September 16 , 2001
Gaeta, Italy

September 3 , 2001
Stromboli: The Lighthouse Of The Mediterranean

August 26 , 2001
Cefalu: Another Medieval Jewel

August 23 , 2001
Sicily: Land of Lovely Desserts

August 15 , 2001
En Route to North Africa

August 10 , 2001

August 8, 2001
Supermarkets and Amphora

August 6 , 2001
Sailing South in Sardinia

August 2 , 2001
La Vie en Corsica

July 30, 2001
Jonathan Joins Us

July 27, 2001
One Sea, Seven Colors

July 24, 2001
Say What?

July 23, 2001
"Va Bene"

July 21, 2001
Venturing Into Italy

July 20, 2001
And The Mistral Blew

July 18, 2001
The Spell Of Menorca

July 12, 2001
Culture And Concerts

July 7, 2001
Cha Chas

July 6, 2001
Red Dust

July 4, 2001
Rare Birds

July 3, 2001
Clear Empty Water

June 27 , 2001
Quick Friends

June 22 , 2001

June 13, 2001
Eastern Hemisphere

June 6, 2001
A Weekend in Cartegena

May 30 , 2001
A Time Or A Place

May 29 , 2001
Several Lovely Sails

May 21 , 2001
Free At Last

May 25, 2001
On The Hard

May 18, 2001
A Boat Again

May 14, 2001
Time Warp to Morocco

May 03, 2001
Still On Stilts in Malaga

Culture And Concerts -

 July 12, 2001 

In Ciudadela, Menorca with our new friend

We left Porto Cristo with a flat calm, but the wind soon built and we had another exquisite beam reach with 17 kts wind, so appreciated when so unexpected. The weather forecasting seems erratic here. The various reports differ for the same time period and none ever seem to be accurate. We have the best luck with the British Maritime Mobile Net on the shortwave radio at 10 AM and 8 PM our local time. They give us the Hamburg weather forecast, which actually sometimes correctly predicts what the weather will be.

We sailed for Porto Ciutadella, Menorca, another fjordlike harbor, on the west side of the island of. An ancient city, the port is very tiny and we rafted alongside the quay next to a Beneteau 44 skippered by a 78 year old Swiss, who singlehanded across the Atlantic in 1994, when he was only 70. The large powerboat behind us is from Iceland. Cruising is partaking of the culture of the country as well as all the fascinating other cruisers one meets.

We enjoyed Ciutadella so much that we stayed a second night and this time tied up to our big sister, a 1985(same age as we are) Halberg-Rassy 42 sailing under a German flag. Together with our new neighbors, we attended a concert of early music in the cloisters in the old city. Listening to 16th century music and viewing the musicians through the leaves and flowers of a hibiscus tree in the atrium with a star-studded sky above was a magical experience. We came to Europe for this. This and the ability to sail away the next day in company with our new German friends, to share with them the joys of a cala surrounded by caves (some inhabited by vacationers), two magnificent beaches, sparkling clear water and the azure blue sky.