East Coast Alerts

By Mel Neale

Cape May Reported Shoaling—Yes, it has been fixed.
Within two hours of the posting of my last Alerts on March 11, 2005, I had an answer. BM1 Smith of the Cape May Coast Guard Station told me on the phone that the Cape May Inlet was dredged by the USACE in January, 2005 to a depth of 12.8 ft at MLLW. A correction to the Local Notices to Mariners had not been sent in, so the outdated information was still carried in the notices. BM1 Smith said thanks for bringing it to their attention and he said he had just sent in a correction notice.

on the North Carolina Small Inlets
The March 23, 2005 USCG Local Notices 5th District reports the markers in Lockwood’s Folly Inlet have been reset on station. Dredging has taken place there, according to the published dredging schedule for USACE for FY 2005, and the March 15 USACE Survey by the Dredge Currituck at the completion of dredging (6 ft. is reported to be the current controlling depth).
The same notice reports that all of the markers have been removed from Shallotte Inlet, which is not on the list to be dredged in FY 2005.

Schedule for USACE Dredges for Remainder of FY 2005
A brief summary of the remainder of FY 2005 dredging schedule for the USACE dredges that work in the smaller East Coast ocean inlets follows.


March: Lockwoods Folly, Chincoteague
April: Ocean City
May: Green Harbor
June: Aunt Lydia’s Cove
July-mid-August: Barnegat
Late August: Manasquan Inlet, Rudee Inlet
September: Ocean City


End of April: New River
May: continue New River, Bogue, N Topsail, Carolina Beach
June: continue Carolina Beach, New River
July: continue New River, Bouge
August: continue Bogue, New Topsail
September: Repairs


March-mid-April: Oregon Inlet,
Late-April: Lockwoods Folly, Town Creek
May: continue Town Creek, Folly River
June: continue Folly River
July: Lockwoods Folly
August: Repairs
September: Carolina Beach, New River

The following were copied from 7th District USCG Local Notices to Mariners #12-05 dated March 22, 2005.

Since many of us cruise off the coast at this time of year rather than in the protected ICW, these items are of significance.

FLORIDA – KEY WEST HARBOR: Aids to Navigation Range Upgrade. The following changes to the Aids to Navigation System will be made at Key West Harbor. Key West Harbor Main Channel Cut A Range Front Light (LLNR 14845): will be changed to a Solar 24 hour range displaying Q W characteristics. The aid is lighted throughout 24 hours. The range boards will be removed. Key West Harbor Main Channel Cut A Range Rear Light (LLNR 14850): will be changed to a Solar 24 hour range displaying ISO 6s W characteristics. The aid is lighted throughout 24 hours. The range boards will be removed. The work is schedule to be completed the week of 18 April 2005.

FLORIDA-SEACOAST-CAPE CANAVERAL TO BETHEL SHOAL: Dredging/Beach Restoration Operation. (Updated)

Weeks Marine, Inc., has commenced dredging and beach restoration offshore in the Atlantic Ocean near Canaveral Shoals I and Canaveral Shoals II. The hopper dredges R.N. WEEKS and B.E. LINDHOLM will be on scene throughout this operation and monitoring VHF Channels 13, 16 and 67. The staging/mooring area for the dredges and attendant plant will be Port Canaveral, Florida. A, temporary dredge submerged pipeline will be placed at various locations from the shoreline to approximately 2,500 feet offshore. Attendant plant will be working near the submerged pipeline and Port Canaveral, Florida. Once underway, operations will continue on a twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week basis. The project should be completed on or about April 30, 2005. The hopper dredge will discharge beach fill material into the temporary submerged dredge pipeline through a mono-buoy or Dutch connection located approximately 2,500 feet offshore. The temporary submerged dredge pipeline will be laid from the mono-buoy to the beach fill. The mono-buoy or Dutch connection will be moved parallel to the beach as the beach fill operation progresses along the shoreline. All required lighting for night operations are in place on the dredges, attendant plant, and pipelines. All mariners are advised to use extreme caution while operating in the vicinity of the project.


Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company will commence dredging and borrow operations off shore of Delray Beach, Florida on or about March 30, 2005. The dredge ILLINOIS with numerous attendant vessels will be anchored in the borrow area in approximate position 26-27-24.798N 080- 03-05.886W. The dredge will be connected to a 30” submerged pipeline that runs from the center of the borrow area directly to shore. The disposal/nourishment area will be from position 26-28-33.234N 080-03-19.638W heading south to position 26-26-16.686N 080-03-38.898W. VHF Channels 13 and 16 will be monitored during this project. All mariners are advised to use extreme caution while transiting this area.

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