East Coast Alerts

By Mel Neale

Attention Snowbirds

Little River Swing Bridge Fender Damage:
       Mariners are advised to watch for timbers partially attached/partially sticking out into the channel due to fender damage on the Little River Swingbridge (33.8515507°-78.656357°), Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Mariners are advised to transit the area with extreme Caution. (7th District LNM Week 19/2014)* The Bridge was closed to vehicular traffic on May 20, 2014 for repairs, but was expected to reopen same day.

*Italicized text above and below indicates our comment or paraphrase. Plain text is copied from the Notices to Mariners or other sources given.

Harborfest in Norfolk Aids to Nav Established and Moved:
       The following temporary changes will be made to aids to navigation within the Elizabeth River Channel to enhance boater safety during the upcoming Harborfest celebration activities to be held June 6 through June 8, 2014. Upon completion of the Harborfest celebrations these temporary changes are to be removed and the Elizabeth River Channel aids to navigation system returned to its published characteristics.
A. Temporarily establish six 5NFR yellow unlighted buoys in the following positions to mark the outer navigational limits of the spectator anchorage area as published in 33 CFR 110.72aa(a)1:
a. Elizabeth River Anchorage Buoy "A" at 36 50 49.693N, 076 18 07.650W
b. Elizabeth River Anchorage Buoy "B" at 36 50 48.908N, 076 18 00.792W
c. Elizabeth River Anchorage Buoy "C" at 36 50 46.691N, 076 17-56.652W
d. Elizabeth River Anchorage Buoy "D" at 36 50 42.842N, 076 17 54.460W
e. Elizabeth River Anchorage Buoy "E" at 36 50 37.064N, 076 17 51.576W
f. Elizabeth River Anchorage Buoy "F" at 36 50 33.964N, 076 17 57.544W
B. Temporarily change Elizabeth River Channel Buoy 31 (LLNR 9835) to Elizabeth River Channel Lighted Buoy 31 showing a QG characteristic.
C. Establish three additional buoys with QG characteristics in the following positions:
a. Elizabeth River Channel Lighted Buoy 29A at 36 52 08.917N, 076 19 37.841W
b. Elizabeth River Channel Lighted Buoy 29B at 36 52 01.702N, 076 19 27.437W
c. Elizabeth River Channel Lighted Buoy 34A at 36 50 58.432N, 076 18 10.390W (5th District LNM Week 20/2014)
       This is a huge event. At times, the AICW may be closed to vessel traffic. Do not count on getting a slip reservation in the area unless you make it way in advance. listen to the VHF for Broadcast Notices to Mariners to keep up with channel closures and restrictions if you are planning to pass through Norfolk/Portsmouth at this time.

General Announcements

       The civilian hurricane warning service for the North Atlantic is provided by the National Hurricane Center, Miami, Florida. The center collates ship, aircraft, radar, and satellite data to produce and issue tropical cyclone warnings and forecasts for the North Atlantic Ocean, including the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. A Tropical Cyclone Advisory message is issued every six hours, with intermediate bulletins provided as needed. For tropical storms and hurricanes threatening to cross the coast of the U.S., coastal warnings are issued to the public so that precautionary actions, including evacuation, can be initiated to minimize damage and loss of life.
       Two levels of warnings are employed:
(a) HURRICANE WATCH - a preliminary alert that a hurricane MAY threaten a specified portion of the coast. It is issued 36 hours before landfall may occur; and
(b) HURRICANE WARNING - which indicate that hurricane conditions are EXPECTED along a specified portion of the coast. It is issued 24 hours before landfall. To provide additional information for maritime interests, a Marine Advisory is also issued which provides storm position forecasts for up to 72 hours in advance of a storm, and probabilities of hurricane strikes for coastal locations and offshore coordinates.
       Mariners are reminded that aids to navigation, particularly lighted and unlighted buoys, may be moved from charted position, damaged, destroyed, extinguished or otherwise deemed discrepant as a result of hurricane and storms. Mariners should not rely solely upon the position or operation of an aid to navigation, but also employ such other methods of determining position as may be available.
       Port Hurricane Conditions are set by the COTP and will change as the threat of severe weather increases, or as storm(s) approach a specific COTP Area of Responsibility. For COTP specific Port Hurricane Conditions, you should review information provided under Port Directory tab of http://homeport.uscg.mil
Condition 4 - Hurricane Seasonal Alert. 01 June-30 November; port status: open.
Condition Whiskey - Sustained Gale Force winds associated with Tropical Cyclone activity are predicted within 72 hours; port status: open.
Condition X-Ray - Sustained Gale Force winds associated with Tropical Cyclone activity are predicted within 48 hours; port status: open.
Condition Yankee - Sustained Gale Force winds associated with Tropical Cyclone activity are predicted within 24 hours; port status: restricted; vessel/facility control measures in effect.
Condition Zulu - Sustained Gale Force winds associated with Tropical Cyclone activity are predicted within 12 hours; port status: closed to all vessel traffic and waterside activities except for activities approved by the COTP.
       Drawbridges along the coast may deviate from normal operating procedures. Drawbridges are authorized to remain closed upon approach of Gale Force winds of 34 knots or greater. Extended closure periods may be authorized up to 8 hours prior to arrival of Gale Force winds to facilitate evacuation of land traffic. Due to the uncertainty of hurricane movements and bridge closures, mariners are urged to seek passage through drawbridges well in advance of the arrival of Gale Force winds. (7th District LNM Week 20/2014)

US Army Corps of Engineers Websites for AICW Surveys and Reports
       Despite the federal government reduction in funding, the USACE, in our opinion, does a really good job at surveying and recording depths in the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AICW). They may not be able to dredge every little shoal, but at least they let you know where the shoals are so you can plan accordingly. Some areas in North Carolina are currently being dredged or are scheduled to be dredged soon. So, before you get too excited about the shallow depths reported by some fellow cruisers, check out the latest surveys at the following:
Norfolk, VA District:
Wilmington, NC District:
Charleston, SC District:
Savannah, GA District:
Jacksonville, FL District:

Lat/Long Positions in Alerts:
       Lat/Long positions derived from Google Earth will be given for significant places in the Alerts, such as bridge locations. These will be in italics, and in the following format: (xx.xxxxxx°-xx.xxxxxx°) for locations new with this alert. Where a Lat/Long position is copied from a USCG Local Notice to Mariners (LNM) or from the Light Lists, it will be in whatever format the Coast Guard has used which varies between districts and LNM and Light List writers, and will be in plain text, rather than italics. Some positions are approximate. We do not provide this information for navigational purposes and it should not be used as such.

USCG Seventh District
Coastal Waters from Little River, South Carolina to Panama City, Florida

Cooper River Hazard:
       Cooper River Daybeacon 90 (LLNR 3153) (32-58-11.174N, 32-58-11.174N) is destroyed. The remains of the pile is partially submerged and is a hazard to navigation. A TRUB is marking the remains. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 20/2014)

Cooper River Dive Ops:
       Explosive Ordnance Technologies Inc (EOTI) will commence environmental work with divers on or about June 2 until approximately June 15, 2014 in South Carolina, Goose Creek. These operations will occur in Goose Creek near its confluence with the Cooper River at Joint Base Charleston-Weapons in approximate position 32-54-41.88N/079-57-09.216W. Dive ops will occur during daylight hours only – may include weekends, depending on weather and conditions. A 21ft deck boat will be used as a dive platform supporting the dive operations. Project POC: Jim Daffron (865) 200-8081. Mariners are advised to use extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 20/2014)

Jekyll Creek Marker Destroyed:
       Jekyll Creek DBN 3 (LLNR 37287) is destroyed. The remains of the pile are partially submerged and are a hazard to navigation. A TRLB with Fl Q G characteristics is in position 31-05-41.915N/081-26-22.242W. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 17/2014)

St. Marys River Shoaling:
       There is excessive shoaling protruding approximately 15ft into the channel between St Marys DBN 6 (LLNR 6805) DBN 8 (LLNR 6810). The Coast Guard has re-established St Marys TEMP Buoy 6A in position 30-42-52-379N 081-32-00.613W. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 19/2014)

Fernandina Beach AICW Shoaling:
       There is excessive shoaling visible at low tide in the vicinity of Fernandina Beach LT 3 (LLNR 37990). The Coast Guard has established Fernandina Beach TEMP Buoy 2 in position 30-38-54.689N 081-29-03.486W. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 19/2014)

Gunnison Cut AICW Shoaling:
       There is extreme shoaling at low-tide in the vicinity of Gunnison Cut DBN 73 (LLNR 38270) (30-26-46.733N, 081-26-54.250W) (at the junction with the Fort George River). Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 20/2014)

Jacksonville Naval Ops:
       The Navy will be offloading the USNS SEAY from 31 July through 15 August, 2014 in the vicinity of 81.22N/30.25W anchorage areas in the vicinity of Jacksonville, Florida. There will be increased Navy craft operating in the Mayport operations area to include the Saint Johns River to Blount Island during this time from 0600 till 2400 daily. Mariners are advised to avoid close proximity, or any other interference of these operations. (7th District LNM Week 19/2014)

Canaveral Dredging Project:
       Dutra Dredging will commence dredge operations on or about May 1, 2014 in Cape Canaveral (28.526977°-80.765604°). Operations will be 24 hours/7 days a week in various areas of the Canaveral Harbor and Entrance Channel located at around 28 24' 36.79" and 80 36' 25.15" and disposal site at ODMDS. Clamshell dredges DB PAULA LEE will carry out dredging operations and 2 split hull scows. The scows will be utilized for all Disposal Operations to ODMDS. Tender Tug Trojan Other equipment will also be supplied. All vessels will monitor Channels 12, 14, and 82. The tow tug "American Champion" will use the call sign KX7468. Operations will continue until on or about October 30, 2015. Further information contact Dennis Salyers (415) 497-5289. Mariners are advised to use extreme caution while transiting the dredge area. (7th District LNM Week 16/2014)

Fort Pierce Inlet Dredging:
       Marinex Construction, Inc. will commence dredging operations in Fort Pierce (27.468620° -80.299096°), St. Lucie County, Florida on or about May 2, 2014. Dredging operations will be conducted within the Federal Navigation Channel encompassing the entire channel width from Fort Pierce Inlet Lighted Buoy 6 (LLNR 9815.4) through the Fort Pierce Inlet Inner Harbor Turning Basin. The Dredge SAVANNAH will operate 24/7 and monitor VHF-FM channels 13 and 16. Operations will be completed on or about June 15, 2014. Further information contact Marinex at (843) 722-9083. Mariners are urged to transit at their slowest safe speed to minimize wake and proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made. (7th District LNM Week 17/2014)

Okeechobee Waterway Update:
       On May 21, 2014 at 2400 hours the lake level was reported at 12.73 feet and the navigational depths were reported at 6.67 feet for Route 1 (26°58'32.23"N, 80°38'22.92"W) and 4.87 feet for Route 2 (Rim Route) (26°47'0.61"N, 26°47'0.61"N)
       You can usually check the daily lake level and navigational depths at http://w3.saj.usace.army.mil/h2o/reports/r-oke.html

Hillsboro Inlet Entrance Light to be Temporarily Extinguished:
       Hillsboro Inlet Entrance Light (LLNR 774) (26.257898°-80.081109°)
will be extinguished for scheduled maintenance on June 2-3, 2014. The light is scheduled to be relit prior to sunset on June 4, 2014. (7th District LNM Week 20/2014)

AIS ATON Messages Testing:
       In the near future, the USCG will begin transmitting AIS ATON messages and marine safety information via AIS for testing and evaluation. The following Aids have been approved for Synthetic AIS Signals.
-St Lucie Entrance LB 2 (LLNR 720/9995) MMSI #993672007
-Lake Worth Inlet LB LW (LLNR 745/10175) MMSI #993672006
-Port Everglades LB PE (LLNR 800/10305) MMSI #993672004
-Miami LB M (LLNR 895/10455) MMSI #993682000
-Fort Pierce Inlet LB 5 (LLNR 9815.3) MMSI #993672008
-Fort Pierce Inlet LB 6 (LLNR 9815.4) MMSI #993672009
-Lake Worth Inlet LB 3 (LLNR 10195) MMSI #993672005
-Port Everglades Ent RFL (LLNR 10320) MMSI #993672002
-Port Everglades Ent RRL (LLNR 10325) MMSI #993672003
-Miami Main Channel LB 4 (LLNR 10485) MMSI #993672001
       Mariners capable of receiving and displaying these test AIS messages are encouraged to provide feedback and report any anomalies to the USCG NAVCEN Website: www.navcen.uscg.gov (7th District LNM Week 20/2014)

Dodge Island Seawall Construction:
       Ebsary Foundation Company will commence seawall construction at the Port of Miami (Dodge Island) on or about April 21 until September 30, 2014. Operations will occur from 0700 to 1800 Monday through Friday. A barge will be working adjacent to the south side of Dodge Island. The barge is 48ft x 120ft deck barge with a 100Ton crane mounted on it. The barge will remain in the construction position 24/7. For further information contact Matthew Shiring at 305-325-0530 ext 108. Mariners are advised to minimize wake and proceed with caution.
Work Site Coordinates and Staging Area:
SE Corner: 25-46-18.86N 80-10-23.21W
NE Corner: 25-46-20.10N 80-10-22.42W
NW Corner: 25-46-22.64N 80-10-28.18W
SW Corner: 25-46-20.83N 80-10-28.31W (7th District LNM Week 15/2014)

Rebecca Shoal Light Update:
       It has been recommended that the following aid be disestablished: Rebecca Shoal Light (LLNR 1090) and the following Buoy be established:
       Rebecca Shoal Lighted Buoy 4 in position 24-34-43.140N 082-35-26.700W with a Fl R 6s light.
       All comments should be emailed to: D07-SMB-DPWPublicComments@uscg.mil with Rebecca Shoal Light as the subject line and be received by 31 May 2014. Comments can also be mailed to Commander (DPW), Seventh Coast Guard District 909 SE 1st Avenue (STE 406) Brickell Federal Plaza Bldg, Miami, FL. 33131 (7th District LNM Week 18/2014)

Dry Tortugas Light to be Disestablished:
       The following change has been proposed to the aids to navigation system in Sand Key:
-DRY TORTUGAS LIGHT (LLNR 1095) (24-38-00.021N, 082-55-13.958W) disestablish
       All comments should be emailed to: D07-SMB-DPWPublicComments@uscg.mil with Dry Tortugas Light Proposed Changes as the subject line and be received by 15 July 2014. Comments can also be mailed to Commander (DPW), Seventh Coast Guard District 909 SE 1st Avenue (STE 406), Brickell Federal Plaza Bldg Miami FL 33131. (7th District LNM Week 20/2014)

Longboat Pass Dredging:
       Cavache Inc will commence dredge operations on or about May 14, 2014. The dredge MAYA CAELYN will dredge Longboat Pass (27.443929°-82.687600°) sand trap in Longboat Key, Florida. The dredge will be disposing material via floating, submerged and landward pipelines on the northern Longboat key Oceanside Beach. The portions of the pipeline closest to the dredge will remain floating and will be marked with flashing lights at night. There will be submerged and floating pipeline. Operations will be completed on or about July 31, 2014. The dredge may be reached on VHF channels 7A, 79 and 16. Mariners are urged to transit at their slowest safe speed to minimize wake and proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made. Further information contact Cavache at 954-568-0007. (7th District LNM Week 18/2014)

Florida Hazards to Navigation:
       Lake Worth South Daybeacon 36 (LLNR 46975) is destroyed. The remains of the pile is partially submerged and is a hazard to navigation. A TRLB "WR36" with Fl Q R, 4M characteristics is set 4 yards channelward in position 26-35-49.415N/080-02-41.595W. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area.
       The U.S. Coast Guard received a report of a destroyed "Manatee" sign in approximate position 25-54.553N 080-07.595W. The remains of the sign is partially submerged and is a hazard to navigation. Mariners are advised to transit the area with extreme caution (Bakers Haulover Area).
       There is a 24ft Wellcraft partially submerged with approximately 4ft sticking out of the water in approximate position 27-56.2N 082-56.2W 5NM SW of Clearwater Pass. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM Week 20/2014)

Florida Bridge Update: From the USCG 7th District LNM Week 18/2014:
       NOTE: Information new with this alert is in bold. There are many on-going projects lasting sometimes for years. You can "Search" a bridge name for previous East Coast Alerts that may contain information that is still current. Bridges that have vertical height reduced (or other severe restriction) will remain on this list until the restriction is removed.
       Main Street Bridge, St. Johns River, UPDATE: The Coast Guard has approved a temporary change to the operating schedule of the Main Street Bridge (30.322626° -81.658613°)across the St Johns River, Jacksonville, Florida, due to bridge repairs. From January 24 through December 30, 2014, the Main Street Bridge will open with a two hour advance notice between the 6:00 a.m. and 6:59 p.m. to the bridge tender either via VHF-FM channel 9 or by calling 904-891-2191. Between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 5:59 a.m. a four hour advance notice to the bridge tender will be required to receive an opening. During the painting operation the contractor will be placing scaffolding under the bridge which will reduce the vertical clearance of the bridge up to 10 feet. Superior Construction Company has advised the Coast Guard that they will be using a snooper truck as part of this operation which will reduce the vertical clearance to 22 feet at different locations. The snooper truck can be removed if 30 minutes advance notice is provided.
       Additionally, to support mariners with the latest information we have provided a cell phone to the bridge tenders at the Main Street Bridge who can be contacted at any time, 904-891-2191.
       US 192 Bridge: M&J Construction Company will be repairing and painting the SR 500 (US 192) Bridge (28.082960° -80.591610°) across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Canaveral, Florida (this bridge is actually the Melbourne Causeway Bridge between Melbourne and Indiatlantic). The vertical clearance of the 65 foot high bridge will be reduced by five feet slightly more than one-half the channel from September 3, 2013 through September 1, 2014. The contractor will maintain 65 ft of vertical clearance within a 45 ft horizontal clearance at all times on one side of the channel. Currently the contractor is working on the west side of the channel. Mariners are requested to proceed through the east side of the channel through this area.
       Hobe Sound Bridge: Martin County, the bridge owner, of the Hobe Sound Bridge across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Hobe Sound, Martin Country, Florida, has advised the Coast Guard that they are planning on painting this bridge starting in May 2014. This work will include a reduction of vertical clearance by 5 feet on half the channel and may include single-leaf operations with a two hour advance notice for a double-leaf opening. There may be a barge located under the down leaf; but that determination has not been made at this time. This work in anticipated to start in May 2014 and is projected to end on August 2014.
       Flagler Memorial Bridge (Update): The Florida Department of Transportation has advised that the Flagler Memorial Bridge will be placed in the open to navigation position for a six month period. Mariners are reminded that the horizontal clearance at the Flagler Memorial Bridge (26.718200°-80.044761°) is currently set at 70 feet and will remain until the new bridge is built and this bridge is removed.
       Due to a concrete pumping operation over the Flagler Memorial Bridge, the vertical clearance over the waterway will be limited to 64 ft during the operation. Vessels requiring more than 64 ft of vertical clearance should contact the bridge tender at least four hours in advance to schedule the removal of the pipe over the waterway. This operation will be conducted at least 2 or 3 times a week from Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. starting May 27, 2014 and ending on October 31, 2014. Mariners are requested to contact Primary - 813 235 3056 (Ricardo Baraybar) Secondary - 561 253 6995 (PCL Office) to make arrangements to have the vertical clearance restriction removed.
       With the Flagler Memorial Bridge left in the open to navigation position from May 12, 2014 until October 31, 2014, all vehicle traffic will be detoured to the bridges south of this structure. For this reason, the Royal Park Bridge will be on an hourly schedule at the quarter-hour (open once an hour on the quarter past the hour) from 6:16 a.m. until 8:14 p.m. Monday through Friday, except that from 7:16 a.m. to 9:14 a.m. and from 4:16 p.m. to 6:14 p.m. this bridge will be allowed to remain closed to navigation. At all other time including Federal Holidays this bridge will open on the quarter-hour and three-quarter hour. The Southern Boulevard Bridge will remain on the twice an hour schedule (top of the hour and bottom of the hour), except that from 7:31 a.m. to 9:29 a.m. and from 4:01 p.m. to 5:59 p.m. (Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays), this bridge will be allowed to remain closed to navigation.
       PCL Construction will be working on the new Flagler Memorial Bridge and will have floating equipment in the vicinity of the Flagler Memorial Bridge. Any and all channel restrictions/closures in support of this new structure will be published in future Local Notice to Mariners and Broadcast Notice to Mariners. This bridge construction is anticipated to be completed by September 1, 2016.
       East Las Olas Bridge (Date Update): The East Las Olas Bridge (26.119285° -80.109001°) across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida is being repaired. The bridge is on the same operating schedule; but there may be short delays when equipment and personnel need to removed from the bridge for an opening. This work is expected to continue until May 31, 2014. Kiewit Infrastructure South Company, the East Las Olas Bridge, mile 1064 at Fort Lauderdale shall open a single-leaf on the quarter-hour only 24 hours a day; unless a four hour notice is provided to the bridge tender for a double-leaf opening. You may contact the bridge tender be calling 954-463-0842. The East Las Olas Bridge provides a vertical clearance of 24 ft in the closed position and a horizontal clearance of 40 feet with one-leaf in the down position. Kiewit Infrastructure South Company has advised that they will have a barge under the down span during these repairs. This bridge provides a horizontal clearance of 45 feet with one leaf open, a horizontal clearance of 60 feet with both leaves open and the barge in the channel and a horizontal clearance of 90 feet with all floating equipment removed from the waterway. Please advise the bridge tender if you need to have all floating equipment removed from the waterway when requesting a double-leaf opening.
       South Fork, New River, Ft. Lauderdale: I-95 Bridge: Seminole Equipment is working on the I-95 Bridge (26.096434° -80.169002°) across the South Fork of the New River, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Due to painting operations the vertical clearance will be reduced by 5 feet from January 7, 2014 through June 2014. The containment system can be retracted by two feet if 24 hours notice is provided to the contractor.
       V&M Erectors will be working on another section of the I-95 Bridge across the New River. This work will close the navigation channel at night from 10:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. daily, April 6 through September 1, 2014. Mariners  requesting passage at night should call 954-290-1877 and provide a two hour advance notice. V&M Erectors may be working on the bridge during daylight hours; but the floating equipment will be placed outside the channel limits. Mariners are request to use caution when transiting through this area as there are currently three projects on going in this congested area.
       CSX Railroad Bridge, Update: The contractor working on the CSX Railroad Bridge (26.096456° -80.169348°) replacement across the South Fork of the New River mile 2.8, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida has requested to temporarily change the regulation governing the existing CSX Railroad Bridge. This temporary regulation change has been approved and has placed this bridge to an on demand schedule whereas the bridge will be placed in the closed to navigation position during certain portions of the construction operations with an open on demand schedule. Mariners are requested to contact the bridge tender on VHF-FM channel 9 for opening and passing information. The pile driving operation is scheduled to begin on February 14, 2014 on the north side of the channel with completion scheduled for June 3, 2014. The pile driving operation on the south side is scheduled to begin in August 2014. The Coast Guard has approved a temporary schedule change for the CSX Railroad Bridge across the South Fork of the New River.
       The horizontal clearance of the CSX Railroad Bascule Bridge across the New River (South Fork) mile 2.8, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida has been temporarily reduced to 56 feet.
       SE 17th Street Causeway Bridge: Coastal Marine Construction Inc, has been contracted by Florida Department of Transportation to replace the power/submarine cable of the SE 17th Street Causeway (E Clay Shaw) Bridge (26° 6'1.83"N, 80° 7'7.33"W) across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida. Due to the cable installation, the SE 17th Street Causeway will be placed on single-leaf opening during regularly scheduled opening with a three hour advance notice for a double-leaf opening from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily, Monday through Saturday between April 14 and August 30, 2014.
       Cortez Bridge: Quinn Construction will be performing work on the Cortez Bridge (27.467865°-82.693661°) across the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, Sarasota County, Florida from April 28, 2014 through January 22, 2015. From May 10 2014 through November 23, 2014, the bridge will be on a single-leaf opening schedule. A double-leaf opening will be available with a four hour notice to the bridge tender or by calling 941-722-7722. There will be floating equipment in and around the channel throughout the repairs.
       Blackburn Point Bridge: Due to bridge repairs, the Blackburn Point Swingbridge (27.179649° -82.494375°) across the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, Osprey, Sarasota County, Florida will be closed to navigation for several nights between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. during the week of June 23, 2014. An opening is available during these closure periods, if two hours advance notice is provided to the bridge tender.

USCG Fifth District
Coastal Waters from Shrewsbury River, New Jersey to Little River, South Carolina

Manasquan Inlet Partially Blocked:
       Mariners are advised that a pipe raft approximately 2000 feet long and 25 feet wide will be anchored in Manasquan inlet (40.101934°-74.034788°). The pipe raft will be located on the north side of the channel between the in shore end of the Manasquan seawall and the number 2 marker. The pipe raft will be anchored and lit with flashing amber lights throughout its length and steady white lights on each anchor buoy. Mariners are advised to transit the Manasquan inlet safely. (5th District LNM Week 18/2014)

Barnegat Inlet Jetty Construction Safety Zone:
       T Mariners are advised that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is rebuilding the Barnegat Inlet north jetty. The U.S. Coast Guard will be implementing a safety zone in Barnegat Inlet (39.762116° -74.094546°) while work barges are present. Vessels shall not transit within 100 feet of the work barges. Vessels transiting in proximity to the barges shall not pass or overtake each other. Transiting vessels shall maintain minimum safe steerage speed while transiting the inlet. Recreational activity is prohibited in the entire inlet. The on -scene tug can be reached on VHF Channel 16. Mariners are urged to use caution when transiting the area. (5th District LNM Week 18/2014)
       Mariners wanting to transit the safety zone with more than one vessel at a time must contact the Sector Delaware Bay Command Center 36 hours prior to the intended transit time at (215) 271-4807. Vessels needing to contact the on scene work barges can contact them on VHF Channel 16. Vessels should monitor VHF channel 16 for updated information on the operation. If you have any questions regarding the contents of this bulletin, please contact the Waterways Management staff at (215) 271-4814 or the Situation Unit Controller at (215) 271-4807. (Fifth District LNM Week 12/2014).

Research Buoy off NY Harbor:
       The Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego is proposing to establish the following private aid to navigation to collect wave data at the entrance of the Barnegat to Ambrose Traffic Separation Zone:
A. Barnegat Lighted Data Buoy A- 39°46'10.440"N, 073°46'09.66"W, Fl (5) Y 20s
Send comments NO LATER THAN 20 June 2014 to:
Commander (dpw)
Fifth Coast Guard District
431 Crawford Street, Rm.100
Portsmouth, VA. 23704
Attn.: LTjg Amy Harrison or email to: CGD5Waterways@uscg.mil (5th District LNM Week 19/2014)

Maryland Port Administration Floating Treatment Wetland Islands:
       On or about May 15, 2014, the MPA (Maryland Port Administration) will establish Floating Treatment Wetland (FTW) islands in Colgate Creek just South of the Broening Highway and West of the Dundalk/Seagirt Terminal. The six (6) islands are approximately 7.5'X 45'. Charts: 12278, 12281. (5th District LNM Week 19/2014)

Another VIP Aid Discontinued:
       On or about 08 June, 2014 the Coast Guard will discontinue VIP Buoy 264 (LL 6575) (37-08-17.080N, 075-56-06.834W). (5th District LNM Week 19/2014)

Power Transmission Line Maintenance, James River:
       Virginia Power will be conducting repair work on the transmission line tower foundations on the James River running from Isle of Wight County to Newport News, Virginia commencing 01 June, 2014 until completed. Barges will be moored at each of the individual towers for a period of approximately one month. Maintenance work will not block or take place across a significant portion of the river at any one time. Work will not take place within nor impede traffic in the navigational channel. (5th District LNM Week 18/2014)

Hampton City Waterfront Dredging:
       This is a favorite cruising stop: Hodges and Hodges Enterprises will commence mechanical dredging in the Hampton River in the vicinity of the city waterfront (37.024278°-76.340541°) from 16 April until 27 June, 2014. Dredge spoil will be transported to the Craney Island Re-handling Bain via scow and the tug JESSE LEE. The dredge supervisor and tug may be contacted on VHF-FM channel 13 and 16 or Captain Scott Hodges, office (757) 484-0308, cell 435-9667, email Scott@hodgesandhodges.com. ... A NO WAKE transit is requested of all vessels passing the dredge and if necessary to clarify a SAFE PASSAGE contact the dredge on the appropriate VHF-FM channels. (5th District LNM Week 16/2014).

Coastal and Offshore Surveys, Virginia:
       Marine Geophysical and Geotechnical Surveys will be conducted in state and federal waters off the coast of Virginia from 02 June until 30 June, 2014. These surveys will be conducted in two main areas:
1. Three (3) outer continental Shelf (OCS) aliquots located approximately 24-29 nautical miles east of Virginia Beach, Virginia; and
2. Within an approximate 24 nautical miles marine transmission line corridor (approximately 300 meters wide) extending from the offshore lease area to Camp Pendleton in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
       The survey area coordinates are depicted on the Project Location Map on D5 LNM Enclosure 5. The complete MARINE GEOTECHNICAL SITE INVESTIGATION PLAN VOWTAP DEMONSTRATION PROJECT OFFSHORE VIRGINIA OUTER CONTINENTAL SHELF report may be acquired by contacting CGD5Waterways@uscg.mil.
Operations will be conducted from the following vessels:
1. L/B TRINITY conducting boring operations 24/7.
2. M/V MEGAN T. MILLER conducting penetration test along the cable route 24/7.
3. M/V CAPT RAY conducting near shore boring operations during daylight hours.
4. Various vessels conducting towed Side Scan Sonar operations during daylight hours.
       Mariners are advised to use caution when transiting near the survey vessels. All vessels will monitor VHF-FM channel 16. (5th District LNM Week 18/2014)

Old Gilmerton Bridge Demolition Update:
       At the Gilmerton Bridge (36.775082° -76.294999°) Currently, from 6:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. daily until August 3, 2014, two barges are occupying the entire channel at the Gilmerton Bridge for demolition work leaving no clearance for safe passage of vessels.  Mariners needing to pass must provide a two-hour advanced notice by calling the bridge tender at (757)485-5488 or via VHF channel 13.  Additionally, the Gilmerton Bridge continues to operate per 33 Code of Federal Regulations 117.997(j) for mariners needing a bridge opening.
       Moreover, an environmental containment cell around the pier and its fender system will be in place until the project's conclusion on or about August 3, 2014 to facilitate additional demolition work.  The containment cell is rigidly connected to the existing bridge fender with its own fender system consisting of 8 inch x 8 inch timber bumpers with recessed connections, thereby reducing the bridge's horizontal clearance from approximately 125 feet to 124 feet.

AICW Channel Markers Moved, North River, North Side of Albemarle Sound:
       On or about 30 May the following aids to navigation will be relocated to mark best water:
       A. Great Bridge to Albemarle Sound Buoy 168 (LLNR 37803) to approximate position 36-09-36.648N, 075-53-31.266W.
       B. Great Bridge to Albemarle Sound Light 170 (LLNR 37810) to approximate position 36-09-23.784N, 075-53-32.700W. (5th District LNM Week 17/2014)

Morehead City High Rise Nighttime Bridge Work:
       Mariners are advised that concrete and shotcrete repairs will be conducted at the US 70/High Rise (fixed) Bridge (34.720105°-76.693624°), at AICW mile 203.8, across Newport River in Morehead City, NC beginning April 14, 2014 and continue through July 14, 2014, between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. A temporary snooper crane/work platform shall be suspended at various locations from atop the bridge along with a barge in the waterway. The waterway shall remain open. We advise mariners to check for future notices on this project and should use extreme caution when transiting the area. (5th District LNM Week 14/2014) NOTE: The horizontal clearance of the bridge is narrow and the current swift. There is a usually open Railroad Bridge adjacent. With a barge in the channel as stated above, extra care should be exercised in passing through the bridge.

North Carolina AICW Shoaling Reminder:
       Browns Inlet Crossing, North of the Onslow Beach Bridge, (34.598523°-77.241191°) Mile 238. Shoaling, shifting channel and often different markers than charted. This is a good example of many problem areas where an inlet, creek or river flows into or across the AICW causing frequent shoaling and changes.

Wrightsville Beach Bridge Inspection, Reduced Vertical Clearance:
       Mariners are advised that North Carolina Department of Transportation will be scheduling biannual inspections at the S.R. 74 Lift Bridge (34.216103° -77.812750°) across AICW mile 283.1, at Wrightsville Beach NC each day, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., on June 10 to June 12, 2014. To facilitate the inspections, a hydraplatform will be positioned on the lift spans to access the underside (stringers, floor beams, cross braces and etc.), reducing the available vertical clearance from 20 feet to approximately 15 feet, above mean high water, in the closed position to vessels only during the hours mentioned above. The removal of the platform only takes a matter of minutes, so the drawbridge will operate for vessels requiring an opening in accordance with the regulations set out in Title 33 Code of Federal Regulations Part 117.821(a) (4). Vessels that can pass under the closed spans without an opening may do so at any time. Mariners should use extreme caution when transiting the area. (5th District LNM Week 19/2014)

USCG First District
Coastal Waters from Eastport, Maine to Shrewsbury, New Jersey

New England, NY/NJ-Future of Navigation Initiative Listening Session:
       The U.S. Maritime Transportation System (MTS) is critical to our nation's economy and as the USATONS is a vital component of the MTS, we must continue striving to build a more reliable, available, and efficient aids to navigation system. In keeping with our long-standing relationships with commercial and recreational waterway users, the USCG, USACE, and NOAA invite you to join us in a series of listening sessions and help shape our 21st century waterways.
       These listening sessions will be focus on data informational services required by mariners for safe navigation and how we, the federal government joined in single effort, can provide that information and infrastructure. Listening sessions will be held in various ports and will be hosted by a panel representing each of these federal agencies. There will also be a website portal where interested individuals can post recommendations. Some of the essential discussion questions to be addressed include:
- What is your biggest navigation safety concern?
- If we could do one thing over the next year to improve your ability to navigate safely and efficiently, what would you choose?
- How can you best access information to update your charts and publications from the Notice to Mariners? Would you like
to have this information provided locally?
- What do you like best and least about your ECDIS/ECS system and ENCs/IENCs?
- What would improve your ECDIS/ECS user experience?
- How can we improve our PDF product to be more useful for navigation?
- If you use charts on a mobile device, what type of device and what applications or services?
- How often do you use real-time observation systems such as NOAA PORTS , tides and water level information from
NWS, USACE, USGS and would you use observational information if it was broadcast over AIS?
- What Electronic Aids to Navigation (eATON) prototypes (AIS AtoN, virtual buoys, etc.) might be most useful to you?
       The local listening sessions for New England and New York areas will be held from 10:00AM-12:00PM on:
Tuesday, 6/3/2014, at the Volpe Transportation Center in Cambridge, MA (doors will open at 9:00AM)
Tuesday, 6/10/2014, at the Customs House in Lower Manhattan, NY (doors will open at 9:00AM)
If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Petty Officer Robert Cottrell at robert.l.cottrell@uscg.mil. (First District LNM Week 18/2014)

Transiting the Following Locations:
NOAA/National Ocean Service/Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services has deployed oceanographic instrumentation in trawl-resistant bottom mounts (TRBM) or subsurface taut-line moorings (SUBS) in and around Casco Bay in the following positions. The equipment will remain in place until at least August 12th. The stations should not have any presence on the surface. The SUBS do however extend up to 7 meters above the seafloor. This equipment will be used to improve current predictions and may help save lives and property.
The SUBS moorings are NOT TRAWL RESISTANT and may cause damage to fishing gear.
If brought to the surface, please notify NOAA by calling 1-800-FOR-NOAA (367-6622). If possible return gear to original location.
Please take care to avoid disturbing the instruments between May 10 and August 12.
ID Name Lat N Long W Depth Platform Dates
Deg Min Deg Min Meters Type From to
CAB1401 PORTLAND HARBOR ENTRANCE, SW of Cushing Is 43 37.6848 70 12.5808 14.9 TRBM 5/10/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1402 Spring Point, east of 43 39.2190 70 13.3782 12.2 ES-2 5/10/2014 6/25/2014
CAB1403 Portland Pipeline Corporation Dock 43 39.3254 70 13.6842 17.8 ES-2 5/10/2014 6/25/2014
CAB1404 Diamond Island Roads 43 39.8040 70 12.9342 14 ES-2 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1405 Ocean Gate Terminal, Pier #2 mooring dolphin #3 43 39.6332 70 14.4630 10.4 mTRBM 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1406 State Pier, Portland Harbor 43 39.2940 70 14.7120 14.4 ES-2 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1407 Portland Bridge, n of 43 38.7522 70 15.4890 14.7 ES-2 5/10/2014 6/25/2014
CAB1408 Veterans Memorial Bridge, SE of 43 38.4329 70 16.8570 14.9 SL-ADP 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1410 Hussey Sound - Long Island, Peaks Island, between 43 40.2246 70 10.5114 28.4 SUBS 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1411 Long Isl, NNW of Mariner Ledge 43 42.1242 70 9.8538 14.1 mTRBM 5/10/2014 6/25/2014
CAB1412 Hussey Sound - Cow Island, E of 43 41.3844 70 10.6986 27.9 SUBS 5/10/2014 6/25/2014
CAB1413 Cow Island, NE of 43 41.6652 70 10.8876 19.7 TRBM 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1414 Between Hope + Cliff Isl - Luckse Sound 43 41.9040 70 6.9264 22.1 SUBS 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1415 Chandler Cove, south entrance 43 42.4146 70 7.9362 15.9 mTRBM 5/10/2014 6/25/2014
CAB1416 Eagle Island, W of - Broad Sound 43 42.6186 70 3.7548 36.6 SUBS 5/10/2014 6/25/2014
CAB1417 Littlejohn Island, s of Town Ledge 43 45.2490 70 7.6740 15.3 mTRBM 5/10/2014 6/25/2014
CAB1418 Richmond swing bridge, S of 44 5.2890 69 47.1048 8.6 mTRBM 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1419 Goose Cove, S of The Chops 43 58.5516 69 49.6062 15.2 TRBM 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1420 Bath Iron Works, Pier 3 off Buoy 34 43 54.2118 69 48.5808 15.5 ES-2 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1421 Merrymeeting Bay, N of The Chops 43 59.0670 69 50.1492 16.5 mTRBM 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1422 Lillys Cove, S of 43 59.9400 69 49.3974 10 mTRBM 6/26/2014 8/12/2014
CAB1423 Seal Cove, Cape Elizabeth, 0.4nm SSW of High Head 43 33.0702 70 13.2426 11.6 TRBM 5/10/2014 6/25/2014
CAB1424 Richmond Island Harbor 43 32.6796 70 15.0192 15.4 mTRBM 5/10/2014 6/25/2014
CAB1425 Saco River Entrance 43 27.7230 70 21.078 10.1 TRBM 5/10/2014 6/25/2014
For more information contact Albert Sanford: 757.618.9166, Carl Kammerer: 301.908.1545 or For all other inquiries call NOAA TIDES & CURRENTS OFFICE 1.800.FOR.NOAA (First District LNM Week 19/2014)

Cape Wind Energy Project Surveys:
       From late April to August 2014, survey activities in support of the Cape Wind Energy Project will be conducted within and around Horseshoe Shoal (41.482643° -70.417353°) and Lewis Bay in Nantucket Sound, an area that has been identified as the location for the Cape Wind offshore renewable energy installation ... and export cable routes.
       The survey contractor is Ocean Surveys, Inc. of Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Survey operations will be conducted during daylight hours, seven days a week (weather dependent) for approximately three months. The activity will involve survey vessels operating simultaneously, operating with towed arrays. Survey vessels will operate with a minimum separation distance of 3000 yards. The vessels will be monitoring VHF-FM channels 9, 13, and 16. The towed equipment will extend to approximately 100 yards behind the survey vessels at varying depths throughout the water column. This activity is not expected to involve any bottom disturbance.
       The following vessels will be utilized for the geophysical survey:
1. M/V Ocean Explorer (Length: 60 feet)
2. M/V West Cove (Length: 42 feet)
3. R/V Able II (Length: 23 feet)
       The Cape Wind Energy Project point-of-contact for survey operations is:
Mr. Jack Arruda
Phone: 617-904-3100 ext. 113
Mobile: (508) 942-4078
Email: jarruda@emienergy.com
       Mariners are requested to remain clear of all work platforms and attendant vessels while conducting survey activities in Nantucket Sound including Lewis Bay, and otherwise use extreme caution when navigating in the vicinity of Horseshoe Shoal and Lewis Bay. (First District LNM Week 16/2014)

Damage to Key Aid to Navigation in Nantucket Sound:
       CAUTION WHEN TRANSITING IN VICINITY OF BUOY 17 (NOAA DATA BUOY 44020) Recent repeated damage to buoy 17 (NOAA data buoy 44020) (41.443 N 70.186 W) in Nantucket Sound has made this key aid unavailable for extended periods of time, reducing navigation safety. Mariners are asked to be particularly vigilant when navigating in the vicinity of buoy 17 in Nantucket Sound. Buoy 17 is a key aid to navigation in Nantucket Sound. It sits approximately halfway between Nantucket Sound and Hyannis, and marks the southern boundary of the Main Channel. Perhaps most importantly it hosts a suite of electronic instruments that provide real-time weather data readily accessible to all mariners. In recent months the buoy has been badly damaged twice, apparently hit by unidentified vessels passing by. In each case the metrological instruments were seriously damaged and stopped working for weeks or months until technicians could be scheduled. And in each instance expensive and labor-intensive repairs were required. All mariners should use extreme caution when operating in the vicinity of buoy 17 in Nantucket Sound. (First District LNM Week 11/2014)

NOAA Hydrographic Survey Operations:
       1. NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson (S222) will be conducting hydrographic survey operations throughout the area of Fisher Island Sound and Block Island Sound from 28 April 2014 through 15 August 2014.
       2. NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson (S222) will be conducting hydrographic survey operations throughout Buzzards Bay and Rhode Island Sound from 1 April 2014 through 30 September 2013.
       Thomas Jeffersonis a 208-foot, white survey vessel and deploys two 31-foot, aluminum survey launches; survey vessels carry NOAA markings, can be identified on AIS, and will be monitoring VHF channels 13 and 16. Survey operations will be conducted 24-hrs a day from the ship and from 0730 through 1800 with survey launches. Mariners are requested to exercise caution when transiting the operational area. When towed hydrographic instrumentation is deployed,Thomas Jefferson will be restricted in her ability to maneuver. ... Questions or concerns can be addressed to the ship's Field Operations Officer via phone at: 757-647-0187 or 808-434-2706; or via email at: ops.thomas.jefferson@noaa.gov. (First District LNM Week 13/2014)
       NOAA Ship Ferdinand R. Hassler (S250) will be conducting intermittent hydrographic survey operations in the approaches to Portsmouth, NH from approximately 14 April 2014 through 30 September 2014. Ferdinand R. Hassler is a 124-foot, white, twin-hulled survey vessel; the ship has NOAA markings, can be identified on AIS, and will be monitoring VHF channels 13 and 16. Survey operations will be conducted 24-hrs a day from the ship. Mariners are requested to exercise caution when transiting the operational area. When towed hydrographic instrumentation is deployed, Ferdinand R. Hassler will be restricted in her ability to maneuver. An overview of the survey area is shown below. Questions or concerns can be addressed to the ship's Field Operations Officer via phone at: (603) 812-8748 or via email at: ops.ferdinand.hassler@noaa.gov. (First District LNM Week 19/2014)

Hempstead Harbor Submarine Power Cable Repair:
       Submarine power cable repairs will be done in Hempstead Harbor Approaches from May 5 - July 28, 2014. The repair barge will be located in (PA) N40° 52' 30.468" W 73° 41' 12.858" Vessel will be on 4 point moor. Mooring wires will extend from the barge to mooring floats as follows:
#1 barge mooring float N40° 52' 36.5693" W 73° 40' 52.3285"
#2 barge mooring float N40° 52' 50.2024" W 73° 41' 24.9726"
#3 barge mooring float N40° 52' 20.5593" W 73° 41' 08.4936"
#4 barge mooring float N40° 52' 26.8529" W 73° 41' 28.6115"
       The work will be done 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. On scene will be the HUGHES barge, support barge, tug PATRICK J HUNT and crew boat that will be monitoring VHF-FM channels 16 & 10. Mariners are requested to proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made. (First District LNM Week 17/2014)

LaGuardia Runway Work from Water, Update:
       Work is being done at LaGuardia Airport on runways 13 & 22 until approximately Sep 1, 2015. The work area for Runway 13 is near (pa) 40-46-57.37"N, 073-52-44.68"W. A crane barge will also be moored at (pa) 40-46-51.62"N, 073-53-06.46"W. The work area for Runway 4 is near (pa) 40-47-09.26"N, 073-52-13.04"W. A crane barge will also be moored at (pa) 40-47-01.82"N, 073-51-59.06"W. The hours of operation are Sun to Fri, 2200-0600 daily (8 hour days) and from 2200 Fri to 1200 on Sun (38 hours). On scene are the barges SEI-54, SEI 160-3, MARGARET, SEI 120-60 & U797 monitoring VHF-FM CH 13/16. (First District LNM Week 19/2014)

Fire Island Inlet Area NOAA Surveys:
       A hydrographic survey to update National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration nautical charts is being done outside Fire Island Inlet both east and west, in (PA) 40 37' 30" N 73 20' 03" W, until July 15, 2014. The work is being done during daylight hours. On scene is a hewes craft boat. (First District LNM Week 18/2014)

Marine Construction, Jamaica Bay:
       Pile installation and bulkhead rehabilitation will be done in Jamaica Bay (40.585197°-73.842608°), Beach Channel Drive & Rockaway Fwy through Beach Channel Drive & Beach 108th St., from May 12 - July 31, 2015. The hours of operation will be Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 6:00 pm. On scene will be barges. Mariners are advised to use extreme caution and reduce wake when transiting the area. (First District LNM Week 117/2014)

This information is not to be used for navigation. Consult the latest charts and Local Notices to Mariners and use prudent seamanship. Conditions may change. Any person or entity that uses this information in any way, as a condition of that use, agrees to waive and does waive and also hold authors harmless from any and all claims which may arise from or be related to this use.