Signs of Wisdom

In a country where many kids fully understand the ravages of war, a group in Cartagena painted their own peace mural.


Sitting on a curb and watching the King Mango Strut Parade, an annual event in Miami, this man was making his own political and personal plea.


This sign made going to that nightclub in Port Antonio, Jamaica, an absolute necessity.


I no longer remember what kind of a store this sign was advertising, but is captured perfectly the flamboyant, outrageous and wonderful energy of Provincetown, Massachusetts, at the tip of Cape Cod.


The school remained open in Belize, and I suspect the attention they paid to the sign may well have paralleled the attention they paid to their motto.


The owners of a boat yard in Maine made it clear what the jeopardies are for leaving your car in their way.


In the category of unnecessary or redundant signs, this one takes the cake. Nowhere in the Bahamas does there seem to be a dress code for the beach.