East Coast Alerts

By Mel Neale

General Announcements

Hillsboro Light to go Dark for Testing:
The Coast Guard will be conducting testing on Hillsboro Inlet Entrance Light (LLNR 775) (26.257898°-80.081109°) for several days in August and September. Testing will include extinguishing the light for short periods of time. The tentative dates of testing are: August 13-17; August 27-31; and September 3-7. The exact days are weather dependent and may be changed with little notice. (7th District LNM 32) Note: This is a follow-up to the previously published possible extinguishing of this important navigational light for the purpose of protecting endangered sea turtles originally reported in the January 19, 2012 East Coast Alerts. The comment period ended April 20, 2012*

*Italicized text above and below indicates our comment or paraphrase. Plain text is copied from the Notices to Mariners or other sources given.

Gilmerton Bridge/Southern Branch Closure:

ICW Waterway Restrictions and Closures in Norfolk Area:
…September 5 to 14, 2012: The USCG is proposing to close the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake from the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River to the Gilmerton Bridge (36.775082° -76.294999°) at the ICW Mile 5.8 for the move and installation of the new Gilmerton lift span. This closure, which was originally scheduled to begin on July 31st, is anticipated to last five days in the following manner: 12 hours for the move of the bridge span which requires closure of the Eastern Branch and Southern Branch of the Elizabeth river; and the subsequent 4.5 days after the move for the installation of the same which will require closure of the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River at the Gilmerton Bridge, ICW Mile 5.8. The five day closure is anticipated to occur within the dates of September 5th to the 14th; during this time no vessel traffic will be permitted to transit this area until the bridge span is installed…
Update: AIWW - Elizabeth River Southern Branch - Gilmerton (lift) Bridge - NPRM issued; proposes a temporary safety zone during new center span float-in and span construction effective from 0600 on 5 through 9 SEP 12; with inclement weather dates of 10 to 14 SEP 12. Comment period ends 14 AUG 12. (5th District LNM 31)
Another significant project on the navigable waterway is the Jordan Bridge (36.808270° -76.290198°) project located in the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River, which is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of September of 2012. From time to time mariners may find construction vessels on the waterway. Specific waterways restrictions associated with the Jordan Bridge project are advertised at www.southnorfolkjordanbridge.com under the link of “Channel Restriction” at the top of the homepage in addition to being broadcasted via VHF channel 16. Comments and questions regarding this bulletin should be directed to LCDR Hector Cintron at (757) 668-5581 or via e-mail at Hector.L.Cintron@uscg.mil. -USCG BULLETIN NO: 12/010 TEL: (757) 638-6637, FAX (757) 483-8641 DATE: July 3, 2012 (5th District LNM 28)

Tampa: Republican National Convention Restrictions:
Various Bridge Closures: The Coast Guard has issued temporary deviations from the operating schedules that govern seven bridges in St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida (27.950575° -82.457178°). The deviations are necessary to allow for the safe transportation of officials and participants to the Republican National Convention (RNC). These deviations will result in the seven bridges remaining in the closed position for the time periods listed. This temporary deviation affects the following bridges: the Walsingham Road/Indian Rocks Beach (CR 688) Bridge; the Park Boulevard (CR 694) Bridge; the Welch/Tom Stuart Causeway/150th Avenue Bridge; the Treasure Island Causeway Bridge; the Corey Causeway/Pasadena Avenue Bridge; the Pinellas Bayway Structure “C” (SR 679) Bridge; and Johns Pass Bridge. The temporary deviations will close these bridges during the following periods: from 3:30 p.m. through 7:30 p.m. on August 26, 2012; 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on August 27, 2012; 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on August 28, 2012; 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on August 29, 2012; and from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on August 30, 2012. DATES: These deviations are effective from 3:00 p.m. on August 26, 2012 through 7:00 p.m. on August 30, 2012. (7th District LNM 33)
A Federal Security Zone for the 2012 Republican National Convention will be established on the water near the Tampa Convention Center (27.950575°-82.457178°) and the Tampa Bay Times Forum. The security zone will be in effect from August 25-31, 2012. The security zone will begin in Cut D, south of Harbour Island adjacent to the Robert E. Knight Pier. On the east side, the security zone will run as far north as Ybor Channel (near the dry docks). On the west side, the security zone will run through Seddon Channel north to Kennedy Blvd. Commercial vessels that have an approved Notice of Arrival per 33 CFR Part 160 that indicates a mooring at a facility located within the security zone are authorized to enter or transit through Sparkman Channel, Ybor Channel and Ybor Turning Basin, but will be subject to compliance with security protocols established by the Captain of the Port St. Petersburg. Commercial vessels requesting to conduct operations within the security zone, such as towing assistance or shifting between berths must contact the Captain of the Port St. Petersburg or a designated representative via VHF radio on channel 16, to request authorization. The following conditions apply to all vessels that request access into the security zone:
• High Capacity Passenger Vessels and vessels carrying Certain Dangerous Cargoes will be boarded by trained security teams.
• All authorized recreational vessels will be escorted through the security zone.
• Due to enhanced security in the area, delays are possible, so please plan accordingly.
• All persons and vessels who wish to enter or remain within the Federal Security Zone, may contact the Captain of the Port St. Petersburg or a designated representative via VHF radio on channel 16, to request authorization. You may also contact the Sector St. Petersburg Command Center at (727) 824-7524. (7th District LNM 33)

Lat/Long Positions in Alerts:
Lat/Long positions derived from Google Earth will be given for significant places in the Alerts, such as bridge locations. These will be in italics, and in the following format: xx.xxxxxx°-xx.xxxxxx° for locations new with this alert. Where a Lat/Long position is copied from a USCG Local Notice to Mariners (LNM) or from the Light Lists, it will be in whatever format the Coast Guard has used which varies between districts and LNM and Light List writers, and will be in plain text, rather than italics. Some positions are approximate. We do not provide this information for navigational purposes and it should not be used as such.

USCG First District
Coastal Waters from Eastport, Maine to Shrewsbury, New Jersey

Boston Light Nominal Range Reduced:
The Coast Guard will be making the following changes to this waterway on or about 1 September 2012 thru 15 October 2012: CHANGE Boston Light (LLNR 425) (42-19-40.855N, 070-53-24.266W) nominal range from 27nm to 12nm due to maintenance. (First District LNM 30) Note: This is a 15 nm difference, which is very significant.

Dredging in Salem Harbor:
Dredging will be done in Salem Harbor (42.523707° -70.866159°) from 20 August - 3 September, 2012. The hours of operation will be Monday - Friday, 7:00 - 7:00 pm. On scene will be a dump scow. (First District LNM 32)

Dredging in Allen Harbor, Harwich, MA:
The Barnstable County hydraulic dredge “Cod Fish” will be conducting maintenance dredging operations in the entrance channel for Allen Harbor in Harwich, MA. Dredging activities will be in position 41.39’32” N, and 070.05’17” W with the disposal of dredged material on the beach to the east and west of Allen Harbor through a submerged pipeline. Dredging operations will start August 20th and should finish by September 7th. Work hours will be 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Saturday. Dredge “Cod Fish” will monitor VHF channels 13, 16, and 18. (First District LNM 33)

East River Diving Ops:
Ocean and Coastal Consultants will be conducting diving operations and underwater inspections of the East River Esplanade (40.744905° -73.970565°) from East 54th Street on the East River to 125th Street on the Harlem River. Work hours are 0700-1700 through Sep 28, 2012. The 32’ aluminum work boat Barbara White will be on scene. (First District LNM 32)

Dredging and Construction in NY Cruise Terminal:
Dredging will be done at the New York Cruise Terminal (40.768273° -73.996546°), between piers 86 - 92, until approximately 15 September 2012. The hours of operation will be 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. On scene will be the dredge 55, tugs GULF DAWN & DISCOVERY COAST that will be monitoring VHF-FM channels 13 & 16. (First District LNM 32)
Trevcon construction will be removing a temporary cofferdam and backfilling the area approximately 400 feet northwest of Pier 92. Work vessels are expected to return to the area in the summer of 2012. The southeast corner of the cofferdam is marked with a lit buoy in (PA) 40.46-13.84N, 074-00-02.47W. The controlling depth at the cofferdam is 16 feet at MLLW. (First District LNM 33)

Hudson River Water Monitoring:
On August 20, 2012, Clarkson University will be installing a water monitoring sensor on the river bed in position 41-30-43.2N, 074-00-10.8W. The sensor will be housed in an aluminum mount 48” in diameter and 12” high. This project will be in place until December 31, 2014. Mariners are urged to use caution while transiting this area. Project POC is William Kirkey at (315)-261-2171. (First District LNM 32)

Hudson River Ferry Slip:
A new ferry slip is being built at Cumberland Head (44.694762° -73.395039°) until approximately 30 November 2012. The hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 6:00 pm. On scene are 2 barges & a tug boat that is monitoring VHF-FM channel 16. Underwater hammers will be utilized as a means of nonexplosive rock excavation and removal. Mariners are requested to proceed with caution when transiting the area. (First District LNM 32)

USCG Fifth District
Coastal Waters from Shrewsbury River, New Jersey to Little River, South Carolina

Frances Scott Key Bridge Repair:
Patapsco River Middle Branch - I-695/Frances Scott Key (fixed) Bridge (39.217889° -76.527470°) - Repairs with barges will resume at both Piers 16 and 19, through 31 OCT 12. (5th District LNM 32)

Curtis Bay Construction and Diving Ops:
Marine construction and diving operations will occur at the Hess Curtis Bay Facility (39.209271° -76.580863°) from 06 August until 07 October, 2012. A materials barge and assisting vessel JEZEBEL will be on scene at monitoring VHF-FM channels 13 and 16. A NO WAKE passage is requested of all vessels from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. (5th District LNM 32)

Upper Potomac River Marine Construction:
Mariners are advised that marine construction operations are scheduled to occur on the Potomac River from August 13, 2012 until on or about November 16, 2012. The work is located along the western shore of the Upper Potomac River, at the Ronald Reagan-Washington National Airport in Washington, DC. Two materials barges and two crane barges will be on site, in approximate position 38° 51’ 07.2’ N, 077° 01’ 52.5’ W. All equipment will be marked and lighted in accordance with USCG regulations. Interested mariners may contact the Edwin A. and John O. Crandell, Inc. personnel on scene via marine band radio VHF-FM channels 13, 16 and 8 or at telephone number (410) 991-2376. (5th District LNM 33)

Anacostia River Bridge Inspections:
Mariners are advised that engineering consultants, on behalf of the District of Columbia Department of Transportation, will be performing routine inspection work, each day between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., at the following bridges:
2) 11th Street (Northbound & Southbound) Bridges (38.871022° -76.989888°), at mile 2.1, across Anacostia River on 20 & 21 AUG 2012; and
3) East Capitol Street Bridge, at mile 4.1, across Anacostia River on 22 & 23 AUG 2012.
A bucket boat will be utilized during the inspection to safely access the bridges. There should be no disruption to navigation. Mariners should exercise caution when transiting these areas. (5th District LNM 32)

Solomons Island UMCES Research Pier Construction:
Pier construction and repair at the University of Maryland UMCES Research Pier Solomons Island (38.316732° -76.451895°), Patuxent River will commence on 6 August, 2012 with a completion date of approximately 7 October, 2012. The Crane Barge 107 and Materials Barge 440 will be on site and lighted per USCG regulations as well as showing day shapes for applicable work. Mariners may contact the Tug Spirit on VHF-FM channels 16/13 or call 410-355-2000 to establish communication with the barge captain during the repair period. (5th District LNM 32)

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel North Channel Bridge:
Precon Marine, Inc. will be conducting replacement of the fender system on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel North Channel  (37.076364° -76.014265°) commencing August 20, 2012 with a completion date of approximately January 31, 2013. The crane barge JMC-120 and KS-1355 and tug Dotti J will be on site and monitoring VHF-FM channels 13 and 16. (5th District LNM 32)
Mariners are advised that bridge maintenance work (cleaning, painting and steel repairs) continues at the US 13/North Channel Bridges over Chesapeake Bay of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel, between Cape Charles and Virginia Beach, VA. The maintenance work has shifted to the southbound bridge section. To facilitate the work, the available vertical clearances for the underside at Spans 1-8, Spans 10-17 and the North Channel (southbound) Bridge are reduced by three feet (with the main channel span reduced from 75 feet to 72 feet above mean high water) through October 15, 2012. Mariners should use caution when transiting the area. (5th District LNM 33)

Navy/Army Ops off Cape Henry/Ft. Story:
The U.S. Navy and Army will be conducting military cargo operations off of Cape Henry/Ft. Story from 13 to 31 August, 2012. Two military cargo ships will be anchored in positions 36-56.36N, 076-02.00W and 36-56.41N, 076-02.20W respectively. They will be anchored for the duration of the exercise and conducting operations to the beach using Navy/Army causeway ferries, warping tugs, and utility boats. There will be two security boats on scene at all times. In addition, from 21 to 24 August, the Navy will be deploying ABLTS (Amphibious Bulk Liquid Transfer System), a 10000+ ft of hose , from the ship to the shore line. It is requested that all pleasure craft remain clear of the exercise vessels and maintain a distance of 500 yds. from all operations. (5th District LNM 32)

Navy Hydrophones off VA Beach:
The U.S. Navy will deploy hydrophones in a 5NMs radius centered on approximate position 36-45.4N, 075-49.35W and at a depth of 25 feet below the surface until approximately 30 July, 2013. The hydrophones are part of n environmental impact survey of marine mammals in the Virginia Beach coastal area. This area contains numerous submerged objects of various types that are a hazard to trawler nets. Additional information on these hydrophones and the project may be obtained by contacting Mr. Jay Clark at (757) 425-2671. (5th District LNM 33)

Navy Missing Inert Mine:
1. Navigational shipping hazard to fishing trawl nets and submarines.
2. The U.S. Navy reports an inert mine (non-explosive), surface moored mine deployed within the Virginia Capes (VACAPES) Range complex is missing. Last known position was 25NMs east of Wallops Is., VA in approximate position 37-37.128N,075-07.180W. The mine shape is 5 to 10 feet long and 1 to 2 feet in diameter with spikes and may have a concrete block 2X2X2 mooring. It is requested that any vessel sighting or snagging the inert mine in a tow or fishing net contact the U.S. Coast Guard. (5th District LNM 30)

Alligator River Bridge Inspection May Delay Openings:
Mariners are advised that the North Carolina Department of Transportation will be performing a special inspection at the US 64 Swing Bridge (35.896119° -76.010145°), at AIWW mile 84.2, across Alligator River in Columbia NC, each day during daylight hours, on August 29 and 30, 2012.
To facilitate the inspection, an under bridge snooper truck will be used on the roadway and the draw span will open with possible slight delays up to 10 minutes. Mariners should exercise extreme caution when transiting the area. (5th District Bridge Branch)

Morehead City RR Bridge:
The Coast Guard proposes to temporarily change the operating schedule that governs the Carolina Coastal Railroad Bridge (34.720210° -76.693730°), at AIWW mile 203.8, across Newport River in Morehead City, NC. To facilitate repair work and to minimize the impact on navigation, from October 1, 2012 to October 1, 2013 the drawbridge would operate as follows: 1) during the day, from 5 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., shall be maintained in the open position to vessels and would only be closed for the passage of trains and to perform periodic maintenance; and at night, from 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m., need not open, except an opening would be provided at 12 a.m. (midnight) if advance notice is given before 4 p.m., on the afternoon before the requested opening.
Interested parties are requested to express their views, in writing, on the proposed changes to the operating regulations. Comments will be received for the record at the office of the Commander (dpb), Fifth Coast Guard District, 431 Crawford Street, Suite 103, Portsmouth, VA 23704-5004. Written comments on this proposal must be submitted on or before September 10, 2012. (5th District LNM 33)

Shoaling in Teaches Hole Channel:
Shoaling to a depth of 4.0ft MLW has been reported in the vicinity of Teaches Hole Channel Lighted Buoy 24 (LLNR 28962) (35-04-46.986N, 076-00-33.582W). (5th District LNM 33)

Fender Replacement at North Topsail Beach Bridge:
AIWW - NC 210/North Topsail Beach (fixed) Bridge (34.498307° -77.429678°) - Final Rule issued; a temporary safety zone is established to restrict vessel movement for fender system repairs effective from 12 SEP 12 to 12 DEC 12. (5th District LNM 32)

USCG Seventh District
Coastal Waters from Little River, South Carolina to Panama City, Florida

Floating Bridge Proposed to Replace Minim Creek Ferry (AICW Mile 411.4):
The Coast Guard is processing a Draft Environmental Assessment for the construction of a floating swing span bridge and is now soliciting comments from mariners and other public interests In regard to any proposed adverse impacts that may affect the environment. The proposed floating swing bridge crosses the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway at mile 411.4, from the mainland to Cat Island/South island, just south of Winyah Bay, south of Georgetown, Georgetown County, South Carolina (Lat: 33 15’02.84”N & Long: 79 16’07.50”W). The proposed floating swing span bridge will replace an existing ferry system at this waterway location. The proposed swing span will remain in the open-to-navigation position along the Cat Island shoreline until needed to allow vehicles to cross the waterway. It will take the swing span approximately 3 minutes to swing close, 2 minutes for each vehicle to cross the bridge and approximately 3 minutes to reopen the swing span to navigation. The Draft Environmental Assessment document is available at the following web site: http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/?pageName=pnBridges&Active=1&region=7. Solicitation for public comments will end on August 31, 2012. The bridge project manager is Mr. Brodie Rich can be contacted by telephone at (305) 415-6736 or by e-mail at Brodie.E.Rich@uscg.mil. (5th District LNM 30)

The following changes have been proposed to the aids to navigation system in the Front River.
Permanently discontinued PORT WENTWORTH CHANNEL RANGE A FRONT LIGHT (LLNR 5080) (32-08-57.254N, 081-08-32.502W).
All comments should be addressed to Commander (DPW), Seventh Coast Guard District 909 S.E. 1st Ave (STE 406) Brickell Plaza Federal Bldg, Miami, FL 33131 to be received by October 1, 2012.
The following changes have been proposed to the aids to navigation system in the Front River.
All comments should be addressed to Commander (DPW), Seventh Coast Guard District 909 S.E. 1st Ave (STE 406),  Brickell Plaza Federal Bldg, Miami, FL 33131 to be received by October 1, 2012. (7th District LNM 32)

Shoaling in AICW at Fernandina Beach:
Shoaling exists in between Amelia River Daybeacon 16 (LLNR 7100/37980) (30-39-51.360N, 081-28-38.220W) and Amelia River Daybeacon 18 (LLNR 7103/37983) from the center of the channel to the south side of the channel. Shoaling continues around the bend towards Fernandina Beach Light 1 (LLNR 37985) (30-39-48.060N, 081-29-03.060W) from the center of the channel to the east side of the channel. Mariners are advised to use extreme caution while transiting the area. Note: There has been shoaling here for years. It's a good idea to pass at mid-tide and rising. (7th District LNM 31)

St. Augustine Inlet AICW Dredging:
Southwind Construction Corp, will commence dredging operations in the Intracoastal Waterway, Cuts SJ-28, SJ-28A, SJ-29 & SJ-29A St. Augustine (29.908334° -81.297419°), St. Johns County, Florida on August 24, 2012. The dredge WILKO and workboats: Miss Leanne and Proud Mary will monitor VHF-FM channels 13 & 16 working channel 78. Operations will be 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The approximate completion date is November 1, 2012. Land POC’s Mr. David Lynn (Foreman) Cell: 812-455-1770 and Mr. Richard Lassen (CQC Manager) Cell: 812-480-1740. There will be submerged and floating pipeline associated with dredging operation; use extreme caution in the area. Mariners are urged to transit at the slowest safe speed to minimize wake, and proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made. Pipeline and vessels will be visibly lighted and marked according to Coast Guard regulations. Submerged pipeline will be positioned in the vicinity of St. Augustine, Inlet traversing southerly along Salt Run to the designated beach fill placement site immediately adjacent to Anastasia State Park. (7th District LNM 33)

Dredging in Ponce de Leon Inlet:
The USACE has announced in an undated Notice to Navigation Interests a dredging project from the AICW at the Halifax River and the Indian River to the Atlantic Ocean at Ponce de Leon Inlet (29.075182° -80.921072°). Dredging began on August 9, 2012 and will last for approximately 25 days. Details are available at www.saj.usace.army.mil, Operations Division, Notice to Navigation. USACE point of contact is Allan Morris 904 232 2455. (7th District LNM 32)

Atlas Missile Launch, Re-Entry and Splashdown of Launch Vehicle:
Mariners are to avoid the area.
FROM 2837N 8036W
TO 2837N 8032W
TO 2830N 8015W
TO 2829N 8015W
TO 2829N 8017W
TO 2833N 8034W
FROM 2324N 6001W
TO 2227N 5730W
TO 2158N 5712W
TO 2137N 5722W
TO 2137N 5752W
TO 2234N 6022W
Hazard periods for primary launch day and backup day:
PRIMARY: 23 / 0808Z THRU 23 / 0927Z AUG 12. T-0 IS 0808Z.
BACKUP: 24 / 0807Z THRU 24 / 0926Z AUG 12. T-0 IS 0807Z.
Eastern Range will be conducting hazardous operations surface to unlimited for atmospheric re-entry and splashdown of launch vehicle upper stage within the following area (South Atlantic Ocean).
FROM 2° 2’ 15.72”N 26° 42’ 21.24”W
TO 0° 48’ 17.28”N 16° 20’ 4.56”W
TO 7° 39’ 45.72”N 26° 11’ 28.32”W
TO 6° 27’ 19.80”N 15° 44’ 33.36”W TO BEGINNING
Re-entry hazard periods for primary launch re-entry day and backup day:
Primary launch day: 23 / 0808Z THRU 23 / 0927Z Aug 12. T-0 IS 0808Z.
Backup launch day: 24 / 0807Z THRU 24 / 0926Z Aug 12. T-0 IS 0807Z. (7th District LNM 33)

Okeechobee Waterway Update:
On August 16, 2012 at 2400 hours the lake level was reported at 12.15 feet and the navigational depths were reported at 6.09  feet for Route 1 (26°58'32.23"N, 80°38'22.92"W) and 4.29 feet for Route 2 (Rim Route) (26°47'0.61"N, 26°47'0.61"N). Drought restrictions (lake level below 12.5 feet) are in effect for lockage at the St. Lucie and W. P. Franklin Locks, which will now open every two hours at 0700, 0900, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700 and 1900 hours.

You can usually check the daily lake level and navigational depths at http://www.saj.usace.army.mil/Divisions/Operations/Branches/MultiProject/WaterMgt/DOCS/Reports/r-nav.txt


Okeechobee Waterway Dredging:
Ferreira Construction will begin on or about August 27, 2012 to perform maintenance dredging in Lake Okeechobee starting just west of Port Mayaca Lock 4 (26.977721° -80.624748°),100 lf to the west, as well as 1,000 lf west of Port Mayaca Lock and turn south the dredging will be performed 3,200 lf to the south/southeast towards the levee. The channel is 80 feet wide in the dredge locations. The dredging will be performed in 40 foot sections and will not block passing vessels in the remaining 40 feet of the channel. Offloading of materials will be performed 1.2 miles east of Port Mayaca Lock in the St Lucie Canal on the south side. Dredging aid markers will be placed outside of channel. The ML-5 barge and Lady Alexandra or Lady Christina 26’ push boats will be used for dredging. Hours of Operation will be Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday (when required) 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. VH channels: Channel #13 and #16 will be monitored at all times. Approximate completion date is October 25, 2012. Further information contact Mr. Andy Shepard at 772-286-5123. (7th District LNM 32)

Lake Worth Wetland Restoration Mitigation:
ATL Diversified Industries will commence mobilizing equipment for restoration mitigation of the Snook Islands and the Bryant Park wetlands during the week of August 13, 2012. Barges and work boats will operate Monday through Friday during daylight hours only, and will monitor VHF channel 9. The operation will consist of moving material (fill) from Bryant Park to areas that need filling. Snook Islands Phase II project is immediately north of the Lake Worth Bridge (26.615412° -80.045257°) and the Bryant Park wetlands restorations project is immediately south of the Lake Worth Bridge. Barges will remain onsite at the restoration sites overnight. The estimated completion date of the project is July 2013. Contact Mr. David Trindade for further details of the project or you may refer to the Palm Beach County website www.pbcgov.com/erm/lakes/estuarine. (7th District LNM 33)

Hollywood Beach Hazard:
Hollywood Beach Light 39A (LLNR 47600) (26-02-14.394N, 080-07-01.945W) is destroyed. The remains of the structure are leaning to the northwest into the channel 2ft below the waterline at high tide. The wreckage is marked with a TRLB "WR39A' displaying Q Fl G characteristics and 5NM range. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM 32)

Flamingo Marina Boat Ramp Repairs:
During the period from August 6 to September 1, 2012, PACCOMM, Inc. will be performing pavement repair work to the Flamingo Marina Boat Ramps (25.135555° -80.932913°) in the Flamingo area of Everglades National Park. Mariners will have limited access to Florida Bay and Whitewater Bay during certain times while repairs are in progress. During some periods, access to the boat ramps will be restricted to one lane. Access to each of the ramps will be closed entirely for periods of up to one day. For more information contact Everglades National Park at 305-242-7700. (7th District LNM 33)

Redfish Pass Hazard:
The US Coast Guard received a report that Private Aid Redfish Pass Light 20 (LLNR 1282) (26-32-31.690N, 082-10-54.280W) is destroyed and broken off at the water line. Mariners are to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. (7th District LNM 32)

Dredging in Clearwater Pass:
The USACE Jacksonville announced in an August 2, 2012 Notice to Navigation Interests that dredging began in Clearwater Pass (27.963491° -82.826354°) on August 6 and will take approximately 30 days. USACE point of contact is Jose Bilbao, 904 232 1883. Details may be found at www.saj.usace.army.mil and choosing Programs & Project Management Division, Water Resources Branch, Navigation Section, Navigation Notices.

Florida Bridge Update: From the USCG 7th District LNM  33/2012:
NOTE: Information new with this alert is in bold. There are many on-going projects lasting sometimes for years. You can “Search” a bridge name for previous East Coast Alerts that may contain information that is still current.
Amelia River RR Swing Bridge (AICW Mile 721.1): DB Marine Construction has started repairs to the Amelia River Swingbridge (30.628700° -81.484451°) fender system across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway mile 721.1, Fernandina Beach, Florida. The contractor will have a small work platform in the waterway which may restrict 20 ft of the channel. Vessels requiring a full channel opening should contact the on-scene tug or VHF-FM channel 13 or 16 one hour in advance to allow time to remove the platform from the channel. Mariners are requested to maintain minimum wake/slow speed through the area for the safety of the workers. This work is anticipated to be completed by November 30, 2012. Additional channel restrictions/closures will be published in future Local Notice to Mariners.
Amelia River SR A1A Bridge (AICW Mile 721) Update: The Coast Guard Bridge Branch has approved a vertical clearance reduction of four foot reducing the vertical clearance to 61 feet for one half of the navigable channel at the SR A1A Bridge across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway mile 721.0 (30.626304°-81.484527°), Fernandina Beach, Nassau County, Florida, from April 9, 2012 through March 15, 2013.
SR 312 Bridge (AICW Mile 780.0): Update: Astor General Contracting has advised this office that they will start painting the East Bound SR 312 Bridge (29.862672° -81.309784°) across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway mile 780.0, Lake City (this bridge is in St. Augustine), St John’s County, Florida.
The Coast Guard Bridge Branch has approved a vertical clearance reduction of four foot reducing the vertical clearance to 61 feet for one half of the navigable channel at the SR 312 Bridge across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway mile 780.0, Lake City (St. Augustine), St John’s County, Florida, through August, 2013.
L. B. Knox Bridge (AICW Mile 816): Cline Construction has advise the Coast Guard that they anticipate starting work on the fender system replacement of the Highbridge Road (Leonard B. Knox) Bridge (29.407923° -81.101143°) across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway mile 816, Volusia County, Florida on August 22, 2012. This work will consist of floating equipment in the waterway reducing the horizontal clearance to 46 feet between the hours of 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and possibly a Saturday. The floating equipment can be moved from the channel with a one hour notice to the on-scene tug on VHF-FM channel 13 or 16 for vessels requiring more than 46 feet of horizontal clearance. This work is expected to be completed by November 30, 2012.
Hillsboro Inlet Bridge (Not on the AICW): The Florida Department of Transportation will be working on the Hillsboro Inlet Bridge (26.261248° -80.083221°), Hillsboro, Broward County, Florida from August 27 through August 30, 2012 between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. daily. The Coast Guard is approving a change to the operating schedule of this bridge. The Hillsboro Inlet Bridge will only open on the hour and ½ hour from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily from August 27 through August 30, 2012. At all other times the bridge will operate per 33 CFR 117. 289 which states the drawspans of the SR A–1–A Drawbridge, mile 0.3 at Hillsboro Beach, must open on signal; except that, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., the drawspans need be opened only on the hour, quarter hour, half hour, and three quarter hour. Public vessels of the United States and tugs with tows must be passed at anytime. Due to the nature of this work, the project may be delayed due to weather.
Broad Causeway Bridge (AICW Mile 1081.4): Seacoast Incorporated working for the Town of Bay Harbor will be rehabilitating the Broad Causeway (125th Street) Bridge (25.887207° -80.142448°) across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway mile 1081.4, Bay Harbor Islands, Miami-Dade County, Florida. The Coast Guard has approved single-leaf operations with a three hour notice for a double-leaf opening at this location from September 17, 2012 through January 15, 2013. This work will be accomplished during daylight hours Monday through Friday; but the contractor has indicated that they may be working a few weekends.
Port of Miami Railroad Bridge: Due to extensive repairs to the Port of Miami Railroad Bridge (25.778902° -80.182536°) across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Miami-Dade County, Florida, the bridge contractor, PCL Constructors Inc are beginning repair operations on the Port of Miami's FEC railroad bridge. The bridge is allowed to be in the down position when the Security Zone is not enforced and the Miami Main Channel is open for normal traffic. On days when the bridge is in the down position there will be 15 minute openings at 11:45 am, 1:45 pm, and 3:45pm.
Upcoming bridge closings are published below. Clearance gauges are also under repair and do not currently read properly. PCL will be monitoring Marine Channel 9. PCL POC - Adlai Jourdin (561) 253-6995.
August 2012
Week 4: August 19, 21, 22, 23
Week 5: August 26, 28, 29, 30
If for any reason the Miami Main Channel Security Zone is in force during these dates, the bridge will not be allowed to remain closed. This work is expected to be completed in January 2013.

Blackburn Point Bridge (GIWW Mile 63.1): Due to a part failure on the Blackburn Point Swingbridge (27.179664° -82.494370°) across the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway mile 63.1, Osprey, Sarasota County, Florida, this bridge will only open on top of the hour and bottom of the hour until repairs are completed. The repairs are anticipated to be completed by the end of August 2012.




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