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May 03, 2001
Still On Stilts in Malaga

One Sea, Seven Colors -

 July 27, 2001 

Fornelli anchorage, Sardinia

This morning we motored our way north following the awesome cliffs of the northwest coast of Sardinia. With the sun rising beyond the striated cliffs, they loomed above us in silhouette. We passed through the narrow Fornelli Passage in a flat calm, instead of the strong westerlies that blow so often up here.

With calm waters, we were able to fully appreciate the multi-hued sea: aquamarine where the bottom is sand, sapphire blue where it is grass, tannish where there are rocks. As one Sardinian proudly told us, the sea here has seven colors.

We are anchored between the rocky ledges of the north coast of Sardinia to the south and the barren hills of the national park of Isola Asinara (a penal colony until very recently) to the north. Through the binoculars we can watch the rare endemic species of albino donkeys grazing. For now we are relaxing, but in two days we must move further along the north coast to get to a place where our younger son, Jonathan, can reach us by bus. He will arrive by ferry in Sardinia's main port city of Olbia, on the east coast. And we cannot wait to see him after almost six months.