East Coast Alerts

By Mel Neale

Attention Snowbirds

Dismal Swamp Canal to Close for Repairs:
The Dismal Swamp Canal of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AIWW) between the Deep Creek Lock (mile marker 10.6) and South Mills Lock (mile marker 33.2), will be closed temporarily. Closure will be from the last locking on February 6, 2011 (3:30 pm) until the first locking on Saturday February 12, 2011 (8:30 AM). Closure is required for repairs on both the Deep Creek Lock and South Mills Lock. The Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal, through the Great Bridge Lock in Chesapeake, Virginia, remains open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Boaters can call the Great Bridge
Lock at 757-547-3311 to check the current status of the Dismal Swamp Canal and Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal. (5th District LNM 05)*

*Italicized text above and below indicates our comment or paraphrase. Plain text is copied from the Notices to Mariners or other sources given.

Shallotte Inlet Crossing (AICW) Dredging:
The dredge LEXINGTON will be conducting dredging operations in the vicinity of Shallotte Inlet Crossing from 21January until 04 February, 2011. The dredge will monitor VHF-FM Channels 13 and 16. (5th District LNM 04) Note: When this dredging project is complete, the four major problem spots in the North Carolina AICW will have been dredged during the 2010-11 winter season (Caroling Beach Inlet Crossing, New River Inlet Crossing, Lockwoods Folly Inlet Crossing and now Shallotte). The only other continuously problematic area which usually is dredged at the same time as these four is at Bear/Brown Inlet Crossing just north of the Onslow Beach Bridge, which was much in need of dredging when we passed through in November, 2010.

North Florida Coast—Hazardous Navy Exercises:
“BB/CC” 30-45N 080-32W
30-45N 079-40W
30-37.5N 079-40W
30-34N 080-33W
“31J” 29-20N 079-50W
29-20N 079-40W
29-10N 079-40W
29-10N 079-50W
“27C” 30-00N 081-00W
30-00N 080-50W
29-50N 080-50W
29-50N 081-00W
(7th District LNM 05)

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Exercises off Ft. Lauderdale:
The United States Navy, South Florida Ocean Measurement Facility (SFOMF) will be conducting Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) testing in the vicinity of Port Everglades from February 9 -11, 2011.
The area of the survey is bounded by these 4 corners:
NE corner Latitude 26-05.500 N Longitude 080-03.200 W
SE corner Latitude 26-03.000 N Longitude 080-03.200 W
NW corner Latitude 26-05.500 N Longitude 080-05.000 W
SW corner Latitude 26-03.000 N Longitude 080-05.000 W
The US Navy small craft 25’ gray Boston Whaler and the US Navy small craft 25’ beige Parker will be the launch and recovery vehicles for the test. The 25’ Boston whaler will launch the surface recoverable bottom node on the 9th of February and the 25’ Parker will launch the UUV for testing the node. The 25’ Parker will be restricted in its ability to maneuver as it is providing escort to the UUV. All vessels are asked to steer well clear of the US Navy Parker and the US Navy Whaler small boats during operations. These operations will run during daylight hours only, starting on Wednesday February 9th, 10th and 11th, 2011. (7th District LNM 05)

Special Notices

DGPS Downtime Savannah:
PRIMARY: 15 FEB 2011 1400Z-1600Z (0900-1100 EST)
ALTERNATE: 16 FEB 2011 1400Z-1600Z (0900-1100 EST) (7th District LNM 05)

Unreliable GPS Signals off Southeast Coast:

Seventh District
Coastal Waters from Little River, South Carolina to Panama City, Florida

Dredging in Brunswick Harbor Entrance:
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company will commence maintenance dredging operations in the vicinity of the Brunswick Harbor Entrance Channel on or about January 15, 2011. Dredging operations will continue on a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week basis until March 2011. The contractor’s floating plant will consist of the hopper dredge “PADRE ISLAND” and the survey vessel “EAST RIVER” and can be contacted on marine VHF radio channels 13 and 16 for on-scene communications. Mariners are urged to transit at their slowest safe speed to minimize wake and proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made. For further information contact the Site Manager, Brian P. Dast, at (630) 699-9995. (7th District LNM 03)

Kings Bay/Fernandina Harbour Area Dredging:
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, LLC will commence dredging in the vicinity of Kings Bay, GA and Fernandina Harbour, FL on or about February 13, 2011. All mariners are advised to transit the area with caution. (7th District LNM 05)

Ponce Inlet (NOT on the AICW) Shoaling:
A 4 ft shoal has been reported encroaching approximately 15 yds into the channel in the vicinity of Ponce De Leon Inlet LT 10. (7th District LNM 04)

Reminder: Canaveral Lock Closed:
From a Notice to Navigation Interests, USACE Jacksonville District:
Canaveral Lock will be closed starting on 27 December 2010 through 24 February 2011. The lock will be re-opened for a NASA launch from 25 February 2011 through 14 March 2011. The lock will be closed from 15 March 2011 through 22 April 2011 to complete the Manatee Protections System installation. The lock will be reopened on 23 April 2011.
The exact closure dates are tentative and are based on the current NASA launch schedule and the USFWS and FWC approvals. Any changes to the dates affecting lock closures will be published immediately on the website when the new dewatering period is selected.
Check www.saj.usace.army.mil , choose OPERATIONS DIVISION tab and select the NOTICE TO NAVIGATION from the pull down menu, or call USACE: 904 232 2103 (Aaron Kelly).

Okeechobee Waterway Update:
On February 2, 2011 the lake level was reported at 12.49 feet. You can check the daily lake level at http://w3.saj.usace.army.mil/h2o/reports/r-oke.html
A Notice to Navigation Interests from the USACE Jacksonville District dated December 13, 2010, states that when the lake level drops to between 12.5 and 11.5 feet, the WP Franklin and the St. Lucie Locks go on a restricted schedule of lockage, every two hours: 0700, 0900, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700 and 1900. The current lake level falls within this range.

Dredging at Lake Worth Inlet:
Manson Construction Co. has commenced dredging of Lake Worth Entrance Channel and Turning Basin. All mariners are advised to transit the area with caution. (7th District LNM 05)

Buttonwood Canal Closed for Bridge Repair:
Kiewit Infrastructure South, Co. will be performing repair work to the Buttonwood Canal Bridge (25- 08 .956N 080- 55 .324W) in the Flamingo area of Everglades National Park during the period from January 31, 2011 to February 25, 2011. Between those dates, the Buttonwood Canal, which flows below the bridge and connects Flamingo with Coot and Whitewater Bays, will be closed to boat traffic from 10pm – 4am on Mondays through Thursdays, except for Monday, February 21st (President’s Day). Mariners will be unable to access the Flamingo Marina via the Buttonwood Canal during these times. For more information contact Mike Savage, 305-242-7776. (7th District LNM 04)

Hazards to Navigation:
Florida Keys: The Key West NORTHWEST Channel Jetty LT A (LLNR 15175) has been reportedly destroyed with three piles remaining exposed in position 24-38- 27.737N 081-53-34.035W. All mariners are advised to transit the area with caution. (7th District LNM 04)

Florida Bridge Update: From the USCG 7th District LNM 05/2011:
NOTE: Information new with this alert is in bold. There are many on-going projects lasting sometimes for years. You can “Search” a bridge name for previous East Coast Alerts that may contain information that is still current.
Johns Pass Bridge Update: The Johns Pass Channel Bridge construction has neared completion. In November, the contractor has requested a week of nighttime bridge closures to replace equipment. The waterway will remain open to vessel traffic. The exact date/time will be published in a future Local Notice to Mariners. During the first or second week of March, 2011, there will be some waterway closures scheduled during the day to allow for cable replacement at this location.
Blackburn Point Bridge (GIWW Mile 63.1): Due to mechanical repairs, the Blackburn Point Bridge, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway mile 63.1, Sarasota, Florida will be closed to navigation from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on February 22, 2011 and will be on hourly opening from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Vessels that may pass under the bridge without an opening may do so at any time.
I-275 Bridge, Hillsborough River: The Coast Guard has issued a public notice announcing a permit application from the Florida Department of Transportation District 7, for the approval of location and plans to modify the existing fixed highway (interstate 275) bridge across the Hillsborough River, mile 7.7, at Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida. The public notice 02-11 which solicits comments for a thirty day period can be view at http://www.uscg.mil/d7/d7dpb/links.asp or http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/?pageName=pnBridges&Active=1®ion=7. The project manager is Mr. Randall Overton at (305) 415-6749.

USCG Fifth District
Coastal Waters from Shrewsbury River, New Jersey to Little River, South Carolina

Sandy Point State Park Construction:
A construction barge is anchored in approximate position 39-00-17.04N, 076-23-42.84W until 30 April, 2011 in conjunction with the jetty construction project at the Sandy Point State Park. (5th District LNM 04)

Work Platforms in York River:
Dominion Power will be establishing two work platforms in the York River until January 2013 in association with the Hayes-Yorktown 230 kV Line Project. Each platform will be approximately 60’x200’and will be lighted.
North Platform –Center 37 14 30.19N, 076 27 03.15W, Fl Y 2.5s
South Platform-Center 37 13 25.52N, 076 27 47.05W, Fl Y 2.5s
(5th District LNM 05)

Lost Navy Floating Gear:
The U.S. Navy has lost floating gear consisting of orange floats connected by wire in position 36-54-24N, 075-29-06W, approximately 1.0 NMs east of Chesapeake Light (LLNR 360). Mariners are requested to keep a sharp lookout and reporting any sighting of the gear to the U.S. Coast Guard. (5th District LNM 05)

Navy Testing off Ft. Monroe, Hampton Roads:
The U. S. Naval Surface Warfare Center Combat Craft Division will be conducting testing in the channel off of Fort Monroe from 21 January until 18 February, 2011. Operations will consist of towing a 600 foot cable behind a small naval craft. The unit will monitor VHF-FM channels 13 and 16 and will not obstruct the navigational channel or transiting vessels. (5th District LNM 03)

Gilmerton Bridge Construction Update:
McLean Contracting Company is continuing with the driving of the remaining test piles in conjunction with the construction of the new Jordan Bridge in the Southern Branch-Elizabeth River. In addition to Test Pile 20-(Light E): 36 48 29.2101N, 076 17 26.6104W and Test Pile 21-(Light F): 36 48 30.0438N, 076 17 22.2435W, the following test piles will be established:
A. Test Pile 16 (Light A) at 38 48 27.725N, 076 17 34.387W.
B. Test Pile 17 (Light B) at 38 48 28.068N, 076 17 32.592W.
C. Test Pile 18 (Light C) at 38 48 28.411N, 076 17 30.798W.
D. Test Pile 19 (Light D) at 38 48 28.753N, 076 17 29.003W.
E. Test Pile 22 (Light G) at 38 48 30.501N, 076 17 19.851W.
F. Test Pile 23 (Light H) at 38 48 30.871N, 076 17 18.065W.
G. Test Pile 24 (Light I) at 38 48 32.183N, 076 17 14.772W.
H. Test Pile 25 (Light J) at 38 48 32.183N, 076 17 14.772W
All lights marking the test piles will be flashing four (4s) second, amber (yellow) lights (Fl Y 4s). (5th District LNM 03)

Pamlico Sound Dredging:
The dredge NOBLE SPIRIT will be conducting dredging operations in the vicinity of Stumpy Point Channel from 21January until 2o January to 14 March, 2011. The dredge will monitor VHF-FM Channels 13 and 16. (5th District LNM 04)

Carolina Beach Inlet Crossing Dredging:
Cottrell Dredging will be conducting dredging operations at Carolina Beach Inlet Crossing in the vicinity New River to Cape Fear River Light 153 from 05 January until 08 February, 2011. The dredge will monitor VHF-FM Channels 13 and 16. A NO WAKE transit is requested by all transiting vessels. (5th District LNM 01/2011)

Carolina Beach, NC, Moving Forward With Mooring Field; Seeking Permits:
WEDNESDAY, 26 JANUARY 2011 00:00

Proposed design of a future Carolina Beach mooring field in Myrtle Grove Sound. The plan calls for 10 mooring areas for boats greater than 26 feet and less than 55 feet in length. The Town is also working on locating a new dock at Sandpiper Lane and Canal Drive to permit boaters to come ashore using smaller dingy boats.
Managing Editor
Note: Each Circle denotes a 75’ radius.

Dredging at Oak Island CG Station, Cape Fear River:
The dredge MARION will be conducting dredging operations in the Oak Island Channel to the Coast Guard Station from 27January until 019 February, 2011. The dredge will monitor VHF-FM Channels 13 and 16. (5th District LNM 05)

Shoaling at Shallotte Inlet, Adjacent to ICW:
Shoaling to a depth of 2.0 ft MLW has been reported at the Shallotte Inlet junction with the AIWW. Mariners should exercise caution when transiting the area (5th District LNM 02). Use caution here as the strong side-setting current can push a slow moving boat out of the channel. As noted at the beginning of these Alerts, dredging is now taking place in the AICW channel at Shallotte Inlet Crossing.

USCG First District
Coastal Waters from Eastport, Maine to Shrewsbury, New Jersey

The U.S. Coast Guard has become aware that Coast Guard information used to depict a rangeline on NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) may not be of sufficient accuracy to accurately portray the rangeline on the ENC. Mariners are cautioned that the position of a rangeline as shown on an ENC may not reflect its true position.
The following D1 ranges were highlighted as having potentially questionable positions:
Cleveland Ledge Channel Range Front Light (LLNR 16085)
Cleveland Ledge Channel Range Rear Light (16090)
Thames River Middle Range Front Light (LLNR 22035)
Thames River Middle Range Rear Light (22036)
Connecticut River Range A Front Light 40 (LLNR 22900)
Connecticut River Range A Rear Light (22905)
Connecticut River Range E Front Light 102 (LLNR 23165)
Connecticut River Range E Rear Light (23170)
Connecticut River Range G Front Light 116 (LLNR 23220)
Connecticut River Range G Rear Light (23225)
Princes Bay Range Front Light (LLNR 36190)
Princes Bay Range Rear Light (36195)
Outerbridge Reach Range Front Light (LLNR 36640)
Outerbridge Reach Range Rear Light (36645)
Constable Hook Range Front Light (LLNR 37250)
Constable Hook Range Front Light (LLNR 37255)
Stonehouse Bar Channel North End Range Front Light (LLNR 38800)
Stonehouse Bar Channel North End Range Rear Light (LLNR 38805)
The Coast Guard is in the process of investigating this information and if necessary, surveying the ranges to correct the discrepancies. (First District LNM 05)

Permanent Safety Zones Proposed for New England Annual Events:
The Coast Guard proposes to amend special local regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations, and to establish permanent safety zones in the Coast Guard Northern New England Captain of the Port Zone for annual recurring marine events. The revised special local regulations and safety zones are proposed to reduce administrative overhead, expedite public notification of events, and to ensure the protection of the maritime public and event participants from the hazards associated with firework displays, boat races, and other marine events: The public is invited to review and comment on this notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM). The NPRM is published in the Federal Register (Vol. 76, No. 7 / Tuesday, January 11, 2011 / Proposed Rules). The Docket No is: USCG-2010-0110. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions within the NPRM on the Federal Register. Please remember that comments and related material must be received by the Coast Guard on or before February 10, 2011. Requests for public meetings must be received by the Coast Guard on or before February 1, 2010.
If you have additional questions on this NPRM in the meantime, please call or e-mail Lieutenant Junior Grade Terence Leahy, Waterways Management Division at Coast Guard Sector Northern New England, telephone 207-767-0398, e-mail Terence.O.Leahy@uscg.mil. (1st District LNM 02)

Sunken Fishing Boat in Maine, Great Chebeaque Island:
The fishing vessel DEBORAH LEE sunk in position 43° 43.90’N 070°06.33' W. The vessel is just west of the Green # 5 buoy, north of Coleman Cove and Jenk’s Ledge, in 18’ of water. All mariners are advised to exercise caution when transiting this area as underwater obstructions may be present. (First District LNM 05)

Kennebec River Buoys Relocated:
The Coast Guard has temporarily relocated the following aids: Kennebec River Buoy 28 to 43-53-00.925N 069-48-29.425W and Kennebec River Buoy 31 to 43-53-14.227N 069-48-34.534W. Mariners are requested to proceed with caution when transiting the area. (First District LNM 05)

Severe Shoaling in Montauk Inlet:
The Coast Guard has received reports of severe shoaling in Montauk Inlet beginning at the east jetty and building across the channel to the west. All mariners are advised to proceed with extreme caution when transiting the inlet as unexpected shoaling may be present (First District LNM 05).

Data Collection Instrument--Point Judith Pond:
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has contracted with the Woods Hole Group to deploy a data-collection instrument adjacent to the entrance channel to Point Judith (RI) Pond, in the vicinity of 41°-22’-35.5”N, 71°-30’-51.5”W, along the western shore of the inlet. This position is near the northwestern breakwater of the Point Judith breach way off of Succotash Point in Jerusalem, RI. The instrument will collect water current and other hydrographic data as part of a Corps of Engineers sediment transport study. The instrument will be attached below the water surface near the bottom to a helix anchor. A separate helix anchor with conduits extending to the surface will be installed adjacent to the instrument. At the surface of the conduit will be a placard indicating the position and purpose of the instrument. A solar-powered flashing white light will be attached to the surface placard to alert mariners at night. The instrument and surface marker will be deployed from late January to July, 2011. The Project Manager is Mr. Mike Walsh of the Woods Hole Group, who may be reached at 508-495-6251 or 508-540-8080. Mariners are urged to use extra caution when navigating in the vicinity of the entrance channel to Point Judith Harbor during the deployment of these data collection instruments. (First District LNM 05)

New York Waterway Analysis:
The Coast Guard will be conducting a waterway analysis of the New York Traffic Lanes and approaches to New York Harbor with the intent of optimizing the waterway and the aids to navigation therein. Mariners and other concerned parties are encouraged to comment. As a result of the waterway analysis, the Coast Guard is considering disestablishing Commercial Anchorage Grounds at Flynns Knoll and Romer Shoal due to their exposed locations and non-usage by commercial vessels. The regulations for these anchorage grounds are codified at 33 CFR 110.155(f) and available in U.S. Coast Pilot 2. Do you know of any companies intending to resume use of Anchorage Ground 27 at Flynns Knoll or Romer Shoal? Coast Guard Sector New York, Waterways Management Division, will be accepting comments until 01 July 2011, Contact BM1 Mike Lehansky at 1-718-354-4354, fax 718-345-4190, or michael.r.lehansky@uscg.mil. (1st District LNM 02)

Gravesend Bay Waterway Analysis:
The Coast Guard will be conducting a waterway analysis of Gravesend Bay & Coney Island Creek with the intent of optimizing the waterway and the aids to navigation therein. Mariners and other concerned parties are encouraged to comment. Coast Guard Sector New York, Waterways Management Division, will be accepting comments until 01 July 2011, Contact BM1 Mike Lehansky at 1-718-354-4354, fax 718-345-4190, or michael.r.lehansky@uscg.mil. (1st District LNM 02)

This information is not to be used for navigation. Consult the latest charts and Local Notices to Mariners and use prudent seamanship. Conditions may change.  Any person or entity that uses this information in any way, as a condition of that use, agrees to waive and does waive and also hold authors harmless from any and all claims which may arise from or be related to this use.