September 16 , 2001
Gaeta, Italy

September 3 , 2001
Stromboli: The Lighthouse Of The Mediterranean

August 26 , 2001
Cefalu: Another Medieval Jewel

August 23 , 2001
Sicily: Land of Lovely Desserts

August 15 , 2001
En Route to North Africa

August 10 , 2001

August 8, 2001
Supermarkets and Amphora

August 6 , 2001
Sailing South in Sardinia

August 2 , 2001
La Vie en Corsica

July 30, 2001
Jonathan Joins Us

July 27, 2001
One Sea, Seven Colors

July 24, 2001
Say What?

July 23, 2001
"Va Bene"

July 21, 2001
Venturing Into Italy

July 20, 2001
And The Mistral Blew

July 18, 2001
The Spell Of Menorca

July 12, 2001
Culture And Concerts

July 7, 2001
Cha Chas

July 6, 2001
Red Dust

July 4, 2001
Rare Birds

July 3, 2001
Clear Empty Water

June 27 , 2001
Quick Friends

June 22 , 2001

June 13, 2001
Eastern Hemisphere

June 6, 2001
A Weekend in Cartegena

May 30 , 2001
A Time Or A Place

May 29 , 2001
Several Lovely Sails

May 21 , 2001
Free At Last

May 25, 2001
On The Hard

May 18, 2001
A Boat Again

May 14, 2001
Time Warp to Morocco

May 03, 2001
Still On Stilts in Malaga

"Va Bene"

 July 23, 2001 

We passed the impressive limestone promontory of Capo Caccia early morning, motored into a beautiful bay on the northwest coast of Sardinia and arrived in Alghero at 9:30 A.M. on the 22nd, mooring without incident at a brand new marina, with no facilities, but extremely helpful staff.

The 196 mile motorsail from Menorca was easy, except that at 3:30 on Sunday morning, we noticed the newly installed spare engine seawater pump was spraying salt water throughout the engine room. We shut down and in very uncomfortable seas Sid changed to a third spare pump. In 45 minutes we were up and running again. Everything was fine until about 5 A.M. when we realized the salt-water spray had caused serious electrical problems, shutting down all our electronics. Our German friends, with whom we had left Menorca, were en route to Corsica, but they changed course and came to Sardinia with us in case we needed assistance. While we did not end up needing their help, it was a much appreciated gesture.

Within a few hours after arrival, three good brains had diagnosed the problem (a simple faulty connection at the fuse). We went exploring ashore and out to dinner to celebrate. Founded in the 12th century, the old walled city of Alghero is a fusion of browns and reds and tiled roofs (Spanish heritage) and includes a Gothic style cathedral, Gothic chapels and midieval towers. Italians consider Alghero to be "more Spanish" than Italian because of its history under Aragonese rule.

Once more we bid arrivederci to our friends, as they continued to Corsica. We stayed on in Alghero to do city things such as converting our Spanish mobile phone to an Italian service and attending another first class, wonderful concert (clarinet, cello and piano trio) in another smaller, but even lovelier, cloister.

The Europeans are far ahead of the States in terms of cell phone use and technology: absolutely everyone has one with him/her at all times and 75 percent of them seem to be on the phone at any time! We have found the mobile phone system is very convenient for international wanderers-as you move from country to country you buys a SIM smart-card, about the size of a postage stamp, which fits into the phone and you are up and running with a local phone number and service.