September 16 , 2001
Gaeta, Italy

September 3 , 2001
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Jonathan Joins Us

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June 22 , 2001

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Time Warp to Morocco

May 03, 2001
Still On Stilts in Malaga

Jonathan Joins Us -

 July 30, 2001 

Castelsardo, Sardinia

Our Italian cell phone works! We relied on it for communication with our son, Jonathan, who called us yesterday morning to tell us his ferry had safely arrived in Olbia, but that there were no buses on Sunday. We were in Castelsardo, an old fishing village built in tiers up the rocky promontory. Steep alleys wind up to the castle sitting on the summit: a spectacular sight. We suggested he hitchhike. Mid afternoon he called to say he had found a bus to Porto Torres, 15 miles west of us, arriving at 5:15 PM, so off came the lines and we were underway. As we approached the rather grubby, commercial port at 5 P.M., the phone rang a third time. Jonathan's bus had arrived early. He was on the dock to take the lines from his mother, as we motored in at 5:30. We had a wonderful reunion.

The following day, we whisked him away to experience an idyllic summer sail and his first Mediterranean anchorage: a lovely bay crowded with boats by day, but emptied of all the daytrippers after dusk. We are anchored in Baia Santa Reparata, surrounded by the wind and wave washed boulders of Capo Testa, which is a rocky promontory connected to the mainland by a thin sandbar. The headland houses ancient and modern quarries, which supplied the Romans with the granite for the columns in the Pantheon. The anchorages are getting more and more crowded, but so far we still share them with few boats at night. And each evening the heat of the day also leaves with the crowd and it is cool and pleasant for dining and sleeping.