East Coast Alerts

By Mel Neale

Block Island Sound - Port Access Route Study:
On any summer weekend this can be one busy piece of ocean, but we sometimes forget that it’s ocean until the wind blows hard. Large ships, commercial fishing boats, ocean liners and submarines share the waters with all those pleasure boats. And it is New England, so it does get fog, sometimes for days at a time.

The USCG 1st District (LNM 01/27 on July 5, 2005) announces that the Coast Guard is conducting a Port Access Route Study to evaluate the applicability of and the need for modifications to current vessel routing measures in the approaches to Block Island, between Montauk Channel and The Race, and the area from the Point Judith Pilot Boarding area to The Race. The goal of the study is to help reduce the risk of marine casualties and increase the efficiency of vessel traffic management in the study area. The recommendations of the study may lead to future rulemaking action or appropriate international agreements. Comments and related material on this study must be submitted on or before August 30, 2005.

Reminders for New York Harbor Visitors:
These are revised operating restrictions published in the USCG LNM 01/27:
All vessels transiting the Port of New York/New Jersey shall comply with the instructions of the Captain of the Port Designated on-scene Patrol Commander. Upon being hailed by siren, radio, flashing light, or other means, the operator of the vessel shall proceed as directed.


• Within 150 yards of Liberty and Ellis Islands
• United Nations, in the East River along the Manhattan shoreline from 125 yards offshore at the Queensboro Bridge to 175 yards offshore at East 35th Street
• Within 25 yards of all bridge piers or abutments, overhead power cables and tunnel ventilators in the waters of the greater NY area and along the Hudson River
• Within 100 yards of all anchored or moored Coast Guard vessels
• Around Piers 84-96, Manhattan, bound by the following points: the northeast corner of Pier 96 where it intersects the seawall, thence to approximate position 40°46’23.1"N, 073°59’59.0"W, thence to approximate position 40°45’55.3"N, 074°00’20.2"W (NAD 1983), thence to the southeast corner of Pier 84

New Security Zone in New York Harbor:
USCG 1st District LNM 01/28 dated July 12, 2005 reports that the Captain of the Port New York has established a temporary Security Zone within such jurisdiction to include all waters within a 100-yard radius of all mass transit ferries certificated to carry more than 150 passengers. No vessel may enter or move within this zone without authorization from the Captain of the Port New York. Vessels may contact the Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Center on VHF 11, 12, and 14 or via land line at (718) 354-4088.

Two Shellfish Bans Due to “Potential Sewage Discharge” in New York:
We found this interesting.
According to the USCG 1st District LNM 01/27, during the July 4 festivities, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation temporarily designated a section of West Harbor (within Oyster Bay Harbor); all of the Sand Hole within Caumsett State Park, on Lloyd Neck; and a section of Port Jefferson Harbor including the area known as the Narrows, as UNCERTIFIED for the harvest of shellfish. The harvest of shellfish is prohibited during the period these areas are designated as uncertified. This designation was said to be necessary to “protect public health and was required due to the potential for sewage discharges from marine sanitation devices on the large number of transient vessels that would anchor and remain overnight in these areas over the holiday period.” Town owned pump-out facilities are available in or near the restricted areas at no cost to boaters and town pump out boats were also available.

Now, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has designated another UNCERTIFIED area for another gathering of boaters, from July 16- July 20, 2005, both dates inclusive. They say that this designation is necessary to “protect public health and is required due to the potential for sewage discharges from marine sanitation devices aboard the large number of transient vessels that will anchor and remain overnight in Three Mile Harbor” for a fireworks display. “Boaters should be aware that all the waters in the Peconic-Gardiners Bay estuary, including Three Mile Harbor, are designated as a No Discharge Zone. Boaters in these areas are required to use pump out facilities when they empty their holding tanks. The Town of East Hampton Trustees operate a pump out boat and the Town Harbormaster’s office at Gann Road has a self-serve facility, both at no fee for the boater.”

A taped message describing any temporary shellfish closures that may be in effect in New York is accessible 24 hours a day by calling (631) 444-0480. Further information is available during normal working hours by calling the NYSDEC Shellfisheries Section at (631) 444-0475, after hours, (631) 444-0480 or the Town of East Hampton at (631) 324-6393.

Cape Fear River, NC Ranges to Change:
ICW Snowbirds will be interested to know that the Cape Fear River will have different markers this fall, AGAIN. This time the ranges are changing. USCG 5th District has announced (LNM 05/27) that they plan to relocate and change the advertised signal on the range structures in the Cape Fear River in conjunction with the ongoing project to deepen the channel. Relocation and changes to the ranges will commence on or about August 20 and will be complete on or about September 9, 2005.

The changes will be as follows:

Fourth East Jetty Range Rear Light (LLNR 30930) will be relocated to 34 09 22.935N, 077 57 36.132W-no other changes

The following ranges will be converted to day/night ranges, all dayboards removed and rebuilt in assigned position or relocated as noted:

Lower Lilliput Range Front Light (LLNR 30710) will be relocated to 34 05 12.818N, 077 55 48.440W

Lower Lilliput Range Rear Light (LLNR 30715) will be relocated to 34 05 45.027N, 077 55 39.882W

Lower Brunswick Range Front Light (LLNR 30820) will be relocated to 34 09 48.375N, 077 57 44.940W

Lower Brunswick Range Rear Light (LLNR 30825) will be relocated to 34 09 56.325N, 077 57 49.759W

Upper Lilliput Range Front Light (LLNR 30735) will be relocated to 34 04 12.604N, 077 55 53.428W

Upper Lilliput Range Rear Light (LLNR 30735) will be relocated to 34 03 31.366N, 077 55 47.375W

Smith Island Range Front Light (LLNR 30385) will be relocated to 33 53 41.680N, 078 00 16.130W

Smith Island Range Rear Light (LLNR 30390) will be relocated to 33 54 07.252N, 078 00 11.677W

Southport Range Rear Light (LLNR 30405) will be rebuilt in position 33 54 25.631N, 078 01 22.827W

Snows Marsh Channel Range Front Light (LLNR 30485) will be rebuilt in position 33 57 40.801N, 077 56 59.304W

Snows Marsh Channel Range Rear Light (LLNR 30490) will be rebuilt in position 33 58 11.640N, 077 56 21.040W

Reaves Point Channel Range Front Light (LLNR 30555) will be rebuilt in position 33 57 40.801N, 077 56 59.304W

Reaves Point Channel Range Rear Light (LLNR 30560) will be rebuilt in position 33 56 59.957N, 077 57 03.897W

Ft Pierce, FL Area ICW, Mile 965, Shoaling:
LNM 07/28 dated July 12, 2005 reports that shoaling exists across the entire channel between Indian River (South Section) Daybeacon 186 and Daybeacon 184. This is just north of the Ft. Pierce inlet channel. The depths reported are approximately 5 Feet at low tide.

Okeechobee Waterway, FL:
The USACE Jacksonville District Notice to Navigation Interests dated July 6, 2005 reports that, due to increased lake water level, the Moore Haven Lock will have a modified schedule until further notice. Vessel movement at the lock will be limited to the odd hours, for example 0700-0800, 0900-1000, 1100-1200, etc. During the even hours, for example, 0800-0900, 1000-1100, etc, the lock will be used to pass regulated water discharges. Mariners are urged to use caution in the area due to turbulent waters around the lock and spillway.

Lake Worth Inlet, FL Entrance Range Change:
USCG 7th District has announced (LNM 07/27) that the Lake Worth Entrance Range Front Light will be changed to a 24 hour range displaying FL G 2.5 (1) characteristic. The aid is lighted throughout 24 hours. The range boards will be removed. Lake Worth Entrance Range Rear Light will be changed to a 24-hour range displaying FL G ISO 6s characteristic. The aid is lighted throughout 24 hours. The range boards have been removed. The work is schedule to be completed the week of August 1, 2005.

Bakers Haulover, FL, Mile 1080 Shoaling:
The USCG 7th District LNM 07/28 dated July 12, 2005 reports that the Intracoastal Waterway has shoaling to 3.5’ across the entire channel between Biscayne Bay Buoy 6C and Biscayne Bay Buoy 7A in the vicinity of Bakers Haulover Inlet. All mariners are urged to use extreme caution when transiting the area.

USCG Local Notice to Mariners (LNM) Format Change Date Changed:
In our last East Coast Alerts we reported that the USCG gave the beginning date for the format change as July 20, 2005. They now give the date as “on or about August 17, 2005.” There will be no more Monthly editions, but Weekly editions will be created each week. All information that is currently listed only in the Monthly LNM will now be included in each Weekly LNM. Additionally, the LNM format has been revised. Comments can be addressed to LTJG Dave Bauer at

This information is not to be used for navigation. Consult the latest charts and Local Notices to Mariners and use prudent seamanship. Any person or entity that uses this information in any way, as a condition of that use, agrees to waive and does waive any and all claims which may arise from that use.

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