge will revert back to the temporary quarter-hour opening schedule as outlined in the Local Notice to Mariners.
       Hillsboro Inlet Bridge (NOT on the AICW): PCL Civil Constructors, Inc. has advised the Coast Guard that they will start work on the repairs to the Hillsboro Inlet Bridge (26.261229° -80.083250°) on January 5, 2015. This project is anticipated to be completed by November 14, 2015. There will be various bridge restrictions and closures throughout this project. The contractor will be working closely with the marine interests to ensure impacts to navigation will be at a minimum.
       Starting on January 5, 2015, from 7:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. the bridge will be closed to navigation nightly through April 30, 2015. Mariners may request an opening during these time periods by providing a four-hour advance notice to the bridge tender or by calling (954)-943-1847. The vertical clearance will be reduced by 2 feet during the entire project length.
The north and south side channels will be closed to navigation during this entire time frame as there will be turbidity barriers in place and a small barge will be behind the fender system.
       Venetian Causeway Bridges, East and West: The Coast Guard has been advised that the planned 9 month operation to repair the West Venetian Bridge approaches has been delayed until the Spring of 2015. When the dates are finalized, the West Venetian Bridge will remain open to all marine traffic and the Temporary Final Rule will keep the East Venetian Bridge in the closed position. The Local Notice to Mariners (LNM) and TFR will be updated once the dates are provided by the bridge owner, Miami-Dade County. During this time this bridge will only open for emergency vessels such as Coast Guard, Police and Fire. No other exemptions will be allowed.
       Snake Creek Bridge: The Coast Guard is temporarily changing the regulations governing the Snake Creek Bridge (24.951605° -80.587299°) across Snake Creek, Islamorada, Florida. From 8:00 a.m. on March 16, 2015 until 6:00 p.m. on July 14, 2015, the Snake Creek Bridge will be allowed to open on signal, except that from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. this bridge will open at the top of the hour, seven days-a-week.
       Additional Information:
Tuesday, July 14 - Test deviation ends, last day for public meeting request (120 days from test deviation beginning.); Monday, September 14 - Comment period ends (182 days from test deviation beginning.)
       If you would like to comment on this test deviation, please use one of the follow methods: If you submit a comment, please include the docket number for this rulemaking (USCG-2015-0046), indicate the specific section of this document to which each comment applies, and provide a reason for each suggestion or recommendation. You may submit your comments and material online (www.regulations.gov), or by fax, mail or hand delivery, but please use only one of these means. If you submit a comment online via www.regulations.gov, it will be considered received by the Coast Guard when you successfully transmit the comment. If you fax, hand deliver, or mail your comment, it will be considered as having been received by the Coast Guard when it is received at the Docket Management Facility. We recommend that you include your name and a mailing address, an e-mail address, or a phone number in the body of your document so that we can contact you if we have questions regarding your submission. To submit your comment online, type the docket number [USCG-2015-0046] in the "SEARCH" box and click "SEARCH." Click on "Submit a Comment" on the line associated with this rulemaking. If you submit your comments by mail or hand delivery, submit them in an unbound format, no larger than 8-1/2 by 11 inches, suitable for copying and electronic filing. If you submit them by mail and would like to know that they reached the Facility, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed postcard or envelope. We will consider all comments and material received during the comment period and may change the rule based on your comments. Ref: Docket Number USCG-2015-0046 Chart: 11451

USCG Fifth District
Coastal Waters from Shrewsbury River, New Jersey to Little River, South Carolina

Ice Damage Warning:
       Due to the recent heavy ice conditions within the Fifth Coast Guard District Waterways from New Jersey to northern North Carolina numerous aids to navigation have been damaged, drug offstation, destroyed, or missing. Some aids may be sunk or hidden beneath ice flows and may pose an extreme hazard to navigation. Mariners are advised to use extreme caution when transiting the waterways. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Bulkhead Repair, Point Pleasant Canal:
       Mariners are advised bulkhead repair work will be conducted in the Point Pleasant Canal from March 19, 2015 to May 8, 2015. Repair work will be conducted south of Loveland Town Bridge near Bay Head, NJ. There will be a barge, crane, and work boats in the area and at times in the channel. The work boats can be reached on VHF Channel 13. Mariners are advised to proceed with caution when transiting the area. If you have any questions regarding the contents of this bulletin, please contact the Waterways Management staff at (215) 271-4814 or the Situation Unit Controller at (215) 271-4807. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

More Beach Replenishment, NJ:
       Beach replenishment will begin at the end of March, 2015 and continue through December, 2015 between Townsends Inlet and Great Egg Harbor Inlet. To facilitate these operations a submerged pipeline will be placed at approximate position 39-09.8N 074-37.8W and landing on the beach at approximate position 39-11.4N 074-39.7W. Mariners should avoid this area give all work vessels a wide berth when transiting the area. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Emergency Bridge Repairs, Philadelphia:
       Mariners are advised that urgent structural repairs will be conducted at the Betsy Ross Bridge, at mile 104.8, across Delaware River, connecting Philadelphia, PA and Pennsauken, NJ beginning the week of March 16, 2015 through May 15, 2015. To facilitate repairs, four work platforms will be installed beneath north and south sections of the bridge west of the Pennsauken tower, reducing the vertical clearance by approximately five feet two inches. Quick flashing red lights will be positioned on all corners, to mark the bottom of the work platform under the bridge so as to draw the mariner's attention to the fact that the vertical clearance has been reduced. Mariners are advised to exercise caution when transiting the area. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Dredging C&D Canal East Entrance:
       The dredge ESSEX along with tender boats DUKE, NORFOLK, and Pusher 10 will have commenced dredging operations at the East entrance of the C and D Canal. A submerged pipeline will be placed from the dredging area to the Reedy Point Disposal Are. Operations are expected to be completed on or about 30 May, 2015. The dredge can be contacted on VHF-FM Channels 13, 16. Vessels are requested to contact the dredge 30 minutes prior to passing. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Susquehanna Bridge Repairs:
       Mariners are advised that Blastech Enterprises, on behalf of the Maryland Transportation Authority, will be conducting repairs, cleaning, and painting on the Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge on I-95, at mile 3.2, over Susquehanna River in Havre De Grace, MD, from April 15, 2015 through August 15, 2016. Monday to Saturday, during daylight hours work will take place from a push barge and crew boat which can be contacted on VHF channels 13 or 16. A debris shield will be secured to the lower truss members of the bridge and hang down 2 feet below the truss members throughout the bridge but will not affect bridge clearances. Mariners should use extreme caution when transiting the area. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Patapsco River Construction:
       Mariners are advised that aids to navigation construction operations are scheduled to occur in the Patapsco River through March 31, 2015. The work will be located southeast of Hawkins Point, Baltimore, MD, in approximate position latitude 39°12.3183- N, longitude 076°31.4291- W. The work will include diving operations and pile driving from spud barges and material barges. All marine equipment will be marked and lighted as required by U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Mariners are requested to proceed at a no-wake speed in this area. Interested mariners can contact the tug "Jezebel" on marine band radio VHF-FM channels 16 and 13, or via telephone at 410-258-7932. Should additional information be required, contact the Marine Technologies, Inc. main office at 410-355-2000. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Large Concrete Tube Tow, Baltimore to Hampton Roads:
       Mariners are advised that a pre-fabricated concrete tube element for the Portsmouth Midtown Tunnel Project is scheduled to be towed astern outbound in the Patapsco River and southward in the Chesapeake Bay on Tuesday, March 24, 2015. The floating concrete tunnel tube element (approximately 350 feet long and 54 feet wide with a draft of 26.5 feet and freeboard of up to three feet), will be towed from Sparrows Point, in Baltimore County, MD, and will enter the Baltimore Harbor Approach Channels between 8:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Interested mariners may contact the primary towing vessel OCEAN TOWER via marine band radio VHF-FM channel 16 or 13. For any questions contact Coast Guard Sector Baltimore Waterways Management Division, at (410) 576-2519 or (410) 576-2693. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Artificial Reef off Taylor's Island, Little Choptank River:
       Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP (DCP) will begin deploying artificial reef material associated with the Cove Point Liquefaction Project in Calvert, MD. The deployment operations are expected to take place on or about 26 March, 2015 and continue until July, 2015. The artificial reef location is referred to as Taylor's Island Reef and is located south of the confluence of the Little Choptank river. The reef will be marked with Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) buoys to ensure proper deposition of the reef material and warn mariners of the potentially hazardous conditions. (5th District LNM Week 07/2015)

Chesapeake Beach, Fishing Creek Rip Rap, Channel Restrictions:
       Beginning 30 March, 2015 installation of Rip Rap along the seawall at Windward Key will commence and continue until approximately 30 September, 2015. Several material barges will be used to deliver material for the Rip Rap with the barges measuring 30ft X 90ft. Channel width may be restricted during offloading of materials. Equipment onscene will consist of the Digging Rig DIGGER 1, 610, and 330. Tug BIG C TOO will also be assisting and can be contacted on VHF-FM 13/16. Concerned mariners may also contact David R. Harris II at (410)-867-0200. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Bridge Damage, Nanticoke River:
       Both the northeast dolphin system and northeast fender system are severely damaged with submerged remains. Maryland State Highway Administrative divers verified that the 6-pile dolphin is in a horizontal position on the river bottom protruding 15 ft channelward and a portion of the fender system is missing with remains underwater 2 ft to 3 ft and protruding 20 ft channelward. Nanticoke River Channel Lighted Wreck Buoy WR32A (NO LLNR) was temporarily established in 30 ft MLW in approximate position 38-29-21.067N 075-48-48.354W. Due to location within channel, the submerged fendering system remains a hazard to navigation. Horizontal clearance for the bridge has been reduced from 120 ft to approx 80 ft. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Cape Charles Harbor Dredging, Update:
       Mariners are advised that the dredge ROCKBRIDGE of Cottrell Contracting Corporation of Chesapeake, VA, will be conducting dredging operations in the Cape Charles City Harbor and Entrance Channel between Cape Charles City Light 4 (LLNR 21470) and Cape Charles City Light 11 (LLNR 21500). Dredging operations are expected to begin on 28 February, 2015 been extended through 04 April, 2015. The dredge monitors VHF Channels 13 & 16. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Coleman Bridge Daytime Closure:
       Mariners are advised that the George P. Coleman Memorial Swing Bridge (37.240041° -76.507435°), at mile 7.0, at Yorktown, VA, will be closed to vessels requiring an opening on Sunday, March 29, 2015, beginning at 7 a.m. until 5 p.m., to perform maintenance work with an alternate rain date April 4, 2015 from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. In the closed position to vessels, the available vertical clearance of the drawbridge is approximately 60 feet, above MHW. At all other times, the drawbridge will operate in accordance with the operating regulations set out in Title 33 Code of Federal Regulations Part 117.1025. Mariners should adjust their transits accordingly. (7th District LNM Week 10/2015)

Dredging Offshore Sandbridge:
       The dredge PADRE ISLAND will be conducting dredging operations in the Sandbridge (36.705976° -75.898171°) borrow site located between Oceana Naval Air Station and Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach, VA until 30 April, 2015. Dredging operations will take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Concerned mariners can contact the dredge on VHF Channels 13 & 16. (7th District LNM Week 10/2015)

Lost Research Buoy, James River:
       The Virginia Commonwealth University has reported the loss of a yellow research buoy measuring approximately 14 feet by 4 feet in size with 60 feet of chain and 1,000 lb anchor. The partially sunken buoy is located between James River Channel Lighted Buoy 89 (LLNR 12385) and James River Channel Lighted Buoy 89A (LLNR 12387) in the vicinity of Windmill Point. Mariners are advised to use caution when transiting the area. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Craney Island Fuel Pier Replacement:
       Mariners are advised that the Mclean Construction Company will be replacing fuel pier D at the Craney Island Fuel Depot (36.886475° -76.339020°) located the western shore of the Elizabeth River in Portsmouth, VA. Operations are expected to completed 31 May, 2015. Crews onscene will be monitoring VHF Channel 13. (5th District LNM Week 08/2015)

Midtown Tunnel Construction Update:
       Mariners are advised that SKW constructors will be conducting operations in connection with the midtown tunnel construction project in the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River, Norfolk, VA. Beginning on March 16, 2015 and ending on April 4, 2015 the navigable width of the federal channel will be reduced to 375 feet, Monday through Saturday, from 6 am to 6 pm. During working hours, vessels requiring more than 375 feet shall provide 6 hours advance notice. During Non-working hours vessels requiring more than 375 feet shall provide at least 24 hours advance notice. All notifications must be made to SKW via landline at (757) 434-2625. Mariners shall stay clear of all On-scene equipment and are requested to use caution and bare steerage while transiting the area. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Gilmerton Bridge Update:
       Mariners are advised the PCL Contractors will commence day shift structural plate welding and construction of a rubber arch fendering system on the Gilmerton Bridge (36.775082° -76.294999°). Construction is expected to be completed on or about 30 September, 2015. Hours of operations will take place from 7:00 am until 5:30 pm. One barge will occupy the channel Monday through Saturday. Vessels requiring 60 feet or more of horizontal clearance must provide a 2 hour advance notice to the bridge tender at (757) 485-5488 or VHF-FM Channel 13. (5th District LNM Week 09/2015)

Again--Shoaling Reported in New River Inlet AICW Crossing:
       Hazard to navigation - shoaling has been reported to a depth of 3 feet between the Bogue Sound-New River Buoy 72A (LLNR 39300) (34.553901°-77.349136°) and Bogue Sound-New River Buoy 72B (LLNR 393003) and depth of 4 feet at Bogue Sound-New River Buoy 74 (LLNR 39305) on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Mariners are advised to transit the area with caution. (5th District LNM Week 05/2015) UPDATE: Check the Wilmington USACE link at the end of the Alerts for the latest survey (February 26, 2015) of the area which confirms this report.

Reduced Vertical Clearance, Northeast Cape Fear River:
       Mariners are advised that the aerial communication line over the navigable waters of the Northeastern Cape Fear River, approximately 0.5 mile downstream of the U.S. Highway 117 Bridge, in the town of Castle Hayne, New Hanover County, North Carolina is not reflecting the required vertical clearance of 44 feet and 7 inches. The current temporary vertical clearance is at 35 feet and 6 inches. Mariners should use caution when transiting the area. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Bald Head Island Construction: Jetty and Groin:
       Mariners are advised that the Orion Construction Inc. will be commencing construction of a jetty at the Bald Head Island Entrance Channel at Bald Head Island, North Carolina commencing on or about March 20, 2015 and ending approximately November 15, 2015. Mariners are requested to stay clear of the construction barges, tugs and work boats. Mariners are requested to exercise extreme caution when approaching, passing, and leaving the construction area. Orion Construction Inc. monitors VHF channels 13 and 16. Mariners are cautioned to strictly comply with the rules of the road when approaching, passing and leaving the area of operations. Construction will be conducted Monday through Friday during daylight hours. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)
       Mariners are advised that the Orion Construction Inc. will be commencing construction of a terminal groin at the southerly side of Bald Head Island, North Carolina in position latitude 33°51'55.99" N, longitude 078°00'42.62" W commencing on or about April 1, 2015 and ending approximately November 15, 2015. Mariners are requested to stay clear of the construction barges, tugs and work boats. Mariners are requested to exercise extreme caution when approaching, passing, and leaving the construction area. Orion Construction Inc. monitors VHF channels 13 and 16. Mariners are cautioned to strictly comply with the rules of the road when approaching, passing and leaving the area of operations. Construction will be conducted Monday through Friday during daylight hours. (5th District LNM Week 11/2015)

Lockwoods Folly Dredging (Not on the AICW):
       Cottrell Contracting Corporation of Chesapeake, VA advises that the dredge MARION will be conducting dredging operations in the Eastern Channel of Lockswoods Folly, NC located South of Sheep Island and North of Oak Island starting at about Lockwoods Folly Inlet Buoy 12 (LLNR 31047). Dredging operations are expected to be completed on or about 30 April, 2015. (5th District LNM Week 09/2015) There is a March 3, 2015, USACE Survey of this area as well as the AICW Crossing at Lockwoods Folly Inlet (33.920577°-78.237017°).

USCG First District
Coastal Waters from Eastport, Maine to Shrewsbury, New Jersey

Ice Damage Warning:
       With the severe ice conditions we've experienced this winter in First Coast Guard District waterways, aids to navigation may not be operating according to the Light List specifications. There will also be delays in returning year-round buoys and characteristics to their stations according to dates specified in the Light List. Please refer to the weekly notice to mariners for current discrepancies, corrections and temporary changes. The Local Notice to Mariners is available online at www.navcen.uscg.gov/?pageName=lnmDistrict&region=1(First District LNM Week 11/2015)

Ice Breaking in Maine:
       The Coast Guard is planning to conduct ice breaking operations in the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers during the weeks of March 23, 2015 and March 30, 2015. The purpose of ice breaking operations is to reduce the risk of ice jams and flooding. Persons with ice fishing shacks should remove them from the river before ice breaking operations begin, and proceed with caution in areas where the Coast Guard will break ice. (First District LNM Week 11/2015)

Repair Work at New Bedford Hurricane Barrier:
       Construction repair work at the New Bedford Hurricane Barrier is scheduled to resume on March 23, 2015, and will be ongoing from approximately 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily (except Sundays) through approximately April 14, 2015. During this period there may be floating work platforms in the navigation channel at the barrier and divers working on gate repairs. The navigation channel will remain open during construction but larger vessels may encounter delays. Mariners are cautioned to travel slowly in the vicinity of the hurricane barrier gates. The barrier will remain functional for normal flood control operations. Workers at the barrier will monitor VHF channel 13 and may be contacted to coordinate passage. The Corps of Engineers at Cape Cod Canal's Marine Traffic Control may also be contacted on VHF channel 13. (First District LNM Week 11/2015)

Pipeline Installation, Salem and Marblehead:
       Trenching and pipeline installation, from Salem and Marblehead, is being done until approximately June 15, 2015. The hours of operations are daily from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm. On scene is the dredge CAPTAIN A. J. FOURNIER, barge Linda, deck barge CMI 395, tug AUSTIN, work boats LITTLE JOHNNY & PATTY C and skiffs which are monitoring VHF-FM channels 13, 76 & 16. (First District LNM Week 09/2015)

Sunken Vessel, Fire Island:
       The U.S. Coast Guard received a report of a sunken vessel in the following location 40-39-19N 073-03-07W, approximately 1 mile South of Fire Island Pines. Water depth over vessel has been reduced to less than 10 feet and trapped lines are floating on the surface. It is marked with lighted buoys. Mariners are requested to proceed with caution while transiting the area. (First District LNM Week 11/2015)

General Announcements

Lat/Long Positions in Alerts:
       Lat/Long positions derived from Google Earth will be given for significant places in the Alerts, such as bridge locations. These will be in italics, and in the following format: (xx.xxxxxx°-xx.xxxxxx°) for locations new with this alert. Where a Lat/Long position is copied from a USCG Local Notice to Mariners (LNM) or from the Light Lists, it will be in whatever format the Coast Guard has used which varies between districts and LNM and Light List writers, and will be in plain text, rather than italics. Some positions are approximate. We do not provide this information for navigational purposes and it should not be used as such.

US Army Corps of Engineers Websites for AICW Surveys and Reports
       Despite the federal government reduction in funding, the USACE, in our opinion, does a really good job at surveying and recording depths in the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AICW). They may not be able to dredge every little shoal, but at least they let you know where the shoals are so you can plan accordingly. Some areas in North Carolina are currently being dredged or are scheduled to be dredged soon. So, before you get too excited about the shallow depths reported by some fellow cruisers, check out the latest surveys at the following:
Norfolk, VA District:
Wilmington, NC District:
Charleston, SC District:
Savannah, GA District:
Jacksonville, FL District:

This information is not to be used for navigation. Consult the latest charts and Local Notices to Mariners and use prudent seamanship. Conditions may change. Any person or entity that uses this information in any way, as a condition of that use, agrees to waive and does waive and also hold authors harmless from any and all claims which may arise from or be related to this use.