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About the Authors

David Allester and Eileen Quinn have been cruising the eastern seaboard and the Caribbean since leaving Toronto, Canada, in 1994. David grew up on the west coast and, before meeting Eileen, spent two years in the south Pacific on a sailboat he had bought with two buddies in Vancouver. He was the only one who returned to North America single, so Eileen married him. After saving for five years and moving into successively smaller apartments, they bought "Little Gidding". They spent two more years getting themselves and the boat ready to go, quit their jobs, and cast off the dock lines (to the amazement of all their doubting friends and family).

Eileen has combined her love of cruising with a passion for music and has recorded five albums of original bluewater music. She made her first recording in Guatemala City while waiting out hurricane season in the Rio Dulce. According to BoatUS Magazine, she "writes and sings songs about sailing that, often in the same verse, bring tears and laughter to her audiences." Samples of her music can be heard online at www.eileenquinn.com. Eileen performs for boating organizations, at boat shows and wherever other cruisers hang out. David carries the sound equipment around and writes for various publications; you can learn more about his writing and photography at www.davidallester.com.

Before cruising full time, Eileen worked in social policy and in politics. Her last real job was chief of staff for an Ontario cabinet minister. David's former job was senior planner in Canada's largest city. He specialized in turning urban order into chaos. He's found little demand for his professional talents in the islands.