Restaurants and Menus

In the tiny coastal town of Sapzurro, near the border of Panama and Colombia, we found superb homemade ice cream in this little bakery, the walls of which were decorated with human figures made entirely of fruit and vegetables.


In the sleepy and gorgeous island of Providencia, a Colombian possession located off the coast of Nicaragua, one of the most popular Reggae bars had great paintings of men and women in various stages of undress.


On the island of Nargana in Kuna Yala, Nali’s has become the restaurant of choice. Actually, it’s the only restaurant and they fry everything. Deeply.


In Placencia, Belize, there is now a growing ex-pat group from the United States. Increasingly there are more and more restaurants. This one was decorated with locally produced paintings of the area’s animals.


This is from the same restaurant as the Monkey Wall sign.


This restaurant had neither bacon or eggs. Only fried fish.